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  1. Women in the West are by and large on board with the white genocide agenda and too low IQ to realize they are being played by another tribe of men. Western women have absolutely no real love or basic human respect for men and boys and take zero responsibility for the wrongs and evils they are contributing to. We are at war. They laugh about the crimes such as theft that they do against men here. Totally dispicable creatures

  2. More than just removing your protection of Jennifer (your ex), you have revealed what some predicted 10 years ago. Hence their offer to “take out the trash.”
    There is no Due Process or Judicial Remedy for men who were wronged on account of feminism and its derivatives in all venues.
    As I’ve said on many MGTOW channels, when Due Process and Judicial Remedy are taken from men, then what is left but bullets, bombs, and bloodshed?
    It will take an Outside Party to aid us in our revenge. While a mutiny of State forces against (((TPTB))) would be best, the odds are low. Let alone to side with us.
    That leaves Muslims and Sharia Law. I’d be perfectly fine with the Iranian Shia practice of Islam in the West. Iran has that rare combination of industrial progress and strong moral code that keeps the social fabric intact.

    • Yep, since men were not willing to secure the rights of their fellow men then other allies and friends must be sought. And that makes muslim men our friends and allies and Sharia a better form of law than what is offered to men today.

  3. It will be a long month waiting for the bitches to do nothing. I might add a name or two to the list and a generous donation for one man in the entire world to stand with his fist held high.


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