GM0324 – Jennifer Santos Is A Lying Hypocritical Man Hater – MGTOW


This is her facebook:

You can join the group here: MBTI Politically Incorrect (No censorships)

Note, there are NO CENSORSHIPS, unless you publish completely public information like Bill Toals Phone number and address like this:

Of course, if you want to make false allegations that a man is a paedophile? That’s all A-OK then!

Here is my video, enjoy gentlemen!

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  1. Hi Peter!

    I’m sorry that you disagree so strongly with the rules appointed by the group owner Edwin. I would love you to come back to the group and discuss your point of view but you would have to make an appeal like I explained to you in DM.

    The woman I banned for doxxing you three days prior to your ban made an appeal and was allowed back in.

    While I recognize that the public Information you shared is easily attainable we must set a swift and strict anti doxxing precedent within the group to avoid more serious offences and I am certain had you argued your case in our appeals chat you would have won on the grounds that the information was easily obtainable anyhow.

    Same as the woman I banned for doxxing your googled info did three days prior.

    If you had paid more attention you would have seen me frequently questioning people’s accusations that you are a pedophile.
    I find that generally speaking on the internet the accusation holds no merit but it is a policy in the group to allow “Saying mean things” which is why we allowed you to post so frequently about women and children deserving to be murderer.

    Hope that clears things up for any of your five readers who care.

    Feel free and to make an appeal and rejoin the group. I enjoy the energy you bring out in your haters, of which I was and am not.

    -female mra ally since the early 2000’s – huge Jordan Peterson fan – dislike of sjw cancel culture and Mod at mbti politically incorrect uncensored, Jennifer Santos


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