GM0094 – Fiona Brassil Upset I Told The Truth About Her – Hysterical – MGTOW


This is the post Fiona is so upset about. It would be terrible if MGTOWs spread it widely over the web:

These are her work details:
Fiona Brassil
Daniel Spring & Company
50 Fitzwilliam Square
Dublin 2
Document Exchange: DDE 87

Tel: 353 1 644 9900
Fax: 353 1 644 9999

This is her picture, though this one is a bit old and I am sure she has smashed that wall since:

These are the 3 PDFs that are referred to in the video:


It would be just terrible if MGTOWs passed these links around and upset Fiona Brassil some more. So terrible indeed.

So whatever you do, make sure you do NOT pass around these links.

Poor Fiona Brassil will be ever so upset if you do.

Check out Dream Trips Here:

Check Out The Dream Trips Schedule Here:

You can join on this link:


  1. with ‘do onto others as you *wish* them to do onto you’…. like that they always shoot themselves in the foot .. constantly 🙂 Isn’t that concept just a bit ‘too fair and just’? Only a rhetorical question .. no it’s not.. and should applied wherever possibly .. especially when there is no remedy.

  2. I have a link and some text about her.. on my page too.
    But damn… she looks… (you don’t want to look to long at her) in the meantime.

    I asked a to become lawyer .. how about lying? He meant, lying is ok, unless under oath.

    Since those lawyers from Zuerich made up lied stuff, and there insulted me. They did not feel obligated to put a remedy on that .. just said.. what not mean so. But of course it was meant so – words are they job after all (words and injustice) .. so one more lie from a lawyer.

    Either way, anybody can insult them now too .. you just have to say, as they did ‘was not meant like that’ and then it’s OK according to them.

    Disgusting piece of shits – mostly – lawyers. Some of them might be not that evil, but then they are megalomaniac… seeing all others as their sheep .. or so. (even so, in many cases.. assuming there are tons of retarded sheep that needs Shepard’s .. there you go).


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