Corrine Barraclough – Man Hater – Liar – Hypocrite – Coward


This is what a man hater looks like


Hi Men.

So a man hating women from my own country has penned an article for

The article is called “First men, now boys are ‘Going Their Own Way’” and you can read it here.

If you want to talk to here this is her facebook:

This man hating bitch is trying to save her own fat arse by saying “not all women are like that”.

When will these man hating bitches ever learn that “not all women are like that” will not wash when there is not one single woman IN THE ENTIRE WORLD who is working to hold women equal before the law and to make sure women get equal sentencing to men.



Anyway. I went over to her facebook and gave her a piece of my mind and called her the man hating bitch she chose to be.

I called her what she is, the enemy of men, and articles like this do not buy her anything with real men.

Only the weakest of the weak manginas and womens arse kissing pussy beggars would fall for pathological lies like this.

Of course, like all man hating women she deleted my comments and blocked me because she is ssssooooo eager to hear the truth about what really happens in divorce courts.

As ever, if you want to go and tell this man hating bitch that she has made Manbook as a post that would be great.

Here are the screen shots for your viewing pleasure.


Corrine Barraclough_01




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