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  1. Hey GM,

    I noticed you’re playing the YouTube video at HD resolution. Can you set the default video resolution to 360p instead of HD? Including VOO Player. My ISP sucks and the alternative sucks worse. Anything over 360p and I get robot-voice and jumping.

    • Hi Jim,
      vooplayer has no ability to store multiple versions of the video and play them at different resolutions, no. It plays at the resolution of the file I create and put up on my storage which is HD. Voo player plays the file I create.

      If you would like to have access to my full back catalog both in video and mp3 I can give you access to that for free since I know you and you are a long term sub. I will email you what I need to get from you to do that, ok? You will have seen that for most people I am offering download access to my full back catalog for a patreon subscription of USD10 per month. It would be nice to have a few hundred subs who want download access to my full back catalog. 🙂


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