All Women Are Pathological Liars


When my fav#1 and I were discussing a possible future she taught me “all women are pathological liars”. I didn’t believe her at first. So I asked other women and I went across many of the interactions I had had with so many thousands of women across my lifetime. She turned out to be right.

This is What a Pathological Liar Looks Like


So, Sarah Silverman has looked right into a camera and recorded a video and told a pack of pathological lies in order to support the lie of the “wage gap”. She will not be held to account for telling pathological lies because all women are pathological liars and they don’t want to throw any women pathological liars under the bus lest the men figure this out.

The very fact that Sarah Silverman slandered a man who gave her money for a guest spot shows just exactly how disgusting and vile western women have become. Here is her pack of pathological lies.

The owner of the club has responded and called her the liar that she is. You can hear his response on this link.

Women will try and make this be about “you just hate all women”.

No. I dislike people who are pathological liars and like to tell pathological lies.

Since that is what so many women choose to do with this ability I reserve the right to dislike those women who tell pathological lies.

If women do not like me disliking women who tell pathological lies? Maybe they should stop telling lies pathologically.

Maybe they should stop telling lies at all.



Best Regards

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©


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  1. Women have tongues of craft, and hearts of
    They will; they will not; fools that on
    For in their speech is death, hell is in their

    Torquato Tasso


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