S008 – Why Peter Defends the Rights of Fathers


The “Stories of My Life” channel is being done in my former name as that is the name that most people know me by and it is the name I had when most of the stories took place.

As everyone knows the name I was given by my parents was Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) and that I use Joschua-Brandon: Boehm(c) by my choice as I wish a German name here in Germany. Boehm being a family name. A few people have had a good laugh over the story of my first day at school that you can listen to on this link.

I expect the “Stories of My Life” channel to become quite popular over time with young men. There are few men my age willing to pass along our wisdom and experience in a similar way.

Many young men say to me “there are no role models for young men today.” Rubbish! I am one of the best possible role models for young men. I am perfectly willing to present my lifes experiences in the public to act as a role model for any young man who would wish to use what I publish for his own benefit. If a young man does not wish to use what I publish as a role model then he is free to do so. He is just not free to whine “there are no good role models for young men today” when he has rejected one of the best out of choice.




Anyway. All that said.

A new Irish friend of mine, a father, dropped me an email and told me that the story I told him about a conversation I had with “Sue1” at one point was the most powerful story he had heard from me as to why I have defended the rights of fathers for so long at such great personal cost to myself.

He suggested that I would be well advised to make this my most promoted video. Since he is an older man than me, and he is a wiser man than me, I took his advice.

I made this “Story of My Life” and I have published it to a number of facebook groups. It is getting a few views and I am happy about that.

As time wears on it is becoming more and more obvious to everyone who has heard all the pathological lies told about me that they are just that. Pathological lies. As young men actually listen to what I have to say they realise that my efforts were, at first, directed towards their fathers and grand fathers to stand up for the rights of young men. Now the young men realise that my efforts are directed specifically towards them to secure their rights because their fathers and grand fathers chose not to secure the rights of young men, or even their own rights.

Young men are starting to realise, in large numbers, that I chose to take the high moral ground and let the haters hate on me so as to demonstrate the hatred of the haters. This has now reached the “tipping point” and all people who actually listen to what I have to say can see that I am an honest man of honour and integrity who has been pathologically lied about for a long time for being brave enough to stand up to criminal women and criminals in government.

Young men are starting to appreciate and understand what I have done over the last seven years. It warms my heart as they realise these were, and are, my honest and honourable intentions. Especially since those honest and honourable intentions were plainly stated on day 1 in May 2008 and I have not flinched from them one inch. No excuses.




The statement I made in May 2008 was:

“I propose to re-introduce the rule of law in to Australia and Ireland to secure the rights of ALL people and to ensure equality before the law.”

Only women and manginas can be against securing the rights of ALL people and ensuring equality before the law.

Women are against equality before the law because they want to be above the law.

Manginas are against equality before the law because they want to ingratiate themselves with women by attacking the men the women have victimised to shut the victims up. By attacking men they hope to ingratiate themselves to women hope to curry favour with women. Little to manginas know that such blatant ingratiation is repulsive to women. Roosh and the lads at Return of Kings are doing a great job of teaching young men about “game” and how women hate pathetic pushover men. Sure, women will use them, but they will friend zone them and give the “alphas” what the loser betas want.

We are almost there now as far as the re-introduction of the rule of law goes.  Men in both Ireland and Australia are very clear that securing their rights is going to take the use of force. No man of any intelligence is still living in the dreamland that our governments are going to start acting lawfully and justly just because we ask them to.

We are having some wins. It is now widely known that the criminal man calling himself Alan Shatter, who was the Minister for Justice and Equality in Ireland, was thrown under the bus by his political masters and forced to resign from public office in disgrace because of how I exposed his criminal acts and demonstrated he was fanning the flames of anti-semitism. The cover story is only believed by those who do not have two brain cells to rub together.

So here it is. Try clicking on this and listening to my rendition of a conversation I had with the woman who helped me save my life when I was suicidal. A woman that I have the greatest of respect for. A woman that is a wonderful example to women of what women could be if they just put their mind to it.

The lie “Peter/Joschua hates all women” is just a pathological lie told by women who are not able to raise their standards to the same standard as this woman and are green with envy for being unable to do so.

If western women were of the same character as this woman? I would praise them exactly the same way.

They aren’t. So I don’t.


For your listening pleasure.

If you like this story of my life you can buy it for USD1 on this link: Buy Here For $1


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