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z01_medusa_01For those young men who want to know the truth to the background of my divorce as an example for what you can look to as a young man? I decided to dictate this into voice today and to make it available as part of teaching young men what is in store for you if you get married.

This video is also telling the truth about my divorce in voice rather than in writing because young men and most women are not willing to read the proof of the criminal victimisation I have been subjected to these last 7 years and the lead up to that criminal victimisation.

So this video is the link I will give to women and tell them “come back to me after you have listened to this”. Of course, since no women will listen to this that will give me the grounds to ignore them, right?

So, for your listening pleasure, you can listen to this video on You Tube or pay for it as an MP3 download on the link below.

If you would like to pay AUD5 for a downloadable version of this podcast you can buy the podcast on A-MAN-ZON on this link.


You can find the Crimes Against Fathers entry for Jacqueline Vincent on this link.

You can find contact details for Jacqueline Vincent on this link.

For anyone who wants to verify what I say on this video the contact details for Bill and Irene Toal are as follows:
Bill & Irene Toal
23 Fernleigh Rd.
Turvey Park
Wagga Wagga
NSW 2650
+61 2 69 25 40 41

For anyone who wants to talk to Joshua John Nolan or Josephine Marguerite Nolan you can contact them on this link and this link. Those links contain their facebook links. If anyone wants to find out if being disowned in divorce has a negative effect on the children then you can find out first hand from two example of this.

This is a link to the letter that Jennifer wrote in May 2007 where she admitted that she was at fault in our marriage.

Letter ADMITTING Jennifer was the sole party at fault and at cause in the destruction of our marriage.



Best Regards

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm(c)



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