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  1. You’re not helping your argument by showing glam-thots. You SHOULD be showing pix of Andrea Dworkin and her peers!
    An assortment of purple-haired SJW’s, smug-looking bitches, and mangina cucks marching in feminist marches, would drive your points home FAR BETTER than these glam-thots.

  2. karen straughan – had no possibility to help realistically .. she had to be interviewed for the ‘red-pill’ documentation – I mean she gets lots of attention and that’ the most important thing in the world.

    • Yep, when Karen came in to the area I approached her and asked her if she wanted to be educated on what was going on and told how she could help. Nope, she made a bee line for Paul Elam to get publicity for herself and the rest is history. She has not done one thing useful in 6 years. Indeed, she has gotten many men killed.

    • It turns out the background noise is my old desktop. It has a kind of high pitched whine and I have gotten so used to it I did not notice it until I turned it off. Our new server is whisper quiet. The office here has wooden floor and hard walls so all the sound rebounds.


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