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  1. Women are the gatekeeper of life. They can decide, who is passing along – I guess.
    And normally they decide on status and such – how else, since they can’t elaborate themselves, since they have not enough abilities/knowledge themselves.
    Therefore .. when you get a girl .. you have to be (in the women’s mind) SOOO incredible thankful – of course you must be happy to be their slaves. I mean they gave you the ‘passport to life’ .. of course you are gonna scarify yourself – that’s the absolute minimum a man must do.
    Maybe something like that?

    • 21:15 (about the cops to the wall etc). Ah well Brother Peter .. that will happen one day .. according to my believe. Via your ‘Committee of 300’ .. or .. maybe – via the ‘synagogue of Satan’. Right?
      From that point of view ‘Satan’ is a good man’s best friend .. ever – since he deals with all the corrupt inbeciles.

      • I might have to say .. what I mean with Satan: I don’t mean any special creature or something .. but I mean the concept.. that mentally corrupt people will pay for it. I.e. ‘Karma’ or ‘do onto others’ etc. And the Devil (Satan?) .. in the movies.. is giving you something (is going to corrupt you) .. and when you sign voluntary … when you dance with the devil.. it’s gonna last.
        So I talk about that concept.. ‘satan’ is only a nice ‘picture for adult children’ .. the concept still is correct.

    • “They can decide, who is passing along – I guess.”

      They only get to decide if the men are willing to give them that choice.

      There have been plenty of very successful human societies that did not give women that choice via arranged marriages.

      India, for example, was the worlds most populous nations based on arranged marriages.


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