Samantha Brett Scumbag


So many years ago Samantha Brett ran the Relationships Blog of the Sydney Morning Herald. She had quite a following over there. You can get her on twitter on this link.

This is what a man hating bitch looks like


In June 2008 I announced my arrival on her blog to her in an email and told her that I was going to prove the criminality of the family law courts and gave her the chance to stop taking her 30 pieces of silver per day to lie to men causing their deaths as a result of the criminal persecution men faced in the family law courts.

Of course we all know Samantha Brett is a media whore who wants her 30 pieces of silver every day and she is not about to tell anyone that the family law courts are criminal in nature. If anyone doubts that we corresponded by email you can click on this link.

Over the next 18 months or so I would have posted close to 5,000 posts to her blog on the Sydney Morning Herald about 50% of which she censored. Even so. When I started in June 2008 I was the ONLY man calling women out on their shit and the ONLY MAN protesting the crimes of the family law courts.

I was, of course, slandered, lied about and hated. Women called for me TO BE KILLED because I was telling the truth and these DEMANDS FOR MY MURDER stood on the Sydney Morning Herald, an obvious violation of the terms of use of the comments section on the blog. But hey, women DEMANDING MURDER is ok, right?

Now that scumbag arsehole Sam de Brito is dead, where he belongs, I went back and send a few tweets to Samantha Brett.

And what did the “strong and independent feminist” woman do?

Oh, like they ALWAYS do, she blocked me! LOL!

Here is the proof of Samantha Brett running away like a little girl. Funny how REPORTERS who are “strong and independent feminist” women are the most cowardly of the lot when the truth is on show.


This bitch is a man hater of the first order.

She knows full well that the family law courts are criminal in nature. She has known since 2008. And she has kept her mouth shut so she can get her 30 pieces of silver. And now her “friend and mentor”, arsehole Sam de Brito is dead. Very likely from suicide from depression due to the criminal abuse of the family law courts.

But you can be sure that the coroner will call it “misadventure” so that the idiot, pig ignorant men of Australia do not figure out that such a well known figure who was criminally abused in the family law courts committed suicide.

Sam de Brito deserved exactly what he got because he slandered me and lied about me when I presented PROOF of the criminality of the family law courts in 2008 through 2009.

And Samantha Brett has not been forgotten either. Her time will come and she will be tried for aiding and abetting genocide. It will be interesting to see what penalty the jury renders for that inevitable guilty verdict.



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  1. You can tell a lot about a personality from their smile. To me she looks like she is leering (i.e. sly and malicious intent)… but more importantly, I think if you can show evidence of them making death threats, it will expose the feminists as violent threatening cyber bullies, and justify your acting in self defense. :o)


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