Fiona Ó Scanaill – Man Hater – Liar – Hypocrite – Sexist – Bigot


z01_Pictures-Of-Cute-Babies-Crying_01So, this man hating, lying, hypocritical, sexist, bigot who goes by the name of Fiona Ó Scanaill puts up a comment on facebook. You can get to her facebook on this link

You can get to the thread on this link.

She says, and I quote.

Fiona Ó Scanaill This is scandalous .. So how about we all turn up in balaclavas when preventing the evictions .. – and mask our reg plates .. ( Because gardai always photograph our reg plates at any eviction .. )What wound gardai say to that ????

And I reply with, and I quote again, and you can tell I am quoting because I was handed a 24 hours “you have been bad” suspension for this reply. So read this reply. This is what Mark Zuckerberg is banning people for 24 hours for saying now.





Yes. That is right. A woman says it is SCANDALOUS that women and children are being evicted from their homes by thugs from the government. But when it is pointed out that women condone and support MEN being evicted from their homes based on the perjury of women THAT is worth a 24 hour ban.

Can’t wait to share this one with Lauren Southern!

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