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z01_newspaper_01 Ok my brother MENZ.

It is Monday morning and time to post the top 5 posts of last week.

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Top 5 For Last Week

1. Intel Diversity Fund

2. The Truth About Male Privilege

3. Respect And How It Works

4. ABC Report On Dead Women

5. Michael Cheneys Fan Page Money Method

I think this is really telling.

The FOUR TOP POSTS are about the issues that men face in society today.

The man hatred expressed by Intel with the “Intel Diversity Fund” leapt to the lead even though it was a new post.

That’s pretty amazing given that Stefans post on “The Truth About Male Privilege” has been going gangbusters and seems to be linked in a lot of posts around the web now with “listen to this man” next to the comment.

Of course.

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