Norm Foyster: Man Hater, Cuck, Mangina, And All Round Bad Guy!


This is what a man hating, Cuck, Mangina, All Round Bad Guy Looks Like!



If you want to talk to him. This is his facebook link.

This is his message to me, followed by blocking me.

“Norm Foyster
I don’t normally say this. But you a brain dead fucking moron. If you want to live that satanic ducked up life a fucked up country . Then I suggest you move. We don’t want you or your crap here.”

Funny how that works, hurl insults and verbal abuse and then block.

When will these manginas learn that he can not block my friends from seeing his facebook and can not stop me from denouncing him as the hater he is.

This is a man who condones womens perjury in divorce courts to ruin the lives of men…telling me he does not want my kind living in Australia.

Well I am more than happy to oblige him. I won’t be living in Australia again.

And I won’t be saving young Australia lives from drugs like I did when I helped with the Australian Customs Service Data Warehouse project.

I won’t be helping make Australian businesses more competitive on the world stage as I did with many companies in Australia.

And I won’t be paying my AUD96,000 a year in income taxes as I did before I left the country in 2001.

Someone else can pay that sort of income taxes to pay for all the single mothers having bastard children.

Good luck with forcing more and more men to pay for some womans bastard children while hurling abuse at them.

You are going to need luck to do that.

I recently saw a meme that really sums up losers like this.



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