GM0097 – Response to Ukrainian Lens – Part 01


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    • Yes, I believe Mark said that. It is a very old Maxim of Law that I think the Greeks were doing even before the Romans. And that is “Silence is Consent”. The Maxim of “Silence is Consent” is used today by governments. For example, when they call you by your NAME that you do not object and say “I am not that NAME, that name is a legal entity, it is not me” they presume your silence is consent to be treated as the name. This is why, in a traffic stop, the cop asks for some ID. If you give him the government ID but do not object and say you are not the name they will treat you as the name.

      The good thing is that this works in reverse. If THEY do not object to you issuing a claim of right then the claim of right stands as true at law. This is how the strawman recapture process works.

      • Yep – works also in reverse. That’s why I’m no citizen of Swiss anymore – even so they still treat me like that (with declaring me kind of insane or something, without ever have seen me or talked to me personally hehe.
        ‘disturbed view of the state’ and ‘disturbed view of myself’ was the verdict (as said, they never talked to me personally etc funny right?). I asked to clarify those statements (I mean asking costs nothing) – but there came nothing … 250’000.- for insulting is open too.. (Kanton has plenty..) per year).
        They will pay one day. Additionally I issued 2oz gold per day, as long they do that. Maybe one day, they will have to pay me – even so.. I do not really count on it.. BUT I would not be surprised.


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