This is how pathetic women are today – Can not handle the truth


This is what a pathetic cowardly man hater looks like


So this woman by the name of Amanda Lee Campbell comes along on my facebook and starts condoning and supporting crimes against me because, you know, vagina.

I put a post about her on manbook and point to the post.

Here is the post I put on manbook:

This is her facebook if you want to talk to her:

Of course, because women are “strong” and “powerful” and “independent” and “don’t need no man”…she ran to Mark Fascistburg and cried like a little baby girl to get the mean mans nasty TRUTHFUL link removed from facebook like that is going to remove it from the web.

All that this man hating bitch by the name of Amanda Lee Campbell has proven that women are liars and hypocrites who can not take what they dish out who run to big daddy and try and silence men.

Amanda Lee Campbell is an excellent example of a man hating bitch who can’t even take a bit of criticism while at the same time condoning perjury against men in divorce courts.

I so hope her so called “boyfriend” finds out about her and dumps her.

Of course, for the rest of her life this page is going to be here and anyone who types her name in to google or other search engines is going to find out she is a man hating bitch who condones womens perjury in divorce courts to steal the children and houses of men.

Here is the post and the 30 day suspension of facebook. Yes. These are real screen shots because unlike Amanda Lee Campbell I am honest.







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