Open Letter to Pru Goward Minister for Women


pru_goward_01This Open Letter is Addressed to Pru Goward , the current “Minister for Women” in Australia. I believe she also has the title “Minister for Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault”. This is her facebook.

For those who do not know Pru Goward she is a long term politician in Australia. She has been a member of the New South Wales Parliament for many years.

She has supported the criminal abuse of men by women for many years. She now has the problem, as Minister for Women, that men have killed a record number of women this year as a consequence of the policies she and her politician colleagues have implemented over many years.

Of course, Pru Goward is trying to blame the men who have been victims of these man hating policies rather than blame the politicians who put the policies in place, rather than blame the judges who forced these unlawful policies on to male victims, rather than blame the police who have so willingly assaulted so many men, and rather than blame the women who used these unlawful policies to their own benefit.


So. Pru Goward.

You have a problem.

Your problem is that as “Minister for Women” men have killed a record number of women this year and the rate of men killing women shows no sign of decreasing. All the talk of “Violence Against Women” and all programs to reduce “Violence Against Women” are failing. This failure is predicable because no matter how many times you say “Men should never use violence against women”, if you support women committing crimes against men and give the men no path to justice some men ARE going to use violence against women to dispense summary justice. And the only sort of summary justice that works against women today is to kill them.

As you know, I grew up in Wagga Wagga. Last year a man named Geoff Hunt killed his wife and three children in Boree Creek. For those who do not know Boree Creek is about 30kms from Wagga Wagga. I did not know Geoff personally but friends of mine knew him personally. They tell me that Geoff Hunts wife had threatened him with a divorce.

We all know that women commit endless perjury in divorce and use the children as weapons in divorce. No one denies the crimes that women commit in the divorce courts. I even have Sarah Bevan, my ex wifes divorce lawyer, on video saying “the court should have no concerns failing the husband in matters of equity and justice” and this comment has not been condemned by any women as a disgrace. Women like the fact that they can commit crimes in the divorce courts and get away with it.

Well? Geoff Hunts wife and children paid the price of the fact that Geoff Hunt knew full well his life was about to be destroyed. Everything he worked for was about to be taken from him via criminal acts.

You are to blame for Geoff Hunt killing his wife and children Pru Goward. You and your politician colleagues who write down family law legislation that is clearly criminal. Also to blame are the judges and magistrates who act on this clearly criminal legislation. Also to blame are the police who will steal from a man based on “the judge told me to steal from you”.

And lastly, also to blame are all the men and women who know full well that women commit endless crimes in the family law courts and they let this happen. Indeed, they attack any man who stands up for himself which is exactly what has happened in my case.

About the only person I would not blame for the killings of Geoff Hunts wife and three children is Geoff Hunt himself. He had no viable alternative path to justice. Killing his wife and children was the only path to justice open to him and he took it. It is very likely that Geoff Hunt knew about my case because my case is one of the most high profile cases in Australia.

Whether Geoff Hunt knew about my case or not, Geoff Hunt knew full well that everything he had ever worked for was about to be taken from him in criminal acts. So he dispensed the only kind of summary justice that works against his wife and he spared his children years of criminal abuse and a lifetime of suffering from being used as weapons by their evil mother.

The articles I wrote on Geoff Hunt can be found on the following three links.

Link1, Link2, Link3,

Not that long after Geoff Hunt killed his wife and three children another man killed a woman called Stephanie Scott in a town called Leeton. Leeton is a small town that is 100kms from where I grew up. I played football in Leeton many times as a lad.

The Stephanie Scott killing demonstrates that young men are becoming more and more prone to hyperviolence because they are being treated so badly in society. When men are treated badly in society they will turn to violence. Every time. Every society that alienates its young men and treats them badly is torn apart by those young men. This is why you have so many similar problems in Islamic societies. Islam, to a significant extent, alienates the poorest young men in the society.

Original Article on Stephanie Scott
First Article on Stephanie Scott
Second Article on Stephanie Scott
Third Article on Stephanie Scott
ABC Report on Dead Women – Response
Fourth Article on Stephanie Scott

Here in Germany a young man by the name of Andreas Lubitz faced up to 28 years of criminal persecution by the German Family Law Courts. He found this out just two weeks before he flew a plane in to the side of a mountain killing himself and 149 other people. You can read about his case on this link.

Of course the German newspapers just said he was “crazy” and no one wanted to talk about the fact that he faced up to 28 years of criminal persecution by the German Family Law Courts.

Over the years 2012-13 I posted more than 500 newspaper articles pointing to the increased use of violence by men, especially against women in divorce, and I pointed out that the continued criminal abuse of men was going to lead to young men tending to hyperviolence. I warned that if women are not held accountable for their crimes men will kill more women because that is the only path to justice available to them.

My warnings were ignored. And now we have a record number of women dead at the hands of men in Australia this year for the one and only reason my advice on how to avoid that was not taken by women like you Pru Goward.


Now, Pru Goward.

Now that my prediction of 2008 has come true and you are seeing more men turn to hyperviolence because they have no path to justice? What are you going to do about that as “Minister for Women”? What are you going to do about that as “Minister for Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault”?

Are you going to stick to the script given to you and keep blaming the victims of endless crimes, the men, for retaliating in the only way they have available to them?

Or are you actually going to do as I tell you to do now? Hmm?

All those who have lied about me and called me a “woman hater” for saying that after 150 years of calling for “equality” women have to be held “equal before the law” or men are going to kill more of them might now notice that my call for women to be held “equal before the law” would have actually saved the lives of Geoff Hunts wife and three children.

If Geoff Hunt had an alternative path to justice it is, in my opinion, almost certain he would not have killed his wife and children. He would have taken his alternative path to justice. That is the kind of man my friends say he was. But he didn’t have an alternative path to justice and he knew it.

If you politicians had done what I told you to do in 2011 many more men, women and children would still be alive today. Politicians like you, Pru Goward, have the blood of many men, women and children on your hands and you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for your crimes.

Everyone knows I delivered these Lawful Notices to all members of both houses of the Federal Parliament in 2011. With CAF getting 10,000 page views a day and the Stephanie Scott Manbook article getting 30,000 views in a single day? With the Daily Advertiser reporter actually writing to me? With all the major media figures in Australia informed of these Lawful Notices? No one can claim “I never knew about this and that is why I did nothing”.

Now. Pru Goward.

You and your man hating colleagues have stored up 40 or 50 years of trouble for women. Why? Because your man hatred has been recognised and internalised by the younger generation of men. They know how much you women hate them. They know how much their fathers and grand fathers have betrayed them. And they are not happy about it.

The young men are going to tend towards hyperviolence to solve any issues they have and they will do so for the remainder of their lives. When I was young I was taught to settle matters with words prior to resorting to violence. I have been so successful at that I have never had to use violence as an adult to settle a dispute. When I tell someone that I am prepared to use force, up to and including deadly force, if they do not BACK OFF, every single person has backed off.

The only exceptions to this are the two cases where I have been attacked and assaulted by police. Why? Because police live in the mistaken belief that I will not use deadly force against them to secure my rights.

It is an indictment on the Australian, German and Irish Governments that the only people who have ever physically assaulted me are police and the only people who have ever stolen from me were the judiciary they are responsible for.

So. Pru Goward. Since you and all your colleagues have failed miserably to secure the lives of women and children like Geoff Hunts wife and children, since you failed miserably to secure life of Stephanie Scott, let me tell you what to do.

Why tell you what to do?

Because you are a miserable failure and you obviously do not have the intelligence to know how to begin the very long process of securing the increased safety of women and children. And we all know you do not give a shit about men.

The very fact that a man like me has to claim into existence a state of war to get the attention of you politicians tells every man just how much you politicians hate men.

You refused to listen to us until we introduce a state of war and we guarantee we will release any man who commits an act of war against a woman from any POW situation. How disgusting that this introduction of a state of war has to be made before you women will listen to us!



Step 1.

You talk to your colleague Marise Payne and you tell her to refund some of my income taxes to the exact amount of the unemployment benefit starting from April 1st 2012.

While you women demonstrate that men who have paid in their taxes will not even be paid their unemployment benefit? Don’t complain men kill women. Denying a man his unemployment benefit shows your hatred of men. You would have me homeless and starving by refusing me an entitlement I have paid for.

That is a LOT of hatred and young men know it.

For those joining in late the full text of this matter is available on this link.


Step 2.

You talk to your colleague Julie Bishop and you tell her to contact Frances Fitzgerald. You tell her to give Frances Fitzgerald the following ultimatum. That she IMMEDIATELY issue the MANDATORY permanent residency permit I am entitled to or the Australian government will cancel the residency and work permits of ALL IRISH CITIZENS and require them to leave the country.

That the Foreign Minister of Australia allows Irish Citizens to live in Australia while the Minister for Justice and Equality for the Irish Government does not follow the legislation of the EU is a disgrace. Julie Bishop should have intervened long ago in my case.

For those joining in late the full text of this matter is available on this link.


Step 3.

You also tell Julie Bishop to contact Angela Merkel and she is to tell Angela Merkel that if she does no ensure justice is done in my case, IMMEDIATELY, that Australia will cancel the residency and work permits of ALL GERMAN CITIZENS living in Australia. That Julie Bishop has not contacted Angela Merkel and told her that my criminal vicitmisation by her government is not acceptable is another disgrace. For those late to the issue you might want to read this link.


Step 4.

You will review the full case files of the testimony I have published on the crimes of my ex wife, Jennifer Toal, and you will publicly demand that the testimony I have presented be presented to a jury of 12 honest men of honour and integrity and you will publicly support any remedy those 12 men issue.

You can find the full case files and testimony and all evidence on this link.

I will not even consider lifting the state of war until such point as the compensation payments for the injury, harm and loss I have suffered are in my swiss bank account where no criminal government can get at it. I have suffered an endless stream of criminal acts for over 8 years now. I am entitled to a great deal of compensation for the injury, harm and losses I have suffered. And I see no reason to consider that men cease combat activities until such time as my compensation payments are secured.


Step 5.

As the “Minister for Women” you will publicly call for women to form all women juries inside all womens courts where you women will provide court services for men who accuse women of committing crimes against them. You women will run these courts all by yourselves and you will issue remedies for the victims of womens crimes which are exactly the same remedies us men will issue against men who commit the same crimes against women. There will be no judges and no lawyers in these courts. There will a jury of 12 women. One woman who is an adviser is common law. And the accuser and accused may have advocates to advise them.

I insist that you women form all womens juries in all womens courts so that you can make no claims that “the patriarchy” is in any way influencing the court proceedings. You women have claimed that you are “equal” for a long time so you can, surely, competently run a court by yourselves. You are welcome to copy the Mens Business Association Law Services Procedure Manual to establish the procedures of the all womens courts.

If you women are not willing to create all womens juries in all womens courts to hold women accountable for their crimes? Do not complain to me when men kill women. The level of hatred of men that you women have refused to create your own courts to prosecute your own criminals for a period of six years is massive and blatant.


Step 6.

After the previous 5 steps? You and all your women politician colleagues can go on the road to all your constituents and you can go in to the media and you can make speech after speech how you support the notion that women are to be held equal before the law specifically meaning that the same crime receives the same punishment and the victim is given the same remedy regardless of the sex of the perpetrator of the crime or the victim of the crime.


At the end of these 6 steps you women will have a credible claim that any man that is a victim of a crime by a woman has an alternative path to justice other than resorting to force, up to and including deadly force.

Today you women have no credible claim that a man has any path to justice when he is the victim of a crime. This is why men are killing women in record numbers. There is nothing else for them to do. My case has proven, in the public, over 7 years, beyond all doubt, that 99.9%+ of Australian women and 99.7%+ of Australian men condone women committing crimes against men.

In that environment? With man hatred being THAT pervasive and prevalent? I am surprised that a lot more men are not killing a lot more women and children. Men have shown remarkable restraint. Indeed, men usually just kill themselves rather than kill their criminal tormenters. And we all know that no one cares about men who commit suicide as the result of criminal victimisation of a woman and the family law courts.

Not even the mothers of all those men who committed suicide have spoken up. The level of man hatred in Australia is so high that not even a mans own mother gives a shit about her son when he kills himself and she will not even speak up when she has other married sons.

As I said. The young men have noticed how much their mothers hate them. They have noticed how much everyone in society hates them. And they are going to live their lives with that knowledge firmly in their minds. Which means that those who criminally vicitmise them will be taking their lives in their hands for decades to come.

Now. Pru Goward.

You have been told what to do.

Are you going to do what you have been told to do?

Or should you retire from politics and go back to the “safe space” of a kitchen and make some man a sammich?


I wanted to add one more thing here before I did a video for this post. I propose that you do away with this nonsense that “there is never any reason to hit a woman”. There are plenty of reasons to hit women and women who transgress should absolutely be hit.

Women claimed equality.

And that means it is just as lawful to hit a woman as it is to hit a man.

There are three conditions under which I will use force and violence against a man. And that means these same three conditions apply to women as well. I recommend all men take this position. I recommend men who say “there is no reason to ever hit a woman” are denounced as sexist, discriminatory misogynists because they are demeaning women and treating women as less than men.

  1. He hits me first.
  2. He tries to deprive me of my life, liberty or property.
  3. He is a nag and when I walk away and leave his presence he follows and keeps nagging.

As I said. I am 51 years old and I have NEVER had to hit a man for crossing any of these boundaries. Not even once.

There have been some people who have crossed these boundaries called my ex wife, police and judiciary and I am dealing with those people. And force, up to and including deadly force, is on the table in dealing with these criminals.

Now. Ladies. You have been warned. Men like me WILL hit you under these conditions.


  1. She hits me first.
  2. She tries to deprive me of my life, liberty or property.
  3. She is a nag and when I walk away and leave her presence she follows and keeps nagging.

Do not say you were not warned. Ok?

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©.

Aka. Peter-Andrew: Nolan©

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