Open Letter to The People Of Germany And Named Individuals


The Background

The first thing I will do is name the people and provide the paper mail addresses for the people involved in this post.

I wish to make it very clear that I have done all I can to peacefully and properly secure my right to live peacefully on the land known as Germany. I was just checking my letters and my first letter to Angela Merkel was dated 2009-11-18.

I have been in constant correspondence with Angela Merkel, and her staff, since that date. So when I have criminal thugs come in to my house claiming to be employees of Angela Merkels company and claiming that I need some sort of “paperwork” from their company in order to live on the land known as Germany everyone now knows that I have spent more than FIVE YEARS in correspondence to Angela Merkel asking her if she would instruct one of her employees to issue the so called “papers” that they claim I “need” to be allowed to live on a land created by GOD and NOT created by Angela Merkel.

These are the people I am talking about.

Letter To:
The human being calling herself Angela Merkel
also acting as the Chancellor of Germany
Deutscher Bundestag
Platz der Republik 1
11011 Berlin
Letter From:
Peter-Andrew: Nolan© (Human Being)
In Care Of Instant Business Intelligence
Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 10
Karlsruhe 76131
Fax: +61-280790691
Letter To:
Herr Karl Ernst Thomas de Maizière
Minister for the Interior
Acting as Head of Bundespolizei
Alt-Moabit 101D
10559 Berlin
Dr. Hans-Peter Friederich has all prior documents
Letter To:
Herr Dr. Maestle
Erster Staatsanwalt
Olgastrasse 2
Stuttgart 70182
Telefon: +49 711 212 3359
Fax: +49 711 212 3383
Letter To:
Frau Messerschmid
Bundespoliziinspektion Flughafen Stuttgart
Flughafenstrasse 34
70629 Stuttgart
Telefon: +49 711 78781 0
Fax: +49 711 7 87 81 2099
Letter To:
Archbishop Dr. Robert Zollitsch
Schöferstrasse 2
Freiberg 79098
Letter To:
Herr Wolfgang Wurm
Bundespolizeidirektion Flughafen Frankfurt/Main
Gebäude: 177
60549 Frankfurt am Main, Hessen
Telefon: +49 69 3400-4999
Fax: +49 69 693075
Letter To:
Herr Bässler
Amtsgericht Nurtingen
Neuffenstrasse 28
72622 Nurtingen
Telefon: +49 7022 9225 0
Fax: +49 7022 9225 100
Letter To:
Frau Mörchel
Geschaeftsstelle des Landgerichts
Urbanstrasse 20
Stuttgart 70182
Telefon: +49 711 212 3608
Fax: +49 711 3535
Letter To:
Herr Werner Geyer
Amtsgericht Nurtingen
Neuffenstrasse 28
72622 Nurtingen
Telefon: +49 7022 9225 0
Fax: +49 7022 9225 100
Letter To:
Herr Schmidt
Stellvertretender Anstaltsleiter
Riefstahlstrasse 9
Karlsruhe 76133
Letter To:
Herr Köhnlein
Schillerplatz 4
70173 Stuttgart




The first point I would like to make is this.

It is funny how Angela Merkel, the daughter of a Christian Minister, and her cronies claim I need some “paperwork” from them to be “allowed” to live, work and travel on the land known as Germany. After all, the bible itself says, and let me quote it exactly.

In Genesis 1:26 (King James Version):

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.


Please note. This is considered to be the “Word of God”. Please note “dominion…over all the earth” is very clearly stated. So the Holy Bible quoting the very “Word of God” establishes my claim that I have dominion over all the earth.

What does dominion mean?


“the power or right of governing and controlling; sovereign authority.”

So, according to no less that GOD,  I have sovereign authority over all the earth. I have, according to no less than GOD, the right of governing and controlling over all the earth.

My rights end where another mans rights begin. Therefore what this means is that I have the right of governing myself, controlling myself, with sovereign authority over myself, and I can do this anywhere over all the earth. Because all men are equal before the law no man can force man made rules onto me lawfully. I am subject to Gods laws, not the legislation of man, unless I consent to the legislation created by men.

I claim that the Federal Republic of Germany can not have rights to impose regulations in excess of what GOD HIMSELF has stated are the birth rights of all men.

“Dominion over all the earth”.

I claim that agents of the Federal Republic of Germany can not put themselves above the “Word of God”. I have said to Angela Merkel that if any member of the Federal Republic of Germany would like to present their case I would like to see it.  I have repeatedly asked Angela Merkel and her staff to bring forth the evidence they have that would indicate that they have any right to violate my right to “dominion over all the earth”. No evidence has been forthcoming despite 5 years of asking which clearly indicates the criminality of Angela Merkel.

After all. As the daughter of a Christian Minister she knows full well that the Bible is considered the word of God and that one of the commandments is “thou shalt have no other Gods than I”. Therefore, the Federal Republic can not possibly usurp God as that is strictly forbidden by one of the 10 commandments.

It would be very difficult for Angela Merkel to attempt to deny she does not know what is on the front page of the Bible or to deny that she does not know where to look up the 10 commandments.

Now. Having written to Angela Merkel as early as 2009 and consistently through 2010 I decided to issue a “Claim of Right” based on the following:

  1. The Word of God as expressed in the Bible. Dominion over all the earth.
  2. The fact that my mother was 100% pure German blood of ancestors named Kassel, Boehm and Schultz. My father was 100% Irish stock. My German ancestors arrived in Australia in the early 1900s.
  3. The fact that returning to ones ancestral homeland has been a long supported right. Just look at the way the Federal Republic of Germany supports the “right” of Jewish people to return to their homeland of Israel.
  4. The fact that I have exposed criminals in the governments of Australia and Ireland and these criminals have chosen to politically persecute me.Indeed, in my meeting with Richter Baessler in the Nurtingen Courts I specifically pointed out that Germans have had an unfortunate experience with tyranny in government and that of all people Germans would understand and be sympathetic to someone who was exposing criminals in government and be willing to provide such a man a sanctuary from which he could continue to denounce criminals in foreign governments.
  5. The fact that I already qualified for Citizenship in Ireland and my former wife and former children were granted such citizenship in 2009. I was denied purely because I was exposing criminals in the Irish Government and Judiciary.
  6. The fact that I was already entitled to a Permanent Residency and Work Permit in Ireland based on the EU Legislation that if one member of a family gains citizenship of an EU country then all members are mandatorily entitled to permanent residency in respect of the family unit. This documentation has been repeated presented to the Irish Government and landed on deaf ears.
  7. The fact that I am one of the top Business Intelligence Consultants in the world and should I be given the appropriate paperwork in support of my claim of right to secure my right to travel, live and work on the land known as Germany then I would generated quite an amount of foreign income which would be brought back and spent in Germany.

From the documentation presented to Angela Merkel and her staff it was obvious that I knew what I was doing. It was also obvious to them that since I knew full well that the Australian and Irish Governments were criminal in nature I knew the same was true for the German government as well. However, my issues were not with the German Government. My issues were with the Australian and Irish Governments.

I simply asked, very politely and very professionally, in writing, for Angela Merkel to arrange for one of her staff to issue a letter in support of my claim of right so that I would be issued with the right “papers”. These “papers” would make sure none of her employees mistook my presence on the land of Germany as any sort of violation of any of the rules of the Federal Republic of Germany, which, of course, are not the rules of the bible and do not apply to me.

Sadly, Angela Merkel did not see fit to agree to my claim of right and did not see fit to agree to my claim to sanctuary from criminals in foreign governments. After an initial reply, Angela Merkel simply refused to have any of her staff respond to my correspondence.


The Court Meeting

In order to force the issue, in mid 2011 I chose to overstay an automatic 90 day visa based on my 5 year residency visa in Ireland. I overstayed this visa for 10 days so that when I returned from a trip to the UK I would force the issue with the border patrol agents who would pick up that I overstayed my visa by 10 days.

I did this deliberately to secure a meeting with a Judge who is an employee and a representative of the Federal Republic of Germany.

I wanted to force a meeting with a Judge to do two things.

  1. Formally ask a senior representative of the Federal Republic of Germany to assist me secure sanctuary in Germany. I wanted this request in writing on the transcript of a court meeting in front of witnesses.I had planned to record the matter but since there were 12 witnesses, including 4 police officers, recording the court meeting seemed unnecessary. It would also be seen as a little provocative. The names of the 4 police officers who attended the court meeting are known to Richter Baessler as he clearly invited them to be there.
  2. Should the Judge not be willing to immediately support my claim of sanctuary then I planned to challenge said judge, in front of witnesses, to present any evidence that the legislation of the federal Republic of Germany applied to me.

By going to a court meeting and presenting my case for sanctuary I had hoped that the judge in question would look me in the eye and see I am an honest man of honour and integrity and assist me gain sanctuary on the land known as Germany. I knew it was a risk. I had made preparations for being assaulted, kidnapped, and criminally exported from the country.

Clearly, by walking in to a German court with 4 armed police officers present I proved, beyond any doubt, that I am an honest man of honour and integrity who was willing to walk directly in to what you might call the “lions den” and make my case because my case is the truth. Liars and charlatans do not walk in to court rooms in front of armed police officers when they can walk away and live a good life elsewhere.

If anyone doubts anything that I say about the proceeding of this court meeting you are welcome to contact:

Frau Mörchel
Geschaeftsstelle des Landgerichts
Urbanstrasse 20
Stuttgart 70182
Telefon: +49 711 212 3608
Fax: +49 711 3535

The transcript for the court meeting is public property and any member of the public can ask for a copy of the transcript and read it. The transcript, of course, is damning.

Here are some of the most important points of the court meeting.

  1. No court of law was convened.
    The court meeting was exactly that, a meeting of people in a room call a court. There was no establishment of a court of law. This was simply a civil court with no power of law associate with it.How do I know this?

    1. No one was put under oath to deliver their opinions as testimony. I was not put under oath. Frau Messerschmid, the woman making the accusations against me, was not put under oath.The conversation held in the court room was exactly that, a conversation, not the presentation of testimony under oath. The presentation of testimony under oath has been practiced for about 3,000 years. It was very notable by its absence.The very fact that NO TESTIMONY WAS PRESENTED BY ANYONE clearly means that a “guilty” verdict was not only criminal but laughable.Richter Baessler was well aware that neither myself nor Frau Messerschmid presented any evidence under oath and so it is laughable that he would claim that he balanced EVIDENCE to come to his “guilty” decision. That German people, in particular police officers, sat in the public gallery and saw a court proceeding go ahead without the participants being placed under oath would indicate that there is a terrible, terrible, terrible level of education happening in the German schools.I mean I put to you the question.How could it be that a police officer can watch a court proceeding and see no one put under oath and not object to this fact as a severe omission thus rendering the proceedings null and void?

      Really? How could that happen? What sort of terrible education must that Police Officer have?

      And, even worse, what if some of those 4 Police Officers noticed that no one was put under oath and then FAILED to speak up and ask why not? That would be even WORSE!

    2. No Bible was presented to establish the jurisdiction of law.
      “The Law” is what is written in the bible. It is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.The fact it is written in the bible does not MAKE it “The Law”. “The Law” exists in nature and the bible is simply one of many books where “THE Law” is written down to more easily communicate it to people who have not noticed “THE Law” in the creation we inhabit.Since Germany is a Christian Nation, predominantly catholic, courts of law operate under the Judeao Christian system of Law.Since the bible, the foundation of Judeao Christian Law, was not presented to establish jurisdiction no court of law could have been convened.What WAS presented was the Criminal Code of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Federal Republic of Germany is a Uniform Commercial Code Legal Entity that is a “Member State” of the United Nations. At one point Richter Baessler even quoted a portion of this document in to the record.

      Since Richter Baessler referred to the Criminal Code of the Federal Republic of Germany and did NOT refer to the Bible he made it very clear to me that he was claiming that this meeting was being held in the jurisdiction of the Federal Republic of Germany and NOT in the jurisdiction of the Bible and the “rules” that he was referring to were the rules of the Federal Republic of Germany and not the laws of what many people call “God”.

  2. No Evidence was presented by Frau Messerchmidt.
    When I refused to falsely confess that I had committed any sort of “crime” Richter Baessler invited the Customs Officer, Frau Messerschmid, to come in to the meeting. The first portion of the meeting was performed without Frau Messerschmid present.When I was offered the opportunity to ask Frau Messerschmid some questions I did so.From memory, the first question I asked was this. (Note: It is three years ago so I might be mistaken in the order of my questions and you can confirm the order of my questions from the transcript.)“Have you brought any evidence with you today that the legislation you say applies to me actually applies to me?”Since Frau Messerschmid was the person who detained me with the threat of deadly force and demanded money from me with the threat of deadly force on August 2011 it is only fair to ask her, in April 2012, 8 months later, if she has brought with her the evidence that proved that she had the RIGHT to detain me and the RIGHT to ask me for money while threatening me with deadly force.

    The threat of deadly force is established by the fact that Frau Messerschmid was wearing a gun and I was unarmed. This meant that I was at a deadly disadvantage and is simply a matter of intimidation. When someone has a gun you tend not to try and push them too hard. You let them be and then you ask them to prove their case when they are NOT ARMED.

    Since Frau Messerschmid was now in the court room and she was NOT ARMED it was the appropriate time to ask her if, GIVEN EIGHT MONTHS TO DO HER RESEARCH, she had brought with her some evidence that she had the RIGHT to detain me and had the RIGHT to demand money from me while threatening me with deadly force and incarceration.

    Very interestingly, and it is on the transcript, Richter Baessler did not allow Frau Messerschmid to answer that question. Clearly the reason being because she had brought no such evidence.

    Think about this.

    A woman was given A DEADLY WEAPON and put in to the public space in a uniform with a badge and given a position of DEADLY AUTHORITY.

    This woman then detained a man WITH THREAT OF DEADLY VIOLENCE and she detained him for THREE HOURS.

    This woman then demanded EUR300 WITH THE THREAT OF DEADLY VIOLENCE.

    And when this woman is NO LONGER ARMED and sitting in a court room with FOUR ARMED POLICED OFFICERS IN THE PUBLIC GALLERY and I am NOT ARMED and I have been BODILY SEARCHED, I ask her a question.


    Just think about that.



    And NONE of the 4 police officers sitting in the gallery found this not acceptable?


    Was that stupidity or was that collusion?

    You can answer that for yourself.

    I will say this.

    If FOUR police officers are SO STUPID that they miss this point they should be IMMEDIATELY DISARMED!! Then they should be fired or put on parking ticket patrol.


    I mean to say. If you are not of the mental capacity to know that in a court proceeding that the accuser is responsible for bringing evidence of their accusation to the court then you are not of the mental capacity to be given the responsibility of possession of a deadly weapon.

    What happened next was even MORE interesting.

    Richter Baessler said, and it is on the transcript and it was said in front of 12 people:

    “Frau Messerschmid does not need to bring any evidence that this legislation applies to you. This legislation applies to you because I say so.”

    Yes. A man claiming to be A JUDGE actually said “this applies to you because I say so” as opposed to, you know, PRESENTING SOME EVIDENCE!

    So when Richter Baessler said that my reply was along the lines.

    “Well, it does not matter what you say, it matters what you can prove. Now, do you have any evidence that this legislation applies to me?”

    Which, I would argue, IS A VERY FAIR QUESTION TO ASK!!

    Now that it is more than three years since this meeting I am a little confused as to the actual time line as the discussion went back and forth. I believe the next question I asked Frau Messerschmid was this.

    “On the day in question, can you explain to me how you believe the legislation of the Federal Republic Of Germany come to apply to me. How do you gain jurisdiction?”

    Her answer was along the lines.

    “When you come to my booth and you present your passport to me that is a request on your part to enter the Federal Republic of Germany. The Federal Republic of Germany has contracts and agreement with the Commonwealth of Australia. The presentation of your passport thereby invokes those contracts and that is how you become subject to our legislation.”

    And I then asked.

    “On the day in question did I tell you that there are no contracts between the Commonwealth of Australia and I because I have rescinded my consent to be governed?

    And her answer to that question was.

    “Yes, you told me that on the day.”

    So. Even though she was NOT under oath Frau Messerschmid answered honestly. I had, indeed, told her many times over that the legislation of the Commonwealth of Australia did not apply to me and, therefore, any contracts that were agreed between The Federal Republic of Germany and the Commonwealth of Australia could not possibly apply to me since no contracts between the Commonwealth of Australia apply to me.

    Now. I did not ask the question in the court meeting but we all know the answer.

    What would happen if I tried to walk past the booth of Frau Messerschmid and did not “volunteer” to show my passport?

    I would be attacked, assaulted, kidnapped and incarcerated. Well all know that.

    So the notion that presenting my passport invoked contracts is also false at law. The presentation of a passport at a border patrol crossing is NOT VOLUNTARY. Because if you do not VOLUNTEER you will be incarcerated and very possibly injured in the process.



  3. Richter Baessler deliberately lies and tries to deceive.
    By this time my angle of continually asking the question“Do you have any evidence this legislation applies to me”
    was disturbing Richter Baessler and he was searching for what to try next. I could see he was getting somewhat agitated because he now knew he had someone in his court room who actually knew the difference between law and legislation. Further, he had made the mistake of inviting FOUR POLICE OFFICERS in to the room who were witnessing his failure to actually present any evidence when asked for it.And while I am on the point.JUDGES DO NOT PRESENT EVIDENCE IN A COURT OF LAW.In a court of law there is actually no judge, there is a jury. Even so, in any sensible court it is the role of the judge to JUDGE THE EVIDENCE PRESENTED BEFORE THEM.

    If a judge starts INTRODUCING EVIDENCE it is a clear CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

    How can a judge rationally and reasonably and UNBIASEDLY judge EVIDENCE HE PRESENTED!?

    Despite the fact that presenting evidence himself would be an OBVIOUS CONFLICT OF INTEREST by this stage Richter Baessler was so desperate he tried a well known lie. A well known ploy.

    He opened up the “Criminal Code of the Federal Republic of Germany” and he read out a section that, in summary, said:

    “The Criminal Code of the Federal Republic of Germany applies to all Natural Persons in Germany.”

    He then turned to me and said

    “You are a Natural Person and therefore this legislation applies to you.”

    This was a HUGE MISTAKE on the part of Richter Baessler and in the end it will cost him his career as a judge. I had tried very hard to offer the hand of love and peace to Richter Baessler and ask him to treat me as his brother and to assist me simply live out my life in peace. But Richter Baessler rejected this offer of brotherly love and peace and decided to continue to act hostilely towards me.

    The “Natural Person” is a lie. A deception. This deception is well known to me. So my response rattled Richter Baessler a great deal. My response was.

    “I know what a Natural Person is and I can assure you I am not one of those. Now. Do you have any other evidence that the legislation you are talking about applies to me?”

    Richter Baessler, now a very unhappy camper, simply folded up the book he had read from and moved on. In doing so he admitted, in front of about 12 witnesses, that the “Natural Person” ploy was a lie, a deception, and that his attempt at the deception had not worked.

    If he BELIEVED the deception he had just tried he would have argued the point that I WAS a “Natural Person”. But because he accepted my rebuttal without question he knew that I knew what a “Natural Person” really is and he did NOT want me to “explain” that to him in front of witnesses in rebuttal.

    Again, the fact that FOUR POLICE OFFICERS saw a judge claim I was a Natural Person and on those grounds that I was subject to the legislation, and saw me simply say “I know that a Natural Person is and I can assure you I am not one of those” and for the judge to concede the point and put the book away and SAY AND DO NOTHING is extraordinary and a HUGE INDICTMENT of those police officers.

  4. When Lies And Deception Do Not Work? Try Collusion and Coercion.By this time Richter Baessler was getting very hot under the collar but hiding it pretty well from his audience. I was looking him in the eye and I could see from his eyes that he was very distressed by this point in time. It was about this point in time that he started avoiding eye contact with me because he knew he was defeated. He knew that there was no way he was going to be able to present any evidence that the legislation in question applied to me.Richter Baessler then made a few more very serious mistakes because they were so public and, remember, there are 12 witnesses to these actions including FOUR ARMED POLICE OFFICERS.Richter Baessler called a recess.In this recess he and the interpreter that I was using MET IN PRIVATE AND COLLUDED AND CONSPIRED.The very idea that a JUDGE would call a recess and hold a PRIVATE MEETING with the interpreter for the accused and COLLUDE AND CONSPIRE TO INTIMIDATE AND COERCE THE ACCUSED is about as big a mistake as a judge can make. Everyone saw the two of them go in to the side room together and emerge from the side room together.

    There is NO REASON why a JUDGE and the interpreter of the accused should COLLUDE AND CONSPIRE during the middle of a court meeting. But Richter Baessler did exactly that and 12 people or so saw him do it.

    After COLLUDING AND CONSPIRING with the interpreter Richter Baessler re-emerged from the side room and proceeded to attempt to intimidate me and coerce me in to falsely saying I was “guilty” of the “crime” of “overstaying an automatic 90 day residency visa by 10 days”.

    I refused to say I was guilty of any such crime on the basis that I had seen no evidence that the legislation in question applied to me and I repeatedly asked if Richter Baessler had any evidence that this legislation applied to me.

    Richter Baessler continued to press saying that all I had to do was to admit my crime, pay EUR800, and leave and all would be forgotten. The penalty for the “crime” was EUR800 which I could easily afford.

    I refused and said “Since I have seen no evidence that the legislation you are referring to applies to me I refuse to say I am guilty of any crime because I am not guilty of any crimes. Now. Do you have some evidence that this legislation you are talking about applies to me?”

    Of course, no such evidence exists or it would have been presented.

    Richter Baessler then turned to intimidation and coercion. This intimidation and coercion was ably assisted by the interpreter who also attempted to coerce me at this point in time. The reason for the side meeting becoming clear.

    Richter Baessler, rather than present evidence that the legislation in question applied to me, decided to threaten me with a fine of EUR16,000 or 20 days in jail should I not admit my “guilt”.

    When I said that to Herr Schmidt, the head of the Karlsruhe Jail, he was VISIBLY SHOCKED. The idea that a judge would increase a fine by TWENTY TIMES AND THREATEN 20 DAYS IN JAIL in the ABSENCE OF ANY EVIDENCE OF GUILT was the clear crime of extortion and Herr Schmidt was so shocked that as hard as he tried he could not hide his shock at my statement.

    Richter Baessler tried over and over again to threaten me and coerce me with a EUR16,000 fine or 20 days in jail.

    I told Richter Baessler “You can fine me all you like, I have no bank accounts in Germany so you are not able to steal money from me.”

    This only angered him more. By this time the police officers were VERY ANGRY that their “Authority figure” was being so soundly defeated in his own court. Sadly, NONE of the police officers noticed any of the CRIMES that Richter Baessler was committing. Namely “impersonating a public officer”, “extortion” and “coercion of a witness”.

    Well? You could argue there was no crime of “coercion of a witness” since it was not a court of law and I was not, technically, a witness. But clearly, a JUDGE threatening a TWENTY TIMES INCREASE of a fine and TWENTY DAYS IN JAIL because he is not able to present any evidence for his case is clearly a crime and that none of the FOUR police officers said anything is, simply, a disgrace on the Germany Police Force and brings in to question the honesty and integrity of ALL German Police Officers.

  5. When you are defeated? Just claim victory!
    So the interesting thing that Richter Baessler decided to do was, in the complete absence of any evidence presented that the legislation in question applied to me, he simply declared me “guilty”. This was obviously a criminal act that was witnessed by many people, including the 4 police officers.He issued a “fine” of EUR16,000 with an alternative of 20 days in jail.I replied with “I vacate your decision on the basis of lack of evidence”.He said “You can appeal to a higher court”.

    I said “I will not be appealing to a higher court because your court system is obviously criminal in nature”.

    He did not like that comment at all.

    So I stood there and looked him in the eye and waited for what he wished to say next.

    Even I was surprised when he said “You are free to go”. I had expected that the reason he had asked the FOUR ARMED COPS to come along was to grab me and deport me.

    As I walked past the cops they were FUMING! So I gave them a GREAT BIG SMILE and wished them a good day! LOL! Talk about walk out of a court with a resounding victory!

    Richter Baessler knew he was defeated. He knew that no evidence had been presented to him that would indicate that I was subject to the legislation in question. Further, he had a copy of the Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement I had created in 2009 that specifically forbid any action against me, the man, via the name MR. PETER ANDREW NOLAN.

    Richter Baessler knew he was committing a crime when he pronounced the guilty verdict. He knew. I knew it. And all the people in the audience with a brain knew it. It is just that no one was willing to say it.

    So. When all is lost? When you have been soundly defeated in your own courtroom? The only way out of that is to commit the crime of “finding” a false guilty verdict and declaring victory in the obvious face of defeat.

    Of course. It makes one wonder where Richter Baessler “found” this false guilty verdict. In the bottom of his cornflakes along with the other cheap toys that were used to incite children to nag their parents to buy cornflakes?! LOL!!


There is one other point I want to address from the court meeting. I had, of course, presented all my evidence to Richter Baessler in a package prior to the court meeting. I had explained my position to him, in German, translated by google, in great detail.

I told him that I was politically persecuted in two countries and that I was seeking sanctuary in Germany to simply live out my life here as a productive member of society. I pointed out my skills and my earnings and pointed out I could very much help german businesses or german government departments become very much more efficient. I even pointed out that I was willing to give a discounted rate to the german government for my services to help the german government to become more efficient so as to decrease the tax burden across the german people.

I wrote a very polite, very professional letter that he had with him during the meeting because I saw it on his table.

I also wrote to him that I reserve the right to carry any weapon I so choose and to use that weapon in any way that I see fit. At the court meeting Richter Baessler asked me the question:

“Why did you put in your letter to me that you reserve the right to carry any weapon you choose and use it any way you see fit?”

My response was “Because I know how to defend myself against an adversary that is a government.”

The meaning was clear. We did not have to say it in front of the audience. I reserve the right to kill those who try to violate my right to life, liberty and property.

So. I left the court meeting very pleased with my performance and very pleased that, failing Richter Baessler accepting the offer of the hand of peace and love, I had put him in to the position where he had to commit a crime in front of 12 or so witnesses, again, including FOUR police officers, in order to present his false guilty verdict.

Any witness from the meeting who is queried will report, under oath, that they saw no evidence presented that the legislation in question applies to me.

If anyone reading or listening to this wishes to confirm this for themselves? I would recommend you contact Frau Messerschmid directly and ask her to respond, under oath and penalty of perjury to this question.

“On the day of the court meeting did you see for yourself any evidence that the legislation in question applied to the man Peter-Andrew: Nolan©? And if so? Please provide me with a copy of that evidence. I would like to see it for myself.”

Of course, if any such evidence WAS presented it should be an exercise in triviality for Frau Messerschmid to scan it and email it to anyone who asks her for that evidence. But since no such evidence was presented? Frau Messerschmid will probably refuse to answer any such questions no matter who they come from.

You can contact Frau Messerschmid on this paper mail address.

Frau Messerschmid
Bundespoliziinspektion Flughafen Stuttgart
Flughafenstrasse 34
70629 Stuttgart
Telefon: +49 711 78781 0
Fax: +49 711 7 87 81 2099


The Interim Period.

Now. Once the court case was over numerous people in the German court system wrote letters to me claiming that I owed this fictitious EUR16,000. I send them ALL a full copy of my documents to date and pointed out that the finding of Richter Baessler of “guilty” was false and deliberately so. I pointed out that they are welcome to order the court transcript and read it for themselves should they have any doubt as to the truth of what I was saying.

The German people should be VERY disturbed that even though such correspondence went all the way up to Angela Merkel and Hans-Peter Freiderick, who was the head of the german police at the time, no one took the time to read the court transcript and determine that I was telling the truth. All these VERY HIGHLY PAID PUBLIC SERVANTS continued to play the fantasy pantomime that there was some evidence that this legislation applied to me.

Those people who are tax payers in Germany should be VERY concerned that their taxes are being used to commit such crimes because by the act of paying for these crimes to be committed by their servants the tax payers are responsible and liable for damages for crimes their servants commit. Running the courts and jails is a DELEGATED task from tax payers to PUBLIC SERVANTS and as such any crime committed by such a public servant in the name of the people places the people in a position of liability for the crimes.

The guilty verdict and paperwork that it was mailed to me clearly states “In the name of the people”. Well? The people had better take notice what is being done in their name because THEY ARE LIABLE. And my fee for incarceration is 500 ounces of gold PER HOUR. A fee which was made clear to Richter Baessler and many other people in my many letters to them where I included my fee for unlawful incarceration.

Since I was incarcerated unlawfully for 18 and a bit days my fee for that 18 days against the german people is 500 x 24 ounces of gold x 18 days meaning 216,000 ounces of gold. This can be converted to the equivalent in Euros should I choose to accept Euros instead of gold. And with the current state of the Euro I am not at all sure I should accept Euros.

This means the German taxpayers now owe me 216,000 ounces of gold which, today, 2015-08-28, with the price of gold at almost exactly EUR1,000 per ounce, means that the liability against the German tax payer worth approximately EUR216,000,000.


And the really good thing about this is that the german tax payers actually have that sort of money available to pay me my compensation for the crimes their servants committed in their names. Sure, I will accept EUR200,000,000 as compensation. But why would I accept any less?

So. As I said. I spent the next 2.5 years receiving and replying to letters from any number of people in the Germany judicial system explaining my position over and over again, in writing, very professionally, very politely,  that the guilty verdict was false and a crime and that the evidence for this was in the transcript.


The Assault, Arrest, Kidnapping, and Unlawful Incarceration.


Despite the fact that I wrote letter after letter asking to be given the appropriate paperwork so that no agent of the Federal Republic of Germany would mistakenly assault me.

Despite the fact that I stated, all the way up to Angela Merkel, time and time again that a judge had made a clear false guilty verdict and the evidence for this crime was on the transcript and witnessed by about 12 people including FOUR POLICE OFFICERS.

These criminals ignored the evidence and pressed on with their letters. No one stopped to read the transcript. No one presented any evidence that the legislation in question, that was applied to me in August 2011 against my clearly expressed non consent, applied to me.

One fine night, October 8th 2014, I had been to the gym to run for an hour. I had just gotten back from the Gym and I was still in my sweaty running gear. Obviously I wear old T shirts when I run as they have to go right in to the washing machine when I get home. As a man of 50 and over weight of what I should be and with an issue of higher than normal body temperature I sweat a lot when I run. Call me human!

There was a ring at my doorbell from my front door, not the front door of my building. You can tell this because when the door bell at my door is pressed the red light on my intercom does not come on. I thought that since the doorbell was being rung from next to my door that the person on the other side of the door must be someone from my building.

So it was with some surprise that when I opened my door two police officers charged in to my house without so much as a by your leave. They did not ask my permission to come in to my house. They just charged in like nazi brown shirts.

The very fact that police, in Germany, in 2014, would feel that they can charge in to a mans house like nazi brownshirts should be VERY troubling to German taxpayers who are paying these men to do this.

Both men refused to give their name and refused to provide any identification as to who they were. I had no guarantee they were police and not common thieves trying to assault me and steal from me and as such I was well within my rights to kill them where they stood should I have so chosen. This was a home invasion by a superior force with no identification as to who they were. Anyone can acquire the trinkets these men presented as their “identification”.

The fact that Police in Germany feel they can do all this WITHOUT PROVIDING THEIR NAMES should strike fear in to the heart of every German tax payer. You have had an experience of police claiming they can barge in to your homes and assault you without revealing who they are in the 30s and 40s. It staggered me that these men felt they could do this, but that is how bad things are in the German Police force today.

These were two officers who spoke poor English. They kept waving a piece of paper at me saying I must pay them EUR16,000 now or they will take me to jail for 20 days. Remember. I had NO EVIDENCE these men were REAL police all through this process. Just trinkets anyone can acquire.

I told the senior officer that I considered his presence in my house a home invasion and a very serious crime. I told him he was mistaken and that the so called guilty verdict was false and criminal. I told him that if he wanted me to come to his office in the morning and for him to have an interpreter there I would explain everything and bring my printed paperwork with me to prove that I was telling the truth and that the piece of paper he was waving at me had no basis in law and was the result of a criminal act.

I was quite calm and clear to the senior officer that I would not tolerate this home invasion and that I intended to ensure he was brought to justice over it.

He shouted at me and was highly verbally abusive. Not the sort of behaviour that normal police officer would engage in unless there is something VERY wrong in the German Police today, which I believe there is by all the evidence that follows.

He then started trying to push me around physically. This too is something completely unacceptable from a German Police officer. Assaulting a man in his own home. He kept waving the piece of paper in front of me saying “This piece of paper says that you must pay me EUR16,000 or spend 20 days in jail!”

Now. I did not say this at the time because it would only inflame the situation. But not 70 years ago in Germany men waved pieces of paper around and said “This piece of paper says I can put you in a gas chamber and gas you to death”.

Just 70 years ago German men waved pieces of paper around and said “This piece of paper says I can put you up against a wall and shoot you!”

Here is question for you dear reader or listener.

During the holocaust? Did having a piece of paper that said the German man could MURDER people make it LAWFUL?

I am pretty confident that any German man who answers that question in his heart answers it with:

“No, having a piece of paper that tells me I can murder someone does not make the murder lawful.”

So I would like to ask you, dear reader, if you are a German man, why do you allow your servants, German Police Officers, men you pay, to invade a mans house and wave a piece of paper in his face and justify his crime based merely on a piece of paper and NOT based on LAW?

Why do you German men allow this?

And surely, the experience of the 1930s tells you where allowing your police officers to do this ends up! Or have you German men learned nothing from your experience of the 1930s? Does it mean nothing to you that it is a world wide saying “Show me your papers” because in Germany in the 1930s the National Socialists instituted random “check points” to “verify people had the right papers”.

Surely, after the experience of the National Socialists, after the experience of WW 2, after the experience of the Holocaust, after the experience of the Nuremberg Trials.


No German Man believes “I have a piece of paper that says I can do this” is sufficient justification to commit a crime.


Surely German men have not forgotten so quickly that ANYTHING can be written down on a piece of paper by an “Authority figure” and just because an “Authority figure” writes something down on a piece of paper it does NOT bestow the RIGHT to do what is written on the piece of paper.


Or have you forgotten already?

Have you forgotten the tragedy that your nation was led in to by the National Socialists and their leftist, socialist, policies that curtailed the freedom of the individual and claimed that the cause of the state was greater than the cause of individual freedom?

Have you forgotten already where that path leads to?

So, more than anything else, I was very surprised that a man claiming to be a senior police officer was waving a piece of paper at me, screaming and shouting, and pushing me around telling me that this piece of paper some how bestowed on him the right to do what the piece of paper said.

I guess this is what the Jews were up against in Germany in the 1930s. My situation must have been the same as many hundreds of thousands of Jews in the 30s and 40s as German men barged through their door in to their homes and screamed at them and pushed them around and said “this piece of paper bestows on me the right to do this.”

All through my unlawful incarceration the same comment was repeated like a mantra. “This piece of paper says I can do what I am doing, so I can do what I am doing.” Not once did anyone say “You have been found guilty by due process of law and what I am doing I am doing because it is the due process of law.”

No. No one. In my 19 days in unlawful incarceration, no one actually claimed that I was incarcerated as a result of the due process of law.

As the home invasion continued I made it clear to the now hostile and abusive senior officer that I was not about to go anywhere with him in the middle of the night. I explained to him that I had just returned from the gym and that I was hot and sweaty and I was not going anywhere before I had a shower and changed my clothes.

I told him I was perfectly willing to come and meet him at his office in the morning with an interpreter present because the concepts and ideas to be communicated are complex and beyond my ability in german.

He was unwilling to accept my word that I was willing to come to his office.

So I then said to him.

“You have a mobile phone. If you will call your office and have an interpreter brought to your office I will have a shower and change my clothes and I will come to your office with all my paperwork and I will explain the situation to any interpreter that you are willing to have interpret what I have to say. I have full documentation I can copy to a disk and bring with me.

You can wait outside my door for me to have my shower. I will not accept you in my house while I shower because you might steal from me.”

This offer was rejected.

The officer kept screaming at me and pushing me around in my own home. He then started threatening violence and force against me even though I had kept calm and made many counter offers. He was obviously trying to provoke me in to hitting him so he could claim assault.

I knew perfectly well that the screaming and the pushing were intended to provoke me in to violence to create the excuse of violently assaulting me. I know how evil and criminal cops are all over the world and this man was clearly very criminal and very evil.

Having rejected both my offers to come to his office in the morning, or even now, in the middle of the evening, once showered and cleaned up from my jogging, the senior officer started screaming about “If you do not pay me now I will call regular police and we will drag you off to jail for 20 days.”

I responded with “If you attempt to unlawfully incarcerate me I will consider that an act of war for which I will have lawful right to kill your wife and your children.”

I said it right to his face and looking him right in the eye so he knew I was serious.

He started screaming about “You can not threaten my wife and my children.”

I replied. “I did not threaten your wife and your children. I told you that if you commit an act of war against me that this act of war gives me the right to kill your wife and your children in retaliation for your act of war. I would have thought you Germans knew and understood the consequences of committing acts of war against any man. You can always choose not to commit an act of war against me.”

At this explanation the senior officer screamed and shouted and pushed me around the room some more. I told him.

“I understand you are assaulting me and screaming at me in order to try and provoke me in to violence. It is not going to work. I have plenty of time to deal with you later. You can do all you like now. But I can find out who you are. I can find out where you live. And I can deal with you at any time in the future I please. And I will do so where you do not have someone else standing next to you to back up your lies and to handle your violence.

I can assure you, I know how to defend myself and my rights.”

But this time he was near apoplectic and decided to call in two regular uniformed police officers.

When the uniformed police officers arrived I told them that these two men were criminals invading my home. I told them that I have offered to go to their office and talk to an interpreter just as soon as I have a shower and clean up. I told them I have offered to go to the office of the gentlemen in the morning to talk to an interpreter to explain the situation to them.

The two uniformed police officers were VERY SHOCKED and their shock was visible. I was very calm and polite explaining these things to them. I said to the two uniformed officers:

“I have all the evidence for what I say on my computer right here. I can copy that evidence on to a disk and I can bring it with me to the office of these gentlemen. I want to have a shower and clean up and bring with me all the documentation necessary to prove what I am saying is true.”

At this the two uniformed officers started backing away from me. They could see that I was no threat to anyone. They could see that I had made a very reasonable offer. To have a shower from my running at the gym, to copy all the documentation I have, and to bring it to an interpreter at their office. The confusion on the faces of the two lads was PLAINLY EVIDENT. They did not want a bar of this conversation and it showed.

However, the senior officer must have made some signal that I did not see and the two junior uniformed officers then attacked me and assaulted me. They upended me over my couch so that I was upside down and they cuffed me in this upside down position. When they stood me back up I said to them.

“Really, you make a crime against a 50 year old man? Does this make you feel good?”

The two junior officers looked to the senior officer to get direction. Clearly they were VERY uncomfortable with what they were doing. They would claim “I was just following orders”. Well? So were the German men who threw jews in gas ovens.

The two junior officers SHOULD have said:

“This man said he will shower and accompany you to your office with all his paperwork. You and us will go outside and make sure he does not run away.

But we are not going to assault and arrest a man who is telling us that he will quite willingly come to your office and bring all his paperwork and explain that he is the victim of a crime. If this man is proposing that he explain this situation to you at your office with an interpreter? We will not assault him. We will not arrest him. ”

THAT is what the two young uniformed officers SHOULD have done.

Bu they didn’t. They “followed orders” of a criminal and evil man who was putting on a good face for them. These two lads did not see this man screaming at me and shouting at me and pushing me around my own home trying to provoke me in to hitting him. If they had seen that they would have known who the real criminal in the room was.

Anyway. Now the cops had cuffed me and made the cuffs exceedingly tight.

I said to the senior officer.

“Oh, congratulations. You can get a couple of young thugs to do your dirty work for you. You must feel so good about yourself.”

I asked for the blinds to be pulled down over my windows so that my computer gear would be protected from the afternoon sun. The senior officer said no, he would not do that. Shows you what a scumbag he was. He wanted my computer equipment damaged by the sun.

It was all I could do to convince them to lock my windows and doors so that no one could come in to my house and steal anything while I was away. The very fact that the senior officer was asked, point blank, to see that the blinds were brought down to protect my computer equipment and that he refused to do so tells you, dear reader, exactly the mind of this man.

This man wanted to cause me financial loss because “I have a piece of paper”.

The cops then put me in their car with my hands cuffed behind my back. Obviously the cuffs bit deeply in to my skin. There was quite serious bruising the next day.

They took me to a police station to type up some paperwork. On the way there the junior officer said “We have seen what you wrote on the internet. People like you are trouble where ever you are.”

I replied, “Really, you have read what I have written, and how might you have done that with your very low level of English? How would you possibly understand what I have written?”

The only reply was “People like you cause trouble.”

And I said “Yes. People like me cause trouble for criminals in governments. That is what we are supposed to do. When we see criminals we are supposed to bring them to justice. You are police officers. Is it not your job to find criminals and bring them to justice? That is what I am doing and I am not being paid. Why are you not doing what you are being paid to do?”

They were not happy with that comment!

They asked me if I wanted to notify anyone. So I gave the email address of a colleague who was overseas at the time and I dictated an email to my colleague merely to let him know I was going to be in jail and that he should go to my house and close the blinds where the computers were.

The police then drove me to the jail. I objected to the hand cuffs again. I said to the senior officer.

“What do you think I am going to do? Run away? I am 50 years old. How far do you think I can run before you shoot me in the back. And it is clear you would shoot me in the back. No. I am not running anywhere. You are committing a crime and you will pay for this crime.”

We finally arrived at the jail. When I got out of the car I said words to the effect.

I will give you one last chance. If you apologise to me now, return me to my home, I will come to your office in the morning and I will bring my paperwork and I will explain the situation to an interpreter. I will not bring justice to you if we are all friends and you return me to my home right now.

But if you take me and put me in that jail? I give my word that I will bring justice to you both.

Now. Make your own choice as to what you will do.”

They decided to take me in to the jail and put me in jail.


My Time In Jail.

Perhaps one day I will detail more my time in jail. For the purpose of this open letter to the German people I will keep it more brief.

Firstly. I was given no fresh clothes despite the fact that there were plenty of fresh cloths available in the prison hamper.

I was given a towel and a few small bars of soap etc and I was put in to a cell. Since I was still in my jogging shorts and shirt and had only my slippers on my feet I had to wash as best I could in the small bathroom and wash out my shirt and shorts to make them as clean as possible to wear the next day.

I spent 8 days in that shirt and jogging shorts. I was not given any fresh cloths until AFTER my meeting with the head of the jail Herr Schmidt.

After 8 days I was finally granted a meeting with the head of the jail. I had, of course, asked in writing to meet with the head of the jail immediately on arriving. He was now the man responsible for my unlawful incarceration and so it was only fair and reasonable that he listen to what I had to say. I wrote him a small internal memo that said that he was in a great deal of trouble because I was innocent and that my fee per hour was 500 ounces of gold and the fee was stacking up. I said on the letter that it was in his best interests to meet with me and hear what I have to say.

So. As I said. After 8 days he agreed to meet me. By this time I was in quite ill health. This is because I have a stomach condition that is a long term condition that takes some special care. I was not able to give my stomach the care it needed in the jail cell. Such care as the right food. The right medicine. And exercise.

When I met Herr Schmidt one of the first things he inquired about was why I was wearing such flimsy clothing obviously ill suited to being in prison.

I told him that I had asked his staff many times to be able to go to the hamper and select some clothes to wear but that his staff had denied my every request. I told him I had also asked for stamps, paper, and envelopes so that I could write letters. I had the money to pay for them in my wallet when I was assaulted and kidnapped, but his staff would not sell me the paper, stamps and envelopes I had offered to buy.

I told him that the police had invaded my home and assaulted me and kidnapped me in the cloths I stood in rather than allow me to shower and change my clothes. He was very concerned at these revelations as to how I had been treated.

He was also clearly impressed and surprised at my speech and my demeanour. It was obvious to him that I was not some criminal who had overstayed a visa. It was obvious to him I was an articulate and educated man even if my German was poor.

I also explained to him that I had been in my cell for 8 days without being able to go out because it was too cold out for my jogging cloths. I also explained to him that I had asked to rent a TV, which cost EUR20 per month, and that I was denied the rental of a TV.

I explain to him I had been sitting in a small cell for 8 days with no paper to write with, no TV to watch, and no warm cloths. I asked him if this was his wish as the head of the jail. He said no. This was not how he wished I would be treated. I just nodded at him and he signalled to the officer beside him which was clearly a signal to “get this man what he needs when he goes back to his cell”.

I then also pointed out that it is quite boring sitting in a jail cell and that I really would like to do something useful with my time like write something down. I was never given any paper and I ended up writing down most of what I wrote in jail on toilet paper and smuggling it out when I was released.

The head of the jail was VERY shocked as I calmly and clearly enumerated how his staff had treated me. He was not very pleased with that at all.

I then went on to point out that Richter Baessler was a criminal who had made a deliberate false guilty verdict. I explained that I had been writing to Angela Merkel and her staff for 4 years to obtain sanctuary because I had exposed criminals in the Irish and Australian governments. I explained that I attended a court meeting with Richter Baessler at his invitation to make my case. I explained that rather than help me as he was asked that he increased the fine from EUR800 to EUR16,000 and threatened me with 20 days in jail if I did not admit I committed a crime.

Herr Schmidt was VISIBLY SHAKEN when I said that Richter Baessler had increased the fine from EUR800 to EUR16,000 for the “crime” of deliberately overstaying an automatic visa for the very purposes of forcing a court meeting. I saw this reaction and said “Yes, the judge threatened me with jail in order to cause me fear so that I would do as he says. That is a crime.”

Herr Schmidt then said “Even if what you say is true, there is no procedure by which I can free you. You have to stay here for your 19 days and then I will release you.”

And I asked him. “Does it not strike you as strange that there is no procedure in place such that a man who has been the victim of a criminal false guilty decision by a judge can be released while that false guilty claim is investigated?”

He was VERY surprised at my question and thought better and did not answer it. I could see his surprise. So I continued on and said.

“Do you not think that as the head of a jail, and all the other men in your position, that you should have some procedure such that if a man like me comes to you and says he is the victim of a false guilty verdict by a judge that this procedure could be invoked to free the man while the false guilty verdict is investigated? Especially a man like me who is well known for exposing criminals in governments?”

He nodded and conceded that German jailers should have some procedure available to them to do that.

I then asked the money question. I asked him.

“When I get out and I can prove that my incarceration is a crime, do you think I should be paid some money for the time that I have been put in jail?”

His answer was “Naturally”.

So after I got out of the jail I sent Herr Schmidt the Indemnity Hold Harmless Agreement that PROVED that I had rescinded all contracts with the Commonwealth of Australia and therefore no legislation from the Federal Republic of Germany could apply to me.

Herr Schmidt did not answer me.

As the head of a jail? There is really nowhere he can run and hide from his community.

Herr Schmidt treated me with respect in our meeting and I wish him no harm. In this whole exercise he was the only person who treated me with the respect I have earned across my lifetime. I have told him that I will not punish him for his part in the crimes against me simply because he treated me with respect.

An interesting aside. When I was moved from my first cell to be in another cell with three Arabic guys they were out of tobacco. So I asked to buy tobacco for my colleagues. This was agreed. It was about EUR20 or so to buy some tobacco for my new cell mates.

As I was completing the transaction and signing the forms the young German man who was doing it asked me.

“These men are arabs. Why are you buying them tobacco?”

I answered.

“Because they do not have any and because I can. We are all brothers. But many of us do not behave so.”

He looked at me for a bit and said

“You are a good man.”

And I said.

“Yes. I am a good man. And currently I am being jailed as a political prisoner because I have exposed criminals in governments.”

He just hung his head. He knew, in that exchange, that I was an honest man of honour and integrity and that he was playing a part in jailing such a man. He was ashamed of what he was doing and I could see that. Bad luck for him.

Later on one of the racist jailers said to me

“I heard you bought tobacco for the arabs.” I said Yes.

He said “You are a very stupid man, you will not see your tobacco again.”

I said “Well I do not smoke so I do not wish to see that tobacco. I gave it to them as a gift. I expect nothing back.”

He was visibly put out by my being willing to buy as little as some tobacco for my cell mates as a gift. He was a very racist man. It does take all sorts to make up the world but it is likely a good idea not to hire racist bigots as jailers. They tend to be abusive of the people they hate when given a bit of “authority”.

Another interesting incident was with the prison doctor. When she checked me she said I had high blood pressure. This would be no surprise to me. She offered to prescribe some medicine for me. I said no. She asked me why.

I said “Because I do not trust you and I will not take any medicine from you that I do not read the label of and understand exactly what it is.”

She was very surprised and asked me why I did not trust her since I never met her before.

I said “I do not trust you because you are willingly a part of a criminal enterprise. The government of germany is a criminal enterprise all the way up to Angela Merkel and I have proven this. That you are a part of that makes me not trust you. Now you know you are part of a criminal enterprise you can tell other people or you can just take your money and remain quiet. But you can never forget that you are part of a criminal enterprise.”

I also told her I was a political prisoner and I was there because I was exposing criminals in governments.

She looked very put out with what I told her but did not respond to my statements. It was an interesting interaction that a doctor can be told she is part of a criminal enterprise and not have any curiosity as to how exactly.

The responses that I got each time was very much along the lines of “I do not want to know anything that you are talking about. I want to stick my head in the sand and not be told what is going on.”

I guess this is also exactly what was happening in Germany in the 30s. I don’t know. I was not there. But it is a bit unnerving to see so many people who RUN A JAIL told that I am a political prisoner and that I am here based on a crime by a judge and for them to just shrug and say “well that has nothing to do with me” even though they are the people UNLAWFULLY KEEPING ME IN A CAGE! LOL!!

Apparently, unlawfully keeping me in a cage is nothing to do with them as long as they have a piece of paper telling them that this is ok. The parallels between what happened to me in Germany in 2014 and what I read in my history books about Germany in the 1930s and 1940s are quite unnerving. That German men AND WOMEN are willing to repeat behaviours where they SAW that what it lead to was tyranny and then war was really quite amazing.


Release and Publication of Unlawful Jailing.

Of course after 19 days I was released. I slept for a couple of days and went jogging a few times to help fix up my stomach. I then made the following 2 hour video.

In this video I named names of the criminals involved in my unlawful incarceration. I also send letters to all the people on the list above which included the Indemnity Hold Harmless Agreement that PROVES my innocence.

Of course, in a court of law the burden of proof is on the accuser to prove their claim. The burden of proof is never on the accused to prove their innocence. The very fact that no evidence was ever presented in the court meeting that would remotely suggest that the legislation in question applied to me is proof positive that I was innocent. Because I can not possibly be guilty of ANYTHING absent any evidence.

Even so, I sent the Indemnity Hold Harmless Agreement to all parties to PROVE that I was innocent.

The response was that there was no response. This should also be VERY concerning for German men.

Because it shows that today, in Germany, just like the 1930s, a man can PROVE that he was criminally victimised by the agents of the German government and provide that proof to none less than the CHANCELLOR AND HEAD OF THE FEDERAL POLICE and nothing will be done about it.

Simply put. Angela Merkel and Herr Karl Ernst Thomas de Maizière are criminals who know and understand that the legal system in Germany is criminal in nature, and know and understand that my specific case includes a criminal false verdict and they will do nothing about this.

Since the delegated PUBLIC SERVANTS, which is what Angela Merkel and Karl Ernst Thomas de Maizière are, are not doing the JOB THEY ARE PAID  TO DO then it is up to German men to take back the delegated responsibility of ensuring the due process of law and to form their own courts and own juries and to hear cases themselves. It is clear that Angela Merkel and Karl Ernst Thomas de Maizière can not be allowed to continue to be delegated the responsibility to run the German Judicial System because when presented with the proof of a blatant crime by a judge they ignore it.

Angela Merkel and Karl Ernst Thomas de Maizière have created a very large debt on behalf of their masters, the German Tax payers, to me. And that debt simply increases over time. German men would be well advised to decide for themselves if they are going to institute their own courts. If German men are not willing to institute their own courts then they are betraying the future of their children.

It is as simple as that.


Further Harassment And Threats Of Violence, Kidnapping and Incarceration.

Now. Just two weeks ago yet more criminals masquerading as “police” came to my door and harassed me and threatened me with violence, assault, kidnapping and incarceration. You would think these guys would get the message by now.

They are the criminals and I am the honest man of honour and integrity.

A full discussion of this latest round of harassment and threats of violence and kidnapping is included in this hour long video.


Discussing the Future

Now. Where does this leave me?

It is clear to me that the German people are only too happy for me to live on their land. As a man whose mother was 100% German stock I would have thought that I would be relatively welcome. Especially since I have German features and blend in quite well.

When I was young and my mother took me through the family photographs she told me that her grand parents were named Kassel, Boehm and Schultz. She did tell me the 4th family name but it is 40 years ago and I do not recall. She told me the Kassels changed their name to Castle during WW I when there was a very high anti-german sentiment in Australia.

Her mother, Ella Castle, my grand mother on my mothers side, was born in Australia in 1910 I was told. You know how women are about their ages! My mother reported to me that her grand mother Castle spoke no English at all even after all these years of living in Australia. She told me that when she visited her grand mother her mother or her grand father had to translate what she said in to German as my mother never learned German.

As far as I know all 4 grand parents of my mother were born in Germany and relocated to Australia around 1900 due to some sort of persecution or search for a better life. This was three generations before me so I really do not know the circumstances of my great grand parents situation as young people around 1900. That is now 115 years ago. I gather that their reasons for coming to Australia where not good as it was not a topic to be discussed by anyone.

There is a very well established precedent that those who are returning to the lands of their ancestors have every right to do so. Almost every government in the world respects the right of those with heritage from their country, especially where their ancestors were persecuted in to leaving, have every right to return and to assimilate in to the society of their ancestors and to live their life in peace without attacks from the government of the day.

Sadly, neither the Irish Government or the German Government seems willing to observe this very long established right in my case. A man whose mother was 100% German and whose father was 100% Irish. Both the Irish and German governments have gone out of their way to persecute me merely because I have exposed the criminality of the legal systems in Ireland and Australia. And, with this post, I am exposing the criminality of the German legal system.

Because I have been criminally victimised for so long it is clear I have been unable to engage in my normal profession. A profession that was very lucrative because it was such a difficult and demanding profession. The various governments involved, and the tax payers that pay for them, have also built up a liability to pay me for all the time I have spent seeking justice for the crimes committed against me. This is another substantial sum today.

Even so. It is clear that the German Government, despite the willingness of German people to welcome me to my ancestral homeland, is determined to criminally victimise me, harass me and threaten me with violence, kidnapping and unlawful incarceration.

So I am planning to leave the land known as Germany and to settle where I am more welcome by those who hold delegated positions of service in government. I will move to a place where the government is FAR MORE HONEST and the members of the government are FAR MORE HONEST that those criminals in the governments of Australia, Ireland, UK and Germany.

When this last lot of criminal police were here and I told the woman that I have plans to leave Germany within the next couple of months she was much more pleasant in her demeanour. I told her that she could cause all the trouble for me that she liked, but since I was planning to leave Germany inside a few months it would seem pointless to do so.

I told her that the German Government had made it clear to me that I was not welcome in my ancestral homeland, that they are criminals and would not observe the bible or the Geneva Conventions on claims of Political Asylum. So I planned to go elsewhere. This seemed to make her much happier. Good for her!

The web address of this open letter will be mailed to all the people in the list at the top. They will have a chance to come here and see it. I will create a german version just through google translate. If anyone who reads this wishes to convert it to proper german they are welcome to do so and email me the proper version at

In my opinion, this post marks a sad moment in the long history of the German people.


Not that long ago the German people suffered the rise to power of the National Socialists. The National Socialists, seemingly “good” at first, put the state above the individual and created the notion that the individual is there to serve the state, not the other way around.

In history, every time the “King”, no matter what his title, convinces people that they should serve him above serving their own interests that ALWAYS ends in warfare.

In 1939-45 the world saw the largest conflict it has ever seen. The misery and suffering was endless. There is plenty of blame to go around. But there is one thing that stands out over all else about ALL the countries who were involved in that heinous conflict.

In ALL countries the call was “Put the needs of your KING before your own needs.”

It does not matter if the “King” was called a “Queen” or an “Emperor” or “President” or “Chancellor”.

All around the world the clarion cry to men was “Your country needs you to fight and die”.

WW 2 would never have happened if men treated ALL MEN as their brothers. WW 2 would never have happened if ALL MEN said “Hell no, I am not going to go traipsing all over the world merely to kill other men just like me.”

WW 2 was not caused just by a few “evil leaders” or “evil conspirators”. WW 2, in the end, could only be conducted with the willing participation of more than 100 million men who CHOSE to bear arms. Of course, some had a little more “choice” than others with millions of Russian and German men being conscripted without much other option.

From my reading of the history books the conscription of German and Russian men was the most obvious and most forced of the conscriptions of the major nations in that conflict.

At the end of the day. The reason WW 2 happened was men were willing to accept a piece of paper with some garbage written on it called an “order” and go out and do what that piece of paper said.

Whether it was German men killing jews or American men dropping atomic bombs or Japanese men working Australian men to death or Russian men executing prisoners of war.

The recipe was the same.

Virtually every single atrocity in WW 2 was justified on the basis of “I have a piece of paper that tells me that I can do what I am doing.”

So you can see my sadness when I share with you, right here in my house, there came two German men, one of whom screamed at me and yelled at me and waved in my face a piece of paper and said

“I have a piece of paper that says I can do what I am doing.”

And when I was locked in cage with no clean clothes. No access to my proper food. No access to my proper medicine. I had German men waving in front of me a piece of paper saying:

“I have a piece of paper that says I can do what I am doing.”

These men did not treat me as their brother. These men treated me as an animal to be tormented.

Sad for them that they should do this because that is exactly what they will be teaching their sons to do.

And yet. When I am released and I PROVE that what was written on that piece of paper was a lie and false?

NONE of these men are MAN ENOUGH to admit their mistake and make remedy for their crimes. They just try and hide themselves.

Well? Herr Schmidt knows who the four men who came in to my house and assaulted me were.

So I call on Herr Schmidt, head of the Jail in which I incarcerated in Karlsruhe,  here, publicly, NAME THESE MEN so that they can stand trial for their crimes of home invasion, assault, kidnapping and unlawful incarceration.

I call on Herr Schmidt, head of Karlsruhe Jail.

I ask you Herr Schmidt.

Think of the children of your land.

Think what will be the inevitable conclusion if you, as the only honest man of honour and integrity in this mess, as the only man who treated me with the respect I have earned across my lifetime, think what will happen if you do not stand up and say.

“Just because you men had a piece of paper it does NOT MEAN you can bring a man to me to lock up!

You have to make sure your follow the due process of law!!

And if you do not YOU will be the next man locked up in my jail and I will be HAPPY TO DO SO.

I will not tolerate criminals in the police and the judiciary putting innocent men in MY JAIL!

I call on all my fellow heads of jails to take the following position.

Criminals in the police and the judiciary must be harshly dealt with in our jails because of the important role and serious responsibility they ASK to be given!

We. The heads of the Jails will, from this day forth, exercise great due diligence and great oversight and detailed inspection of people sent to us to be jailed because our peers in the judiciary and the police have proven that they are not willing to ensure their own proper conduct!

This has been proven to my satisfaction and I call on all my peers to join me to keenly review ALL cases where an individual makes a claim that he has been unlawfully found guilty.”

I certainly hope the men who run the jails in Germany are willing to exercise due diligence and oversight of the men sent to them to jail. Because we all know that the judiciary are not providing such due diligence and oversight.

If not even a man like Herr Schmidt will stand up to the criminals in the government, and judiciary, and police who send men to Herr Schdmidt to be put in cages? I fear that the people who will soon be getting sent to Herr Schmidt and his colleagues are exactly the same as the men being sent to his colleagues in Australia, Ireland, UK and USA.

The men who are pointing out the criminality of the government.

If, at the end of the day, the jailers will not refuse the order to jail an innocent man, descent in to another major war is inevitable.


Because criminals run our governments now. And they are using the liars in the judiciary and the liars in the police to falsely jail those who are exposing their crimes. The members of the judiciary and police the world over have been asked to cease and desist. They refuse to.

And so the last line of defence against tyranny. The last people who may save the west from another horrific conflict, are the jailers. The men who actually lock up the men falsely found guilty.

If the jailers refuse to lock these men up? There may be some very small hope of avoiding another large conflict.

It is clear to anyone with eyes to see that another large conflict is a very distinct possibility today. Every newspaper in the west is full of fear mongering, news of economic strife, news of wars, news of terrorism, news of social unrest. There are protests all around the world. New legislation like the “you can not criticise the government” legislation in Spain would be laughable if they were not so serious.

So. Here in Germany. My case has proven that even when it is clear a man has been criminally victimised for exposing criminals in foreign governments, criminally victimised for exposing criminals in the german judicial and policing system, that man will get no path to justice in Germany in 2015.

And it is only the jailers. The men like Herr Schmidt and his peers. These men are the last, best hope for Germany to avoid sliding in to a new tyranny and being dragged, ever so slowly, in to another possible major conflict.

It is my hope Herr Schmidt and his fellow jailers are up to the task.

It is my hope that the average German man who reads this is up to the task.

It is my hope that the devastation of WW I and WW 2 is not visited on the children of Germany again.

But it is NOT my job to work toward that.

My job is to secure the rights of the children of the lands of Australia and Ireland. I asked Angela Merkel to assist me in this huge undertaking by the simplest of means. A letter to her staff to instruct them to give me the paperwork needed so that none of her staff mistakenly, and criminally, attack me, assault me, kidnap me and incarcerate me.

This was too much for me to ask from Angela Merkel and she has denied my request for this paper work for more than 5 years. And then she sends, in to my house, more criminal thugs to accuse me of “you do not have the right papers” despite the fact I have been asking professionally, politely, and in writing, for said papers for MORE THAN FIVE YEARS.

I will leave Germany, the land of my ancestors, a land I have come to call home, a land that has seen so much devastation and suffering over the last 100 years.

I will leave it in the hope that this message finds just a few good and decent German men who are willing to take on themselves the burden of securing the future of the children of their lands.

Because I, for one, do not wish to watch the German people, the German children, suffer at the hands of criminals in their governments, judiciary and police yet again.

My time here in Germany has changed me.

I have a deep insight in to the quality of German people.

German people, and their guests who also live here in Germany, have treated me better than my own family have treated me.

I am thankful for every friend I have made in Germany.

If you are one of those people who was kind to me here?

Thank You. From the bottom of my heart. Thank You.

I am thankful for every kind and caring person who has expressed their kindness to me over the years here in Germany. These have ranged from complete strangers on trains, in restaurants, the local shops, where I live, to the people who are my friends and know me well.

I have been better treated in Germany than I have been treated by my own family.

Everyone knows my story that I was suicidal in April 2008 and that three friends stood by me and helped me save my own life. Today is August 2015. I owe those three friends these last 7 years where I have stood tall against criminals in government.

Everyone knows the story of my fav#1, who is now beyond the reach of those who would do her harm.

Everyone knows she was an angel sent to me at exactly the right time to help me through the period of greatest trauma in my life as I disowned my former children and created a new life for myself.

Everyone knows that virtually every person I have met here in Germany has been kind, caring, considerate, friendly and just downright pleasant to be around.

I have loved my time in Germany. I am very, very sad to be going.

I want every person who lives in Germany who reads this post or watches this video that I will be eternally grateful for your kindness these last 7 years as I tried to create a new life for myself on your land.

Thank you.

I know that the only people who do not want me in Germany are the criminal elements in the government. I know those criminals do not represent the people who live on the land of Germany who are, in my opinion, the best people I have ever lived among in all my travels over so many countries.

Most certainly living among the people of Germany was a far better experience than living among the people of Australia. Australians could learn a lot from the people of Germany. Australians could learn about honour, honesty, integrity, respect, kindness, caring and consideration for those who have been tremendously injured. Australians exhibit no such characteristics today which is one more reason I would never live among Australians again.

Farewell to all my friends who live on the land of Germany.

Friends of all nationalities. Friends of all backgrounds.

I will leave your land in the hope that some other men will see to the future of the children of Germany.

Thank you very much for your time.

It is much appreciated.


Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©.

Aka. Peter-Andrew: Nolan©


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