Open Letter to Clementine Ford and Other Women


1463514479100So Clementine Ford has been wading in to the argument about Johnny Depps wife and her allegations of domestic violence.

Of course, her take is “people should just believe her”.

So I was over on her page and made a few comments on the thread. Of course, my comments were subsequently removed and I was blocked from the page. Screen shots below to prove that this is the case.

As per usual, Clementine Ford, being a feminist, does not wish to have anyone telling the people that she is propagandising the truth about what is really going on.

It never ceases to amaze me how women and their mangina lackeys like to live in an echo chamber without dissenting opinions. Especially when those opinions are well evidenced.

Worse still, the presentation of the truth and of well established facts are to be avoided at all time when the people involved are women and their mangina lackeys.

I put this post up as a response and, of course, it was removed very quickly. So I thought I would put it up on manbook and just let men know that Clementine Ford has been presented with this sort of information and deleted it post haste.


Attention Clementine Ford and any other women who would like to read this post.

This post is with respect to the lack of credibility women now have when making allegations against men.


Some of the best advice I was given as I grew up came from my grand mothers and my mother.

Advice such as.

“Honesty is the best policy”

“You have two eyes, two ears, and one mouth. The good lord intended that you use them in that proportion.”

“If you can not say something nice about someone then say nothing at all.”

“You must defend those less able to defend themselves.”

“If you had kept your mouth shut, you might have been thought wise.”

“If you had kept your mouth shut, you might have been thought a fool, but when you opened it you removed all doubt.”

As a man whos is 52 now and who has raised 2 daughters, it is sad to me that women no longer value, let alone respect, the advice handed down to them from such women as my grand mothers and my mother.

My grand mothers grew up in the war years of WW 1. Tough times. My mothers side of the family were German and so they came in for quite some persecution during WW 1.

My grand mothers raised 11 children between them during and after WW2.

My grand mothers grew up in tough times and raised families in tough times.

They were great women.

They set a great example for younger women.

They led by example.

When my mothers mother died more than 1,000 people turned out at her funeral in Wagga Wagga. Men who were 80+ years of age told me they had never seen the like of it in their lifetime.

Sadly, younger women today do not listen to the advice that was handed down to them by such great women who achieved so much in their lives.

I could go through each piece of advice passed to you and point out that it is no longer observed.

Women consider honesty abhorrent and consistently support lies.

Women will talk endlessly and never listen and learn to find out the facts of the matter they are talking so much about.

Women consistenly lie about men in efforts to ruin their lives and all the other women around them condone and support these lies. These lies extend to perjury in the family law courts.

Women will never defend a man when attacked by even the most criminal and abusive of women.

A woman assaulting a man is “funny”.

A man hitting a woman back to defend himself is “abuse”.

And, in my opinion, the worst thing to ever happen to women was the internet.


Because it has allowed women to speak in public without the wise moderation of a mature man.

For the first time in history, women are able to broadcast their thoughts without moderation of wise men, or even somewhat wise women.

The result is that hundreds of millions of men have seen “what women think” and I can assure you that most of us are quite repulsed by what we hear women say when they express their thoughts.

There is no logic presented.

There is no reasoning presented.

There is just the endless stream of “feelz”.

In the past, the only men who knew this were men who were married, and out of chivalry and loyalty to their wives they did not reveal what their wives were talking about to other men.

But with the internet women are free to express themselves as they wish. And what they are saying, in very large numbers, is quite repsulive to most thinking men.

You women are at a major cross roads in your futures.

The very fact that the vast majority of Hillary Clintons supporters are women tells us men that women have an in group preference a mile wide and the majority of women will support a criminal woman over an honest man every day of the week.

This leaves us with cases like the Johnny Depp case.

Women have now destroyed any claim they had to credibility.

The overwhelming support of women committing perjury in the family law courts has destroyed the credibility of all the women who condoned such perjury. And that runs to about 99.9%+ in western english speaking countries.

Women face a cross roads.

Will they discuss these issues among themselves and take the advice of my grand mothers?

Will they simply go forward condoning perjury and false allegations and lies by women against men?

No matter what women do now, they will be judged based on their actions and the content of their character.

And those judgements are currently quite harsh.

Older women can propagandise younger women all they like.

Younger women can believe any lies they choose to believe.

But older women can not propagandise younger men.

Younger men are waking up and taking the red pill in massive numbers now.

The fastest growing group on the web is MGTOWs.

And MGTOWs will dominate the culture of men inside 20 years.

If one looks at the growth of MGTOW in just the last 5 years?

MGTOW is a TSUNAMI about to happen.

The TSUNAMI of truth being presented by MGTOWs world wide will swamp the propaganda presented by women.

And young men are listening, learning, and remaining silent as to their own opinions about things so as to preserve their anonymity.

My wife used to say to me

“You can’t MAKE me do anything.”

Which is true. Since I loved her I chose not to compel any of her actions.

And by the same token women can not MAKE men do anything.

Shaming language?



They are not working any more on MGTOWs

And Donald Trump is destroying the PC Culture that women have used to manipulate men.

The gravy train is over for women.

Equality before the law will be established in Australia whether that be Sharia Law or the new courts I have proposed.

But the days of women being able to commit perjury and steal the children and houses of men are coming to a close.

And all those women who remained silent while it happened will be remembered by the lads who are under 30 today.

We will remind the lads constantly that our women betrayed us.

We will remind them for ever.



Do as you will.

You will be judged based on what you do…not based on what you say.

Have a lovely day!







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