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  1. I’d say about 40 years ago was when the (((propaganda engineers))) introduced the word, “sad,” into the mass media where “angry” “outraged” “mad” and other such strong words would have been used. “Sad” is a soft word and is designed to disarm righteous anger. “Sad” is for when you lose something you love due to natural causes and nobody is to blame.

    I’m glad your rhetoric doesn’t include “sad” because (((feminism))) is an evil that has its roots going back to the Cult of Lilith. Most men don’t know the art of fiery speech and don’t know how to repulse common feminist buzzwords. I learn much from your videos because you teach that art by example. Once men know HOW to manipulate words like weapons, then MGTOW can go beyond just understanding.

    • Our friends in the committee of 300 actually design the languages of people to manipulate their mind set. And they even tell us exactly what they are doing with their words.

      My two favourites are

      1: “tell-a-vision’ – What is a “vision” something that is not yet true but which you want to make true at some point in the future.
      2: “Be-lie-ve” – What is a Be-lie-f? Something that is not true but what you want to be true, so to be-lie-ve something is to think something is true that is not necessarily true and most likely NOT true.


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