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  1. And somehow.. there is like something ‘shuffling’ .. as a background-noise. Anyway.
    Actually some Laywers from Zurich insulted me – based on a lie-story. I mean their lie-story is obvious – because I had some emails to prove it otherwise.. luckily.
    but the insulted me with ‘shamelessly exploited’ .. is according to them, no insult whatsoever. It seams it’s OK now to tell i.e. a police-man that he is a ‘shamelessly .. whatever’ – according to this lawyer.
    They try to get away instead of saying: Ops, these two words were not appropriate – an insult – here you go with your compensation and sorry. Nono. (not so far): this Jucker guy. LOL.

    • Sorry, I was actually sitting in bed when I recorded this one and what was “shuffling” was me.

      Unless you are very still or you are standing and there is nothing to “shuffle” the microphone pics up the sound.

  2. the long 50second pre-thing seems to be louder than when you speak. I guess the ‘speak’ volume could be higher – so that there is no need for increase the volume.

    • Yes, I have noticed that. The volume on the intro was just copied from the mp3 of the song. The volume on the recording on the Olympus recorder can not be changed. It records everything at the same volume which is a good volume, it just happens to be lower than the music volume on the intro.

      I might see if I can turn down the volume on the intro via camtasia. So yes, a valid comment that one. 🙂


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