Michael Keenan – I Would Like My 5 Years Of Unemployment Benefit Please


Hello Michael Keenan, ( www.facebook.com/MichaelKeeenanMP )

as the Minister for Human Services you are personally, directly, responsible and liable for the action of giving me an income tax refund of my own money to the tune of the unemployment benefit that you would pay to any woman who asked for it and was unemployed whether she has paid in to the social welfare system or not.

I was born in Wagga Wagga in 1964. I first started working in 1982.

And I paid my taxes as according to the income tax regulations until I left Australia in 2001.

I paid in up to AUD96,000 per year in direct income taxes while I was working in Australia.

I am not asking you to give me other peoples money.

I am asking you, publicly, to refund MY MONEY I PAID IN TO THE WELFARE SYSTEM to the same amount as the unemployment benefit you would pay to ANY WOMAN who asked for it who is unemployed whether she has paid in to the system or not.

I was unemployed from late 2010 to early 2016 with just 4 weeks paid work in that time due to being doxxed by well known ASIO Asset Michael Toal.

This is his facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mick.toal

To prove to you that I have been asking for this unemployment tax refund of MY MONEY for many years?

Here is a letter I sent to Marise Payne in 2014 when she held your position:


To prove I paid in to the tax system as I claimed here are Australian Taxation Office Certified copies of my income tax payments.

You can, of course, verify them with the Australian Taxation Office if you choose to.

You can find my Tax File Number and taxes paid over many years on this link:


You can also see that Marise Payne blocked me on facebook when I continued to press her on this important matter.

You can read that link here:


I would like you to make sure your department takes all steps to process my tax refund of my taxes I paid in to the welfare system to the equal amount of unemployment benefit you would pay any woman who was unemployed whether she paid in to the welfare system or not.

I look forward to your speed response in this matter.

Your staff can contact me on skype on peternolan9.

Thank you in anticipation of your speedy response.

Peter-Andrew: Nolan.

For those who would like to see the proof I put these on Michael Keenans Page. Here are the images.




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