Michael Toal Is Responsible For the Murders Of Thousands of Muslim Men Women And Children.


Hello and welcome to my latest blog post here on manbook.

Thank you very much for coming along and reading this post.

This post is particularly addressed to the muslim communities in Cairns, Wagga Wagga and Dublin.

You will see why as I explain the post.

My ex brother in law is Michael Toal.

This is a recent photograph.

This is his facebook. He lives in Cairns, Australia.


Michael Toal is my ex brother in law.

Indeed, the way I met my future wife, his sister, was to rescue a skinny, sickly Michael Toal from bullies in the school yard on his first day in high school in 1976.

Michaels sister, Jennifer Toal, got deliberately pregnant when she was 16 years old with the first child Kristen Robinson.

Her father, Bill Toal, who really did have shot guns, forced a shot gun wedding believing his 16 year old daughter to be the victim of a “22 year old boyfriend” based on Jennifer lies to him.

Jennifer spun the lie that it was the 22 year old boyfriend who pushed for sex and she had reluctantly agreed and gotten accidentally pregnant.

Jennifer only admitted the truth 25 years later.

The truth was that she hated her domineering and controlling mother and she deliberately chased a “bad boy” boyfriend as a 16 year old girl to deliberately get pregnant to him to get away from her mother.

Ouch, eh?

I have often wondered what it is to be like to be Kristen.

Kristen knows that she was brought in to the world based on lie to your father and for the sole benefit of your mother.

Kristen was not a “happy accident” as she had been told.

She was a pawn brought in to the world to be used as a weapon for her mother to get what she wanted.

Ouch, eh?

Jenifer went on to have a second child in 1983, Jarrod Robinson. And she had an abortion for a third child not so long after.

So by 1984 Jennifer was a single mother of 2, plus abortion, living in a housing commission house in pretty much poverty.

Well done her! Well done her family.

That was the situation that I rescued Jennifer and her two small children from.

I played captain “save a hoe” and thought it was a good and noble thing to help two small children and their mother have a much better chance in life.

I raised Kristen and Jarrod as my own, put Jennifer through college and got her an entry level programming job at IBM to put her on the IBM career ladder in 1989.

So from the position of being in poverty on government hand outs in 1983 I had helped Jennifer get on the entry level rung of the programmer career ladder in IBM by 1989.

I gave Jennifer, Kristen, Jarrod, and later Jennifer’s children Josephine and Joshua, the very best chances in life by working my arse off for 25 years.

And how did Michael Toal thank me for rescuing his sister from poverty?

Rescuing his niece and nephew from poverty?

Feeding them?

Putting them through school and giving them the best chances in life?

Oh, that’s right. Michael Toal has been slandering me world wide for 10 years calling me a paedophile, wife beater, rapist and child abuser.

That is the character of Michael Toal my muslim brothers.

He has attacked the very man who has done so much for his blood family.

But his foul and hateful character does not end there.

Since around 1993-4 Michael Toal had a far more sick and sinister job.

Michael Toal was, perhaps, the best marksman in Australia.

He always wanted to go in to the army but was rejected for his asthma and mental issues.

He could not make it into the army.

In 1990 or so he went to photograph the civil war in Somalia.

Jennifer and I, knowing his mental issues, urged him not to go because we knew that he would see horrific things happening and that it would harm him mentally.

He went anyway. And when he came back he was very damaged by what he had seen.

But he had a fascination with all things army as a lad.

So when the Australian Security and Intelligence Organization (ASIO) came knocking in 1993-4 and offered him the position of training snipers for the Australian armed services?

He jumped at the opportunity.

His cover story was to be that he was taking photographs for the Australian armed services.

My muslim brothers.

From around 1993 through to 2012 Michael Toals job was to train snipers in the armed services of the USA, UK and Australia.

Most particularly he took many trips to the middle east to train snipers operating in the middle east.

This information was brought to my attention by a mole inside ASIO at the risk of his life.

I was the man who blew Michael Toals cover as an ASIO agent training snipers rather than his cover story of just being a photographer for the armed services.

All my muslim brothers know what US, UK, Australian snipers have been doing in the middle east over the last 25 years.

Snipers have been deployed to cause terror and mayhem in the muslim communities.

They have indiscriminately murdered thousands, if not tens of thousands, of innocent muslim men, women and children over that period.

One of of their favourite activities being to shoot up wedding parties to put fear and terror in to the hearts of muslim men, women and children at the prospect of trying to have a family wedding.

That has been a particularly vile and nasty tactic that western armed services have engaged in over more than 25 years.

Even to the point that when snipers could not get in to the area to shoot up a specifically targeted wedding party drones have been sent in to commit those war crimes instead.

All muslims with relatives in the middle east are well aware of this tactic of snipers attacking wedding parties.

Snipers have also attacked many other non military people over the decades of wars sponsored by the west in the middle east.

My muslim brothers.

If you want to know what a mass murderer of innocent muslim men, women and children looks like?

Here is what one looks like.

One of the issues of being associated with mass murder of innocent muslim men, women and children is you have a family.

Something that Michael Toal has been responsible for taking away from many muslims. Their family members.

I have always said that a man (or woman) must not commit an aggressive ac of war because when you commit an aggressive act of war you put your family members in harms way.

If any muslim man would like to go and talk to Michael Toal?

I am pretty sure you can find him in Cairns.

Also, if any Muslim man would like to go and talk to other members of Michael Toals family?

I will put their names here and as I find their addressed I will post them here.

The first man you might like to go and talk to is his father Bill Toal.

Remember that Bill Toal has also condoned Michael Toal calling me a paedophile for 10 years and has condoned his daughters perjury for 13 years.

Bill Toal is also credibly accused of raping his teen daughter Suzanne Toal.

Michael Toal is credibly accused of raping his little sister Suzanne Toal.

Investigation in to these alleged rapes was quashed by then Deputy Commissioner of New South Wales Police Catherine Byrne.

This is a recent photograph of Bill Toal.

He lives at:

23 Fernleigh Rd
Turvey Park
Wagga Wagga
NSW 2650

His phone number is +61 – 2 – 69 25 40 41.

This is the google maps link to his location.

Google Maps Link

This is the link to the street view of his house.

Street View Link

This is a picture of his house.

This is the patriarch of the family who has allowed his daughter to commit 13 years of crimes against me.

Allowed his son to commit 10 years of crimes against me and other men.

And allowed his son to become involved in the mass murder of innocent muslim men, women and children by training snipers.

You might want to go talk to this man now that you know where he lives, what his house looks like, and what he looks like.

Or not.

Bill Toal is married to Irene Toal who has also supported all these crimes.

In Wagga Wagga the other members of the family are:

Suzann Buckens
Children: Emma and Jordan Buckens.

Crissy Reid.
Children: Mark and Louis Reid.

Kerry Toal is thought to live in Sydney. I am not sure.

Jennifer Toal, my ex, is thought to live in Dublin, Ireland.

Her children are:
Josephine Marguerite Nolan
Joshua John Nolan.

Their facebooks are:

Recent photos are as follows. There are no recent photos of Josephine Nolan on her facebook page.

Given the ingenuity of my muslim brothers?

I am sure that you will be able to find out the addresses that these people live at if you wish to go and talk to them about the fact their son, brother, uncle is a mass murderer of innocent muslim men, women and children.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do my muslim brothers.

Best Regards

Peter Andrew Nolan.

Footnotes and links.

Link to detailed documentation on Michael Toals links to ASIO.

Link to Catherine Byrne knowing about the credible allegation of rape of Suzanne Toal by her father Bill Toal and brother Michael Toal.

CAF Entry for Josephine Marguerite Nolan

Download Friends Page for Josephine Marguerite Nolan.

CAF Entry for Joshua John Nolan

Download Friends Page for Joshua John Nolan.

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