Good afternoon Gentlemen,

I hope that this blog post finds you well and good.

It seems our friend Mike Cernovich continues to make a name for himself.

If you do not know who Mike Cernoivch is? He is a lawyer who likes to protect criminal Jewish Lawyer.

He blocked Joschua and he also blocked me just for politely asking about his position on Alan Shatter being a criminal jewish lawyer.

This is the article Joschua wrote about him. Please Click Here.

Here is the proof he blocked me.



So I had some time to myself here in Room 101, I was just playing with the rats.

I thought I would do just a little bit of searching around on Mike Cernovich.

And well, well, well.

What do you think I find?


Please note I wanted to get the status line in so you could be sure I got this directly of Mike Cenovich’s twitter feed and did not make this up myself.


Now. I want to be clear about something.

Just because Mike Cenovich says that he is Jewish on his own twitter feed does not necessarily mean that he is Jewish.

Mike Cernovich has been known to make false statements on his twitter feed to troll people.

Even so.

Let us, for arguments sake, consider the possibility that in this case Mike Cernovich is telling the truth. After all? If we can not conjecture at a man telling the truth on his own twitter feed where can we conjecture a man is telling the truth.


We have a Jewish Lawyer, Mike Cernovich, who knows full well another Jewish Lawyer is a criminal, one Alan Shatter.

When someone, even someone who is totally anonymous to Mike, asks Mike why it might be that he blocks people asking him about criminal Jewish Lawyers, Mike blocks him.


I wonder why?

Could it be because criminal jewish lawyers like to protect each other?

Could it be that even honest jewish lawyers like to protect criminal jewish lawyers.

I will leave it up to you to ask Mike Cenovich for yourself why he protects a criminal jewish lawyer like Alan Shatter.

Here is his twitter address.

Have a good afternoon Gentlemen.


Ouch…now ratty…I have told you before not to bite me like that!!!

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