GM0095 – Response to Coach Greg Adams


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  1. Awesome presentation of being a real man Peter! Thats what ive been wanting to do to stand against the perjury in the feminist court but ive been bullied into submission to the system for this long, now no more! I especially liked your take on how the court says they have authority over the kids, then they take responsibility for their payments, not you! Well done & you’ve encouraged me to do the same! Currently ive been earning more & child support has informed me I have to start paying the ex (perjurious liar) more money. Ive promised myself that I’ll never pay that bitch one more cent! Now ive got the backup from you to show it can be done & I’m going to stand against it & threaten them if they threaten me, by highlighting their perjury also, like you did & detailed in this video! Well done Peter!
    Thank you!😉

    • Hi Richard,
      it is long past time more men stood up and helped out those of us who have been on the sharp end for some time. Thanks for your comment and get back to me on skype when you are ready.


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