S011 – The Legacy of Frank Trainor


The Legacy of Frank Trainor. The greatest man I even knew personally.

I like to post what I consider to be the very best posts on Friday nights or Saturday mornings so that men who come to ManBook for a look at what is new on the weekend find the very best of posts on the Saturday.

This weekend I am posting one of the toughest “Stories of My Life” that I am releasing.

I have a couple of tough ones that I have recorded and will release if and when I see fit.

This story of my life is the story of my step grandfather Frank Trainor. I mentioned Frank in the introduction to the channel but this is a more detailed story.

This is one of the most import stories of my life. It really gets across the message and the value of old men passing along their stories to young lads as Frank Trainor did for me.

If you think it is tough to listen to? Try actually telling a story like this. It’s pretty tough to tell too.

Anyway. Without any further ado?

The Legacy of Frank Trainor.

I hope you like it.

If you like this story of my life you can buy it for USD1 on this link: Buy Here For $1

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    • Hey Adam…yes…he was a great man. And he tolerated me being a bit of a pest with a lot of grace and patience. You know how kids can be around men they admire so much…..we can be a bit like pests!!

  1. […] Of course I have spoken of Frank Trainor, the greatest man I ever knew personally. It is a shame that so many young lads do not have a Frank Trainor in their lives.  If you want to hear about Frank Trainor then you can click on this link. […]


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