Amanda-Lee Campbell – Man hater – Her boyfriend should dump her



This is what a man hater looks like.

Women nowadays need to be taught to respect their betters.

Women constantly howl about “you men should respect ALL WOMEN” but women do not show men the respect they have earned.

Indeed, I do not believe women know the first thing about how respect works any more.

So lets take the case of Amanda-Lee Campbell. A man hater.

This is her facebook page if you want to go and tell her your opinion:

She shows up on my page and makes man hating comments.

Just out of the blue.

She calls me names and says I deserve to be criminally victimised.

No respect at all.

So time to publicise these women and make sure their boyfriends and fathers find out about their abysmal behaviour and their hatred of men.

Here is a screen shot of her hatred on my page.

Unlike women I do not remove comments on my page. I take screen shots and condemn the women who are man haters.

This woman just hates all men…and that is very clear from her comments.



For those of you who are young men who want to learn how to live a life you love?

For those of you who are fed up with this sort of man hatred being championed against you?

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