Bingo – We Have a Winner!


I am not sure how familiar young men between 16 and 30 are with a game called Bingo. I would gather most of you have never heard of such a thing, right?

In case you have not when you complete your card you call out “Bingo!” and the first person to call out “Bingo” is the winner. So it is a common statement in Australia to say “Bingo – We Have a Winner!”

And so what am I talking about? Well? For the last 7 years I have challenged women with this question:

“What is your position on women being held equal before the law to men specifically meaning the same crime should get the same punishment regardless of the sex of the perpetrator and the victim?”

You might be surprised to know that there has not been ONE WOMAN OF NOTE in the western world who has seen fit to answer this question in her own name in the public.

  • Not one woman in the US Congress or US Senate.
  • Not one woman in the parliaments of Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia or New Zealand.
  • Not one woman feminist commentator.
  • Not one woman who is a “mens rights supporter”.
  • Not one woman who has seen this question on the many hundreds, if not thousands, of public spaces I have commented in.

You, as a young man, should know that as much as women ask questions of men and as much as women talk, they have not been willing to answer this question when put to them.

And you can even check out the challenge I made on this link if you think that I have not consistently challenged women on this point.

Of course, for women who claim to be supporters of “Mens Rights” I have also asked this question.

“Are you willing to sit on an all womens jury in an all womens court to hold criminal women accountable for their crimes on an equal before the law basis to men, meaning, specifically, the same crime gets the same remedy regardless of sex of the perpetrator or the victim.”

This question has not been answered in the affirmative by such notable women as:

  • Karen Straughn
  • Christina Hoff Summers
  • Kristal Garcia
  • Janet Bloomfield

Given that these women loudly proclaim how much they support “equality” their hypocrisy in not being willing to put a case of a woman criminal to a jury trial makes their position quite laughable, right?

These women are merely attempting to limit the backlash against them personally. They have no interest in holding women criminals accountable for their crimes on an equal before the law basis to men and all us men with a brain know this to be true.

Now that we have our FIRST such woman make this statement? The challenge to my readers and listeners is to challenge the women you know to be the second, third, fourth woman to make this statement.

I will publish to manbook and our education channel the video of any woman who will make her position clear on these two questions on a video.

Here is the twitter of Chloe Price. You can get her on this link.

Of course, Chloe does not like me at all. She tried all the usual lies and evasion tactics. It took me quite some time to wring this statement from her. But since she is the FIRST IN SEVEN YEARS you can see that this has been a VERY long process.

You lads should never forget that your women, your sisters, your mothers, your grandmothers, were not prepared to make such a statement when asked.

You were betrayed by your sisters, your mothers and your grandmothers. I recommend you never forget this, and never forgive this. Up to you.

So. Here is the video evidence.




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