Liar David Futrelle Has Decided to Post More Lies


z01_women_lie_01So the liar David Futrelle has decided to post more lies. Gee. Colour me surprised.

You can go read the full article on this link.

So lets answer the lies one at a time.

Men’s Rights Activists love to “warn” women that they may soon face a day of reckoning if they don’t shape up and start acting the way MRAs think they should. Don’t make men angry, they say; you wouldn’t like us when we’re angry!”

So? MRAs are warning women that they are making individual men very angry and that this is a very dangerous thing to do. That’s actually an act of love and kindness showing concern for the welfare of the women.

But such acts of love and kindness are to be ridiculed and mocked.

David Futrelle hates women because he encourages them to commit actions that could very well get them severely injured or even killed.

“Still, most MRAs making these “predictions” at least make a token effort to pretend to be horrified at the notion of men rising up to wreak vengeance upon uppity women. This isn’t what we want, they assure women; it’s just what will happen if you continue to “provoke” men with your bad behavior.”

Yes. The vast majority of MRAs are such losers they keep making claims of “there are no circumstances in which violence should be used against women” even when these same women pick up the phone and make false allegations to the police and incite state sponsored unlawful violence against men.

One thing that David Futrelle is correct about is that MRAs are losers in the vast majority. Not all of them. Bernard Chapin is the standout. But there are not 10 Bernard Chapins in the world. And the world is a worse place for this fact being true.

“Other MRAs find it impossible to contain their glee; like doomsday preppers with well-stocked bunkers and enough ammo to kill every living thing within a 500 mile radius, they can’t wait for the end of the world.”

Some men find some humour in their warnings being ignored for years when their predictions come true. So what? Ever seen how much a woman gloats over one of her predictions coming true? I have.

“Peter Andrew Nolan is one of these other MRAs. And he’s started to celebrate a little bit early.”

And now it is time for some lies. I am not an MRA. I have never identified as an MRA. Nor WILL I ever identify as an MRA. Labels are for cans. Not people. Just ask Coka Cola.

But that does not stop David Futrelle from trying to tell the lie because he is a pathological liar, just like women are. I guess pathological lying goes with the territory of pandering to women.

“In a series of recent blog posts and Tweets, Nolan has heralded a number of murders of women at the hands of their exes in his native Australia as portents of a new age of antifeminist retribution. (Click on screenshots below to see archived versions of these Tweets.)”

Again more lies. I have long denounced men who are “anti-feminists” as stupid. I have long advised them to stop being “anti-feminist” and start being “pro-freedom”. Being “anti-feminist” merely causes the perpetuation of feminism because it creates a conflict that the women can then engage in.

Being “pro-freedom” does not create any conflict. You just go about your life being pro-freedom and tell people who are pro-slavery that you simply do not wish to engage in any system that supports and promotes slavery.

Feminism, indeed the western political systems, are systems that promote and support slavery. It is time men simply quit engaging in that system in any meaningful way.

“I’m sure actress Denise Richards was delighted to find the above in her Twitter notifications, sent as a reply to a Tweet of hers wishing her father a happy Father’s Day.

Several feminists who ended up in a discussion with him on Twitter were treated to the following.”

Denise Richards had just gone out of her way to praise her father on fathers day. Yet she takes the position that men are not entitled to the protection of the law. I asked her if she would be concerned if her father was falsely accused of being a paedophile. Of course, she is too busy being a bitch to answer such questions.

“As Nolan sees it, the murder of women in Australia and Ireland is now perfectly legal, as he has officially declared war upon both countries.”

Again with the lies. I have never said that murdering women was legal. I have said that killing enumerated enemy combatants in a STATE OF WAR is LAWFUL. That the enumerated enemy combatants includes specific women? So what? Women are equal.

It is funny how David Futrelle, like all the other liars making comments about me, have no problems about the MEN AND CHILDREN who are included in the enumerated enemy combatants list of the STATES OF WAR in Australia and Ireland.

Nope. Men and children can be killed. No problems. No objections. It is only WOMEN that David Futrelle is concerned about being killed. And that is about as sexist and discriminatory as you can get, right? Concern for only ONE demographic based on the sex of that demographic?

Sexist as hell.

“Nolan thinks politicians and police officers are also legitimate targets in his “war.””

But no concern for them.

And “his war”? I think you will find that given that men have killed a record number of women in Australia this year that there are a few other men who are now deciding, on their own conscience, that it is time to take up arms against their oppressors and kill them in an act of WAR.

Indeed. I posted more than 500 examples of men killing women, and some times children, to Crimes Against Fathers over more than a two year period as a warning of what was coming.

I was ignored.

Now the killing is happing in rapidly increasing numbers.

Rather than heed my warnings and do as I tell them to do? Liars like David Futrelle fan the flames of this WAR by telling lies about me.

All this does is demonstrate to men that there is no use in talking. There is no point in going public. Women and their manginas will not listen. There are more than 100,000 men telling women that they are provoking men and the kill rate will increase. One more man telling them this will not make any difference.

What WILL make a difference and what WILL get peoples attention is killing women.

THAT will get people to listen.

When the ONLY avenue to justice is killing women? You can be sure that out of  the 100 MILLION or so men who have been criminally victimised, SOME of them will kill women.

And that is exactly what is happening. As I predicted in 2008.


“And he assures us this “war” will continue until he is properly compensated for whatever terrible injustices he thinks have been done to him.”

Funny how absolute proof of criminal victimisation is watered down to “terrible injustices he things have been done to him”. It is exactly this refusal to secure the rights of men who have been criminally victimised that has made it NECESSARY for me to claim into existence this WAR OF RETURN.

David Futrelle knows that MILLIONS of men have been criminally vicitmised but he LIES about that in order to pander to women and try and get laid. Pandering to women to try and get laid is the oldest beta male plan in the book. I did it myself when I was a beta male. When I was married I did things like bring my wife flowers and other gifts to show her I loved her. I was such a fool doing that and I do not recommend such foolishness to other men.

The very fact that women do, sometimes, give sex to men for having pandered to them merely demonstrates that most women are prostitutes at heart. They demand some “bounty” in return for sex. We all know this is true. So why try and call it anything other than what it really is. Prostitution. Demanding “bounty” for sex whatever that “bounty” is decided to be by the prostitute.

This is one reason why I hold REAL prostitutes in high regard. They are, at least, more honest than the average woman who tries to lie about and hide her prostitution and call it something else like “he just has to earn my respect” while demanding “men must respect all women” because, you know, a woman gave birth to you.

Sexist as hell.

And for anyone who doubts the criminal victimisation I have suffered? You can go to the case registry. Funny how those who have opinions about my cases have never actually, you know, READ THE PUBLICLY PRESENTED EVIDENCE! LOL!

This is the one for my ex, Jennifer Toal. There are 480 cases registered in the case registry on this link.

“Now, Nolan’s “legal” claims are of course ludicrous, and he is obviously in no position to “release” any murderers of women in either Ireland or Australia.”

Again with the lies. I make no “legal” claims. That we are not in a position to release men who kill enemy combatants from incarceration today does NOT preclude us from being in that position in the not too distant future.

After all? Who is going to sacrifice their lives in an effort to stop us? Women?


The only people who stand between us and releasing these men are prison guards. And prison guards are 95% men. And they will not sacrifice their lives to keep an honest man of honour and integrity in jail.

I have no doubt that only a few prison guards will need to be killed in order to make the point that they must release any of our brothers unlawfully incarcerated.

“But as bizarre as his arguments are, Nolan is no troll; as longtime readers of this blog know all too well, he’s deadly serious about all of this.”

At last. David Futrelle says something that is true. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

“The man who used to call himself Peter-Andrew: Nolan©, but who now prefers to call himself Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©, is a follower of the exceedingly strange and dangerous Sovereign Citizen movement. He thinks the odd punctuation he’s added to his various names actually means something important, and he does indeed believe that he is at war with Ireland and Australia, that murdering women is legal in both countries, and that he has the right to enforce these claims of his as best he can.”

Again with the lies. I have never promoted, supported, or been a part of what is called the “Sovereign Citizen Movement”. I have made that clear many times over. But David Futrells is a liar. He has proven himself to be a liar many times over. No one with a brain takes him seriously. And that is why his audience is 90%+ women.

The men in his audience are only there because they are betas, gamma, omegas and zetas and they think the best chance they have of gaining sexual favours from women is to join in the hate fest of men. You can always find loser men willing to pander to women in the vain hope of being bestowed sexual favours by the woman.

The punctuation to my name has meaning. That David Futrelle chooses not to understand this meaning is his choice. He chooses to remain ignorant and that is fine by me.

He goes on to tell the lie that I claim “murdering women is legal”. Such blatant lies. Such a stupid and gullible audience. 90% of women are women.

I have said killing enumerated enemy combatants in a declared state of war is LAWFUL. That SOME of the enumerated enemy combatants are women? So what?

Some are men. Some are children. That is what “I do not discriminate” means. It means you do not exempt people from the status of enemy combatant who are your enemy merely because of their age or sex. That would be sexism and ageism. Right?

“Happily, he is not actually in either of these countries — last I heard, he’s in Germany, and as I understand it, he is barred from entering Ireland and possibly Australia as well. At least according to the laws that the rest of the world follows.”

Gee. I am in the phone book in Germany. My company web site has my company address in Germany. Well done for figuring out I am in Germany. Such great research work you did there David! LOL!

There is nothing banning me from entering either of those countries. However, since I have proven that ALL MEMBERS of parliament in BOTH countries are criminals it would be unwise to go there.

But David Furtrelle is the sort of guy who would mock a Jew refusing to go in to Nazi Germany in 1938 as a “a coward and afraid” and a “conspiracy nutter” because “Adolph Hitler is a good guy and the Nazis are good guys and there is no danger to Jews in Germany”.

The very fact that one of my colleagues has been unlawfully incarcerated in the mental health system for more than TWO YEARS in Australia with NO COMMUNICATION tells me it is unwise to go to those two countries. Just as it would be unwise for a Jew to go to Nazi Germany in 1938.

So mock me all you like David. We all know you are a coward. We all know you condone and support women committing crimes against men with complete impunity. And we all know you are doing it in an attempt to gain sexual favours. Just like Hugo Swartzer was a big “pro-feminist” in order to get laid.

You and Hugo are two peas in a pod and we all know it David.

“This isn’t the first time Nolan has justified or indeed celebrated violence against women. His declarations of “war” are not new. He’s offered some (barely) qualified praise for far-right mass murderer Anders Breivik, and at one point he warned any women thinking of commenting on his laughable Facebook ripoff MAN-BOOK that he just might just kill them for it.”

Has anyone ever seen women celebrate violence against men? I have. Women said they wanted to be treated as equal so celebrating violence against women should be just as socially acceptable as celebrating violence against men.

Anyone ever seen a sitcom on TV where a woman slaps a man and everyone laughs? I have. So lets make that equal eh? Lets make it socially acceptable to laugh at, ridicule, and celebrate when a man commits violence against a woman. Because to fail to do so is to fail to strive for “equality”. And we all know “equality” is the holy grail that you sheeple all want to strive for, right?

So lets celebrate violence against women just like we celebrate violence against men. And let us call men like David Futrelle sexist bigots when they try and claim that we should not do so. Because by claiming that we should not do so David Futrelle is saying that women are somehow weaker and lesser than men and so they must be protected like children. Which is where “women and children” comes from. It groups the women with the children because that is how women like to be grouped.

And David Futrelle persists with the lie that I threatened to kill women who registered to facebook like that was some credible threat! LOL! The lies never end and neither does the gullibility of women.

Women were given the vote by the small group of dominate men who wanted to introduce world socialism because they knew women were so gullible they would believe anything they were told often enough. And we see this every day in the media. The very fact women ARE so gullible has rendered voting completely meaningless, if it ever had meaning in the first place.

Women are so stupid they celebrate the “right to vote”.

I know voting is for fools and women.  I would not bother wasting my time entertaining such a stupid practice.  I haven’t voted since about 1990 if I recall correctly. Maybe I voted in 1996. I can’t remember. That is nearly 20 years ago now. But I know I did not vote in the 1993 election because I was in Hong Kong working at the time.  I know I have not voted since 1996 because it was obvious there was no point.

“But these recent Tweets are pretty brazen, even by his standards. He is clearly a threat to women, as well as to politicians and government employees regardless of gender.”

Brazen? Speaking the truth is now somehow “brazen”?

“Clearly a threat”? You just got through saying I live in Germany and the STATES OF WAR that I have claimed in to existence are in force on the lands of Australia and Ireland and I am somehow a “threat”?

How so? Explain that statement to your audience David. Do I have super powers that I do not know about where I can kill women from 2,000 kms away?

Nope. I am no “threat” at all. And even if I was personally dangerous to individual people? We both know I would not be broadcasting that because there are too many manginas like you who would try and throw me in a cell.

No. I am no “threat” to anyone.

I am, potentially, VERY dangerous to those who criminally victimised me.

So what? They are criminals. Why should anyone care what happens to them?

The real danger to the enumerated enemy combatants comes from “the average man”.

Every single man who has been criminally victimised and who knows that there is no path to justice for him is a potential soldier in this fair and just WAR OF RETURN.

There are MILLIONS of such men.

They have been hated on, lied about, slandered and ridiculed for being the victims of crimes. You know some of the names of these men who have chosen to take on the status of soldier and commit acts of WAR.

Here are some of their names.

  • Marc Lepin
  • George Sodini
  • Anders Brevik
  • Andreas Lubitz

Very few people know that Andreas Lubitz faced up to 28 years of criminal persecution by the criminal family law courts in Germany. This was, in my opinion, a major contributor in his decision to crash his plane and kill 149 other people. Andreas Lubitz knew, for sure, that he would be hated on, lied about, ridiculed, criminally victimised, and generally attacked to force him in to slavery for up to 28 years.

As a man of his age? That was pretty much a life sentence. You only get 20 years for murder.

So he made a bold political statement.

He made it loud.

He made it clear.

I heard it.

But most simply wrote it off as “he is crazy” and in doing so guaranteed the next “Andreas Lubitz”.

If you will not listen to a man who is willing to kill himself along with 149 other people? Then these men you have abused have no choice but to keep killing people until you DO listen to their grievances and put in place the processes for the crimes they have suffered to be remedied.

So yes.

In the past I have EXPLAINED why Anders Brevik SAID HE COMMITTED AN ACT OF WAR.

I have EXPLAINED why, in my opinion, Andreas Lubitz killed 149 people in a clearly politically motivated act as a statement against the slavery system of the German Family Law Courts.

Now I am going one further.

I am saying that in Australia and Ireland, where a STATE OF WAR has been openly and publicly declared, men who emulate the heroic feats of Anders Brevik and Andreas Lubitz will be accorded the status of WAR HEROS.

In the case of Australia the status of ANZACS.

It is easy to be a “war hero” when the enemy is foreign and everyone is cheering you.

It is a lot harder to be a “war hero” when the enemy is domestic. When the enemy are the women in your society and their mangina lackeys who are only too happy to criminally victimise you to pander to women.

Phillip Seidle found out just how well it works out when a man panders to women to steal on behalf of the women. His wife put him through the same criminal victimisation process and his colleagues turned on him and attacked him like the loser white knights they were.

So once Phillip Seidle came to his senses he did the right thing. He hunted down his criminal abuser and shot her dead where she sat…in her car.

Although I despise Phillip Seidle as a police officer who was part of the criminal victimisate of men? I praise him and say JOB WELL DONE for killing his criminal wife. She got what she deserved. She got what was coming to her. No question.

It is just a shame that there was no STATE OF WAR claimed into existence on the land he did this on at the time he did this.

But if a “Phillip Seidle” or an “Anders Brevik” or a “Andrease Lubitz” or a similar character emerges in either Ireland or Australia and kills a whole bunch of people and claims it as an ACT OF WAR in defence of the children of their lands?

We WILL release such a man at the cessation of hostilities.

How will hostilities end?


A large enough quorum of women to be representative of women come to my table and beg for me to accept their petition for unconditional surrender.

It is that simple.

Women initiated a WAR OF AGGRESSION. They partnered with criminals in government to do so. Women and governments were petitioned, for five years, by me personally, to come to my table and to discuss the peaceful path to justice.

We claimed into existence new courts in Australia in 2011.

These were ignored and men were too cowardly to man them.

Since another 4 years have passed this the claim into existence of a new process to peacefully secure the re-introduction of the rule of law?

Since the criminals in government have remained silent in the face of all petitions?

Since the criminals in government are now kidnapping and incarcerating men for YEARS at a time?


Rightly and justifiably so.

If anyone thinks they have a better plan?

They are welcome to pursue their plan.

Other men have every right to pursue the avenues they believe will bring them a path to justice.

The men who choose to take on the role of soldier and who choose to commit acts of WAR on the lands of Australia and Ireland have every right to do so.

If you disagree? Put your case in to the public in your own name.

If you are not willing to put your case in to the public in your own name?

Don’t be thinking anyone should listen to your opinion.


The matter is settled.

There is a STATE OF WAR in existence on the lands known as Australia and Ireland.

It has been consented to by ALL members of parliament on both countries.


Each man who hears the news that there IS a STATE OF WAR on the lands of Australia and Ireland is free to act on HIS OWN CONSCIENCE and HIS OWN RESPONSIBILITY.

Should he choose to commit an ACT OF WAR? Should he be taken prisoner of WAR? We will release him at the cessation of hostilities.

Hostilities will cease in each country when a quorum of women, representing a significant and to be decided majority of women, come to my table and present me with a petition for unconditional surrender and BEG ME TO ACCEPT IT.

If, at the time, and taking all circumstances in to consideration, it is my opinion that women are sincere in petitioning for unconditional surrender I will give their petition serious consideration. No promises.

Short of this happening?

The WAR OF RETURN will remain in place.

I am pretty sure I have made myself clear.

Now. If anyone wants to interview me or ask me questions? I am available at the rate of USD60 per hour. You can book me on this link.

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