GM0079 – Georgia Frews Psychotic Husband Hunting Video – MGTOW


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  1. I’m .. however .. not sure if she lies intentionally … or does she just .. what she is programmed to do.. to throw out the bait (I make everything to make you happy – because it makes me happy. I can’t take anything from you, because it’s like I take something from me (because we are a unit etc). … to catch the ‘poor’ fish (aka husband).

    really interesting stuff – thanks for commenting on it, Peter.

    • LOL… what kind of stupid bullshit she is talking.. WOW .. especially when we all know, how it will turn out very soon enough.
      But yes, that the ‘she was like wax in my hand’ phase .. where you think you found an angel..

      • I had to download her video.. because .. she just can’t leave it online for too long – yet it’s very interesting .. even so… Peter.. you say it’s psychotic .. but you also say it’s like women are today. Yeah well, I tend to the latter version.
        That with the weakness she tells about (about the room with people) .. maybe it’s to put courage into men .. aka ‘ah she is weak .. I can help her…’. She wants to appear weak in some sense therefore possibly.

        • She is playing helpless victim. You just KNOW she will have no problems walking in to a divorce court to arse rape her husband in the divorce courts she has refused to denounce as criminal.

      • Yep, soon enough she will be arse raping her husband in the divorce courts she refuses to denounce as criminal and demanding alimony and child support because she wants to be a stay at home mother and SOMEONE has to pay for her.

  2. Georgias minimum requirements just in case anyone wants to really know:

    1. Top 5% of men in looks.
    2. 6 foot tall
    3. Earn over 100,000 USD per year
    4. Be a beta around her, but an alpha in every other situation
    5. Own his own house
    6. Never married and no kids
    7. Isnt bald
    8. Isnt older than 35
    9. Has lots of friends and socialises alot
    10. Is stupid enough to pay off her student loan, and wont discover her affair with Chad Thunderc0ck´╗┐

    I think Georgia better look into purchasing a few cats….

    • Yep, she has very high standards she is looking for and she is clear that she is not going to work to pay for herself or HER kids.

      She is a 2 looking for a 10. Not going to happen. A 10 might smash and dash just for the Lulz but I am 54 and I would not touch her. Not hot enough for me.

  3. Georgia Frew (Free), allow me to introduce you to Kate Mulvey! LOL!

    Go to and look her up. SHE IS YOUR FUTURE! HAHAHAHA….!!!

    I don’t know about anybody else but, you can generally find out how many failed relationships a woman has had based on the number of cats she has! I wonder how many cats Georgia Frew has already.


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