Open Letter to Faircount Media Group


So, this is an open letter to the Faircount Media Group.

Their contact details are as follows.


North America
701 North West Shore Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33609
t: +1 (813) 639 1900
f: +1 (813) 639 4344
Ross Jobson.

Lawrence Roberts/Chief Operating Officer

Chuck Oldham/Editor-in-Chief

Robin Jobson/VP Business Development


Europe/Middle East
5 Ella Mews
London NW3 2NH
United Kingdom
t: +44 (020) 7428 7000
f: +44 (020) 7117 3338
Peter Antell/Publisher


Level 15, Tower 2
101 Grafton Street
Sydney NSW 2022
t: +61 (0)2.8063.4800
f: +61 (0)2.8580.5047
David Sanis/General Manager

To All Employees and Customers of Faircount Media.

You are employing one Michael Toal. This employment status was taken from his linked account on this link.

The link reads, and I quote.


Faircount Media Asia Pacific

August 2014 – Present (11 months)101 Grafton Street Sydney NSW 2022
Since 1989 Faircount Media Group has been producing high quality, client-branded custom publications that our customers use as one of their key communications tools. Every organization has a different purpose and different customers, and recognizing that, we are flexible enough to work with any kind of client, small to large – business, government, sports, entertainment – whatever the need might be for a publication.

I was first introduced to the company when I project managed the 60th Anniversary special public of the Royal Australian Regiment Association’s journal Duty First in 2008 and and have since written several specialist articles for the Royal Australian Navy’s Outlook publication. I am presently editing the 268 page book marking the Centenary of the Gallipoli campaign from an Australian and New Zealand perspective.

Michael Toal has been known to me since he was a skinny little runt suffering from asthma as a 12 year old when he turned up on his first day at school at the school I attended.

Because he was the “new kid in town” and so sickly and small from his asthma he was being bullied by the other boys. Such things are quite normal.

Since I had always been taught “take care of those less able to take care of themselves” I “did the right thing” and I went over and told the bullies to leave the “new kid” alone or they would have me to deal with.

Since I was one of the best fighters in my year and I was also captain of my football team and cricket teams the bullies, being cowards, decided to leave the then 12 year old Michael Toal alone. They did not want me to deal with.

No good dead goes unpunished.

I met the Toal family based on an act of kindness towards a child being bullied. I would certainly discourage other boys from ever doing the same.


Because Michael Toal is a Mentally Ill Psychopath who has, with the full knowledge of his mother and father, run a FOUR YEAR slander campaign against me.

Michael Toal uses various pseudonyms such as “Illuminati Ingrid” and “David Birmingham” among many others. Here is just a sample of the slander that Michael Toal has engaged in under these various pseudonyms.

But hey. Michael Toals mental illness is much more clear in his own writings. Here are some of his emails sent directly to me.

So, Faircount Media Group, you might ask yourselves why has Michael Toal, someone I rescued from bullies as a 12 year old, waged a very public slander campaign against me and my innocent business partners for FOUR YEARS.

Indeed, you might ask why did Michael Toal falsely accuse my business partner, who was dying of cancer at the time, of being a paedophile?

Why did Michael Toal harass his grieving wife and daughter in his final days?

Faircount Media Group, you might ask yourselves why Michael Toal went out of his way to attempt to harass and harm a woman and little girl whose husband and father was dying and they knew it. You might want to ask what sort of low life scumbag would do this.

Well? The answer would be it would be the same sort of low life scumbag whose own sister accuses him of raping her as a child. Indeed, a sister who claims her father, Bill Toal, and Michael Toal both raped her as a child.

You, Faircount Media Group, you might ask yourselves why Michael Toal, your employee, is doing these things.

Well, he is doing these things because I married his sister and cared for his sister and his nieces and nephews for many years. And in divorce, Michael Toals sister, Jennifer Toal decided that she was going to tell a pack of lies about me in the courts so as to obtain 95% of assets absent any paternity test along with the destruction of my business.

I exposed Jennifer Toal as a lying, hypocritical, criminal, child abusing prostitute.

I published the evidence of her lies, her crimes, and her prostitution to the Internet.

The proof of her crimes can be seen on these links.

 This is What A Man Hating Woman
Worshiping Criminal Scum Bag Looks Like 



In his mental illness Michael Toal did not take the position that he would “do the right thing” and stop his sister from committing crimes. He decided he would betray the man who rescued his pathetic arse when he was a sickly 12 year old and he would slander and lie about his now ex friend.

In short, Michael Toal decided to make war with me as an ally of his sister.

He never knew that his sister Suzanne Toal had confided in Jennifer in 1989 that Bill Toal had raped her as a little girl. He never knew that Suzanne Toal had been telling other people that he had raped her as a child too. He never thought these allegations by his sister would come out.

Given that Suzanne has stood by these allegations for a period of three years it would appear that she is telling the truth. That Bill Toal and Michael Toal did rape her as a child.

As well as being mentally ill and running a campaign of slander and harassment against me and my business partners in Europe for a period of FOUR YEARS with the FULL SUPPORT of both his father and mother, Michael Toal has slandered and attacked those people who are in any way associated with me.

One such man that Michael Toal has threatened with violence is John Wilson. John is an old aged pensioner who is a Vietnam Vet and a former dentist. He is in his 70s. Michael Toal threatened this old man with violence.

His crime? John accepted a donation of AUD500 from me in order to rent a conference room at that Parramatta Leagues Club to hold an important meeting in April 2011.  For this Michael Toal harassed John Wilson on his phone and threatened to come to his house and “beat the crap out of him”.

So tough…threatening old aged pensioners.

But it gets worse.

Michael Toal used his ASIO connections to find the administrator of a Ning discussion group and made all efforts to get him fired from his job. This was despite the fact the man had a partner and small baby to care for.

Having had his job threatened the man decided to close down the Ning discussion group. Michael Toal, being mentally ill, has presented the closure of this discussion group as my fault despite the fact it was he who slandered the man in question and threatened to create “bad publicity” for his employers to get them to fire him.

Well? How is this publicity for your company Faircount Media Group?

Your hiring policies must leave much to be considered since if you type Michael Toals name in to google his Crimes Against Fathers entries come right up on Google. Your HR department must be unconscious! LOL!!


Raping his little sister.

Threatening old aged pensioners with violence.

Harassing innocent third parties including a dying man and his grieving wife and daughter.

Running a FOUR YEAR slander campaign against a man who rescued his pathetic arse as a child.

You might think that is all bad enough.

But it gets WORSE YET!

Michael Toal is ex ASIO.

He was mentally damages on a photo shoot in the early late 80s or early 90s in the Somalia civil war.

After coming back from that conflict he was picked up by ASIO and taken in to their covert operations. ASIO exploited his mental illness and trauma to turn him into a covert agent. His cover story was as a “photographer” for an army magazine.

Funnily enough the editor of this unimportant little army magazine went on to be given the very plumb position of Sheriff for NSW when he left the army. Sure, that makes complete sense, right? Being an editor on an army magazine is perfect training for a senior legal position, right?

We have claims from inside ASIO that Michael Toals job was to travel to deployed Australian troops and aid and abet in the genocide of the victims of the Australian and related armed services. Specifically, his job was to teach snipers how to shoot better. It is well known that Bill Toal and Michael Toal are both marksmen.

Our information from inside ASIO implicates Michael Toal in war crimes and crimes against humanity and genocide.

As a result of exposing Michael Toal as an ASIO agent he has been unable to undertake further covert assignments.

The Australian Federal Government has responded to this exposure by attempting to further criminally victmise me and attempting to suppress the evidence of the crimes that the Toal family and accomplices have participated in.

Indeed, ASIO has gone to the extent to suppress investigation in to the alleged rape of Suzanne Toal by her father, Bill Toal and her brother Michael Toal. The person leading this coverup and suppression is one uber femnazi by the name of Catherine Burn who also happens to be the Deputy Commissioner of NSW Police.

All members of both houses of Federal Parliament have been informed of this rape allegation and the coverup being performed by Catherine Burn. Many members of the media have also been informed. If you would like to read the proof of this then you can do so on this link.

The criminal corruption in the NSW Police goes all the way to the minister Troy Grant. This has been well proven and Troy Grant has been denounced as a criminal scumbag. You can confirm this denouncement on this link.

So you see Faircount Media Group. You have employed a man who is guilty of a wide variety of crimes and accused of many more crimes of the most serious nature.

Michael Toal is guilty of criminal slander and harassment over a period of FOUR YEARS.

He stands accused of raping his little sister, Suzanne Toal when she was a child.

He is accused of murder, war crimes and genocide.

Sounds like just the sort of employee your clients would like to be dealing with, right?

Just the sort of man you want to present to your clients, right?

Of course, there might be an even more sinister reason why you are employing him.

The more sinister reason is that your firm knew exactly who they were hiring, exactly what he has done, exactly what his crimes are, and exactly what he is accused of…


THAT could be the truth. I have no idea of knowing.


The link to this post will be emailed to all the people on this email list.

Let us see how you respond to these revelations about your employee.

Best Regards

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©
aka. Peter-Andrew: Nolan©


This is the email I sent to the MEN involved.

From: Peter Nolan [] Sent: 24 June 2015 01:13
To: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’
Subject: Open Letter to Faircount Media Group

I think you have a publicity problem.

Open Letter to Faircount Media Group

Ross Jobson.

Lawrence Roberts/Chief Operating Officer

Chuck Oldham/Editor-in-Chief

Robin Jobson/VP Business Development

Peter Antell/Publisher

David Sanis/General Manager

Best Regards

Peter Nolan
Instant Business Intelligence

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