Question to Marise Payne As Foreign Minister


So Marise Payne decided that she would not give me a tax refund of my own money to the amount of what would be paid in unemployment benefit to a woman out of work who has never paid taxes in to the welfare system.

This is what women call “equality”.

So I went and asked her a question today.

This is her facebook:

Here is the image.

Just to be clear. Here is the letter from 2014 where I was asking Marise Payne to give me a tax refund of my own taxes to the tune of the unemployment benefit she would pay to any woman who was unemployed even if she had never paid in to the welfare system.

And if you would like proof that I have paid up to AUD96,000 in direct income tax in one year in the 90s when I was still living and working in Australia then you can get scans of certified Australia Tax Office Receipts from this link:



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