Michael Toal – Complete Nutter


This is what a psycho criminal looks like.



So. My mentally ill ex brother in law is still going around slandering me and lying about me. You would think that he would have tired of making such a fool of himself.

After all, I put up quite a denouncement of him on http://www.manbook.biz/2015/06/23/open-letter-to-faircount-media-group/

But still he sends me text message like the following.

“Forget your dodgy scams on facebook, We are on you friends list and are alerting any victims about your true character. You will only leave Germany in hand cuffs.”

Spelling mistakes being his of course.

“Your time has come – Ireland and jail or Australia and jail. Not your choice. Terrorists don’t get to negotiate. In short you’re screwed.”

“Get your deposit back for your new apartment now. You will not be allowed to leave the country. You are on a snatch list. Back to Australia for you! No choice!”

Ooohhh…I am so scared. I can barely contain my fear. Especially when I have had nazi thug police in my house assaulting me and I told them to their face that what they were doing was an act of war as a result of which I would gain the right to kill both them and their wives and children in defence of securing my right to freedom.


A man who told a cop in his own home that I had the right to kill his wife and children should he commit an act of war.

A man who told a judge that if he unlawfully incarcerated me I would kill him.


I am shaking in my boots at anonymous text messages which I know full well are coming from Michael Toal.

Apparently he is upset that his sister has said that both her and her father, Bill Toal, raped her as a child. The problem that Michael Toal and Bill Toal have about the allegation that Suzanne Toal made against them is that Suzanne Toal first made the allegation Bill Toal raped her in 1989. She made this allegation to her older sister Jennifer Toal, my then wife.

The full details of this allegation have been documented and passed to the Wagga Wagga Police as well as the Deputy Commissioner of New South Wales Police Catherine Burn.

Catherine Burn has buried the allegations on the orders of the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation, ASIO. Michael Toal is an ex ASIO operative and I was the man who blew his cover so he can no longer work for ASIO any more.

If you doubt any of these things? Just click on the links below.

Link to Written Allegation of Rape by Bill Toal of Suzanne Toal.

Link to the craziness of Michael Toal.

Another link to the craziness of Michael Toal.

Link to the proof that Catherine Burn has buried the allegation by Suzanne Toal that her father raped her.

Link to the proof of the crimes that Jennifer Toal committed. Not even Jennifer Toal denies her crimes.


Funny how a rabid feminist like Catherine Burn would be such a rape apologist that she would bury a credible rape claim by a now nearly 50 year old woman against her father.

Michael Toal sent me this image and this email last week.


From: Illuminati Ingrid [mailto:illuminatinolan@gmail.com]
Sent: 19 November 2015 00:52
To: peter@peternolan.com; joschua@joschuaboehm.com
Subject: False accusations and harrassment.

Hello JocPete,

Just a reality check to balance one of your latest youtube rants in which you accuse someone of falsely accusing one of your business partners and harrassing his family by phone.


Attached is a screen shot from a couple of years ago, and in the comments you were repeatedly making false allegations of incest and rape and publishing contact detais, inviting strangers to harrass these people.

We repeatedly said this was unfair, but you continued.

We decided to give you some of your own back by going after your business partners. And no, we never phoned anyone, you lying cunt.

Take some responsibility, if you hand something out, you can cop some of it back … do unto others …

Oh, and something funny’s about to happen to you, and we’ll be getting the giggles!



You can see how crazy Michael Toal is from that email alone. He is claiming I am making “false allegations of incest and rape and publishing contact details inviting strangers to harass these people”.

Well? The person making the allegation of rape is Suzanne Toal. Not me. I am repeating the allegations she made to other people.

The situation could easily be resolved. Suzanne Toal could walk in to Wagga Wagga police station and she could asked them to take a statement under oath stating her position.

In that statement she could say one of two things.

  1. I have been making false allegations against my father and brother for more than 25 years. My father and brother at no time raped me or sexually assaulted me.
  2. I have been making true allegations against my father and brother for more than 25 years. My father and brother raped me or sexually assaulted me when I was a teen girl and I would like a path to justice now that I am cleaned up and a reliable witness.

If she admits her allegations she has been making in the private are false then that would be the end of the matter. She would never be able to bring prosecution against Bill Toal and Michael Toal.

If she makes the allegations under oath and presents them to the police then the police are obliged to investigate the allegations publicly. Perhaps Bill Toal and Michael Toal raped and molested the other girls? Perhaps they raped or molested someone else?

Who knows?

The very fact that in the last 3 years since I made these allegations public Suzanne Toal has NOT walked in to the Wagga Wagga Police station and made a statement one way or the other would indicate to me that Bill Toal and Michael Toal did rape her as a child and she is fearful of bringing the case.

Is that not what feminists tell us? That women are fearful of bringing rape allegations?

Isn’t it strange that feminists have remained completely silent about this case while at the same time talking about shirts, jokes by Nobel Prize Winners, comments about Serena Williams figure, and complaining to the UN about being told “you suck” on Twitter. Those are the problems feminists are dealing with.

The alleged rape of teen girl by her father and brother? Nope. Not interested because that would only vindicate the position of a man…and if the cost of not vindicating a man is that a girl is raped and gains no path to justice…so be it, eh?

As far as telephone calls being “harassment”. This is the SAME Michael Toal who made the false allegation that my former business partner, Sean Kelly, was a paedophile. As Sean Kelly was dying of cancer Michael Toal was calling the house and harassing his grieving wife and daughter.

That is the sort of man Michael Toal is.

Michael Toal has been slandering my public business partners for years which is why I am keeping new business relationships private.

And Michael Toals father, Bill Toal, has openly, publicly, condoned and supported his son going around threatening violence to old aged pensioners like John Wilson.

Michael Toal called John Wilson, when he was 74 years of age, and John is a Vietnam Vet, and threatened to beat him up for the “crime” of accepting a AUD500 donation from me to pay for a meeting room at that Parramatta RSL club to hold an important public meeting.

Michael Toal also used his ASIO connections to find out the identity of the man who ran the Australian Freeman site. He contacted the mans employers and attempted to get him fired from his job. The man in question had a partner and child to support.


So let us just get really clear in our minds exactly what sort of man Michael Toal is.

He is the sort of man who falsely calls dying men paedophiles and calls their grieving wife to harass her.

He is the sort of man who slanders my very clients who paid money which benefited his sister and his niece and his nephew. The respect and gratitude Michael Toal shows to men who PAID ME MONEY WHICH BENEFITED HIS SISTER is to call them paedophiles publicly attempting to injure their business.

Michael Toal is the sort of man who would threaten to beat up a 74 year old man who served in Vietnam.

Michael Toal is the sort of man who would try and get a man with a partner and child to support fired from his job for there mere “crime” of hosting a site that I was speaking on.

Michael Toal is also the sort of low life scum who supports his sister commit the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse.

So let’s be REALLY CLEAR about what a scumbag of a human being Michael Toal is.

It is no wonder no woman would marry such a man. No wonder no woman wants to be around such an insane man.

So lets deal with his other statements in this email.

“We repeatedly said this was unfair, but you continued.”

The law is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Michael Toals sister committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. Her actions have led to an act of WAR being committed against me. Her actions have led to me being jailed for 19 days.

That makes her responsible for the act of WAR that was committed against me. It also makes everyone who supports her co-conspirators and equally culpable in the acts of war that were committed against me.

Hence, all those who have supported Jennifer are now subject to acts of WAR as and when any man sees fit.

So Michael Toal can take his claim of “unfair” and shove it up his arse. His sister, Jennifer Toal, committed acts of WAR against me and this WAR will be prosecuted with any and all vigour I can muster.

Until Jennifer Toal makes a video to publicly unconditionally surrender she will remain my enemy and anyone who supports her makes themselves my enemy, including Bill Toal and Michael Toal.

“We decided to give you some of your own back by going after your business partners. And no, we never phoned anyone, you lying cunt.”

LOL! Michael Toal condones and supports his sister committing the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse…and then he does not like it when these crimes are published and claims Jennifer is the victim and he is just “getting back at me”.

The man is totally insane and has no concept of consequences of actions.

He has no concept of the time line of events.

He is mentally ill and needs to be put in to a place where he can be treated. Or he needs to be hunted down and killed like the rabid dog he is. Bill Toal has been consistently informed of the danger that Michael Toal presents because he is trained in marshal arts and is a sniper level marksman. His threats are not to be taken as idle threats as they would be from most men. Michael Toal is well capable of delivering on his threats and therefore his threats must be taken seriously.

“Take some responsibility, if you hand something out, you can cop some of it back … do unto others …”

LOL! So when is Jennifer Toal, your sister, going to take some responsibility that if she hands something out then she should cop some of it back? Hmm?

I spoke to Bill Toal and advised him to get his daughter under control. When he refused to do this because he is such a mangina I told Bill Toal to not assist Jennifer in any way shape or form because to do so would make him and all his family my deadly enemy.

I told Bill Toal, directly, on the phone, “I recommend you do not make an enemy of me Bill.”

Bill Toal, for his part, promised to do all he could to not make an enemy of me.

Well? Here we are 8 years later and Bill Toal has not been able to get his own children under control. Since Bill Toal has failed in his civic duty to ensure his children and grand children are law abiding citizens? I will do his job for him.

I will see to it that his descendents are dealt with. And I have plenty of time to do that. His children and his grand children are not going anywhere any time soon.

“Oh, and something funny’s about to happen to you, and we’ll be getting the giggles!”

Oh….I am so scared.


Oh come on Michael.

You might as well sign your name Michael Toal.

Everyone knows it is you writing these letters.


We also know you have lost any friends you had over at ASIO by being such an idiot for so long. Ex-ASIO agents are not supposed to garner publicity like you have done. They prefer their former agents to remain silent about what it is they have done in the past and are doing in the present.

In any case. It is clear Michael Toal is completely insane.

It is clear Bill Toal has no appetite for holding his criminal children accountable for their crimes.

It is clear that Bill Toal has chosen to allow his family to become my enemy in a state of WAR.

It is clear that the community of Wagga Wagga is perfectly happy to have rapists, liars, perjurors, child abusers and criminals among them.

It is clear that the community of Wagga Wagga does not wish such criminals as the Toal family to be held accountable for their crimes.

They can hardly complain about the record levels of crime in Wagga Wagga today.

Given it is clear no one else will support a community supported path to justice against the criminal Toal family? I retain my right to deal with my publicly declared enemies in any way I see fit.

Anyone who has any problem with that? Why would I care what you say? Why would I care what you think? You condone rape, sexual assault, perjury, stealing, kidnapping and child abuse. When you condone all THOSE crimes and start talking about me? I am prone to not listen.

I was always going to have the resources to dispense summary justice against those who committed crimes against me at some point in time.

That point in time will come soon enough.

I am quite happy to say, right here, in the public, in my own name, that in the absence of any community supported path to justice I retain the right to dispense summary justice against any person who has committed a crime against me OR any person who has given comfort to my enemies.

And that is a lot of people.

Lastly. Bill Toals contact details are.

Bill Toal.
23 Fernleigh Road
Turvey Park
Wagga Wagga 2650
New South Wales
+61 2 69 25 40 41

If you want to ask him why he has allowed his children to become criminals so publicly you can ask him yourself.

If you would like to speak to my former children and ask them why they have condoned all these crimes against me? These are their facebooks.


I did a post about the proposed idea of actually asking the adult children of divorce how they feel about how their fathers were treated in divorce. You can review that video on this link.


Why Bill Toal would allow his children to start a war with me I really do not understand. Bill has known me since I was 12 years old and he has NEVER known me to back away from a fight in my life.

Bill Toal has NEVER known me to allow bullies to get away with being bullies.

After all? The way that I met the Toal family was saving Michael Toal from bullies in the school yard on his first day of school in my town. Yep. I went and rescued the weedy sickly “new kid in town” from the bullies in the school yard.

And what thanks does this act of kindness get? 40 years later that sickly weedy kid who needed to be saved from bullies is trying to bully my business partners and bully me from behind anonymous profiles.

How stupid can you be?

I mean…

I was Michael Toals better when I was 12.

I have always been his better.

I will always be his better.

And this crazy loser thinks that he can bully me around from behind a transparently thin false identity!

LOL! It is stupidly hysterical.

And those who are supporting the Toal family are just as guilty as is Bill Toal.

The reason you have such high crime rates today in Wagga is because gutless men like Bill Toal and my former father John Thomas Nolan allowed crimes to go unpunished.

Good luck to the people of Wagga and dealing with the crimes in your community. You are going to need it with how gutless your older men are. Men like Bill Toal and John Thomas Nolan do not deserve to be mentioned on the same page as men like Frank Trainor.

It was Frank Trainor and his comrades who fought and died to give Bill Toal and John Thomas Nolan their chance to live in peace. And when it came their turn to stand up in public and secure the future of the children of their land they were too gutless to do it.

Totally, completely, and utterly pathetic.

And the high levels of crime in Wagga are exactly a reflection of the cowardice of Bill Toal, John Thomas Nolan, and their peers.

Best Regards

Peter-Andrew: Nolan©
aka Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©

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  1. So you mean, Michael Toal killed men for money of that organization – ‘his government’?
    Therefore he is a “contract killer”?
    wow… poor fucker..

    • We have evidence that his job in ASIO was to train snipers to kill men, women and children in Afghanistan.

      He is too much of a loser to pull the trigger himself.

      His cover was to act as a photographer for the Australian Army Magazine. I blew his cover based on information that was brought to me from inside ASIO.

      We will find out if the evidence we have is real when we gain access to the records of ASIO and to eye witnesses.

      However, it is widely known that he spent time in Afghanistan as an “army magazine photographer”. When I blew his cover the magazine site was shut down and the “editor” who was just a grunt in the army was suddenly discharged and given the very plumb job of “Sheriff for New South Wales”.

      Now why is a low level grunt given such a job? Why did he leave the army after 20+ years within weeks of Michael Toals cover being blown? Well? His “hobby” is to write spy thrillers about under cover secret agents going to war zones to oppose the forces of evil……but that is just a coincidence…nothing to worry about…

      Now post coming up in a few minutes.


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