Georgia Nolan – Daughter Of Criminal Cop Paul Nolan


Update: Full video reading this into the record here:

Dear Gentlemen,
this is what a man hating, womans arse kissing, mangina cuck, looks like.

Paul Nolan: Man-Hating Womans Arse Kissing Mangina Cuck

So I had cause to search for the facebook page of one of my nieces this week. Her name is Georgia Nolan and she is the daughter of my brother Stephen Nolan.

I did not find her facebook. But by chance I found the facebook of another Georgia Nolan who lives in Sydney and is a law student and whose father was a New South Wales cop for 39 years.

Oh joy of joys!

An actual cop who was a criminal scumbag for 39 years in New South Wales who has one and only one daughter who is 19 years old and has a public profile.

This is my lucky day, eh?

So Gentlemen this post is an open letter to the disgusting criminal scumbag cop Paul Nolan. New South Wales cop for 39 years and suspect in a child porn case, articles at the bottom.

This is his facebook so feel free to go over and tell him what you think. He only recently opened it, lucky guy!

A disgusting criminal scumbag cop who condoned womens perjury in the divorce courts for his 39 years of being a disgusting criminal scumbag cop, who has one, and only one, daughter.


First, here are her pics from her facebook:



And here she is with her uni pals it looks like. I wonder how her uni pals like the fact their pics and facebooks are also being put here where any Islamic Jihadi, soldier of the religion of peace, might find them.


These are the facebook links of Georgia Nolans pals Maddi RonksleyEllie Eckton and Emily McGain.


An Open Letter to The Man Hating Criminal Scumbag ex Cop Paul Nolan


Well Paul, HELLO!

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a man of wealth and taste.

Well, not of wealth.

You see, your scumbag criminal colleague pal by the name of David Dunkley stole my home and your other criminal colleagues have criminally persecuted me for the last 10 years. So I am, indeed, in debt at the age of 54. The same age you went through your suicide attempt and child porn case it would appear.

Your criminal colleagues have criminally victimised me since your little girl was 9. Over the last 10 years, as she has grown up, you have supported my criminal victimisation as have all your colleagues. There is not one cop from the New South Wales Police who has flipped and has decided that women who commit perjury in the divorce courts should be prosecuted.

Not even one.

Tell me Paul, did your masters tell you that in April 2011 they sent ASIO agents to the homes of many of my male colleagues and threatened to MURDER THEIR CHILDREN if they continued to expose the criminality of the government in Australia?

Did they tell you they did that Paul? You, having a little girl and all?


And now you and your little girl have been unfortunate enough to have been accidentally found be me, on social media.

And you only set up your facebook a few weeks ago. How unlucky can you get!

You are having a very bad day Paul.

A VERY bad day!

And let me tell you why.

If you want to find out who I am? Read this link:

The video on that link was taken in the Parramatta Australian Federal Magistrates Court on 2009-11-26.

You can read the transcript too. You will find the criminal magistrate is of the name David Dunkley.

You will find the criminal lawyer is of the name Sarah Bevan.

Three more names you should know. The Registrar for the court at the time was one Paul LeLarge. Being a cop for 39 years I am sure you can find out where he works now and call him to ask him about my conversation with him, face to face, on 2009-11-24. I told Paul LeLarge that I was here to deal with the criminal family law courts and that he had better choose to be on my side than on the criminals side.

Paul LeLarge chose to be on the side of the criminals.

Paul invited two FEDERAL OFFICERS to join me in the court room.

You can see them to my left rear in the video of my court room meeting. Their names were Christopher and Andrew.

The first thing I want you to do is to find the current contact details of Paul LeLarge, Christphoer and Andrew, and give them the link to this post. Show them what is at stake for your co-operation.

Oh, if you do not know what is at stake please allow me to inform you.


There is currently a state of war in effect on the land known as Australia. This was consented to by all members of the Australian Parliament on 2015-06-01. This state of war is up to and includes acts of Islamic Jihad being lawful.

So, just like Maria Ladenberger, who I will tell you about in a minute. What is at stake for you is the life of your one and only daughter.

And I want you to be really clear that her pictures will stay up on this page, or others, until I am satisfied. Ok?

So who is Maria Ladenburger?

Here are some pics of Maria Ladenburger. She was a pretty young girl, 19, who went to university right next to where I lived in Germany.

Indeed, to go from her home to her university each day she passed within 100 meters of my apartment in Karlsruhe Germany.

I lived near the train line she would have had to travel on.

She was a beautiful young woman who was going to university who had everything to live for.

As I said. Here are some pics.



And if you are wondering where this is heading?

This is a pic of the man who raped her and killed her. Not 100 kms from where I lived. Right next to the university she attended.


He was not an islamic jihadi. He was just an immigrant to Germany who saw a pretty young girl in the street and who decided to rape and kill her. The killing was particularly gruesome since he did not kill her outright. He bashed her head very severely and then threw her in to the local river. Despite struggling to float and survive she eventually drowned. She was conscious when she went into the water and in her final minutes she knew she was going to drown Paul.

Her last hour on this earth must have been pretty bad.

As a father of a daughter I know how you might feel if this fate befell your daughter.

Interestingly, the father of Maria is a lawyer in the EU apparatus. I was unlawfully jailed in Germany in October 2014 as a political prisoner. I was jailed because I knew of Angela Merkels plans to create civil unrest using muslims and I had written to senior politicians and law enforcement officers and begged them to please intervene in these plans.

Angela Merkel was copied on these registered packages and her response was to send four cops, cops like you, in to my home to assault me and cuff me and kidnap me and unlawfully transport me to a jail and to unlawfully jail me for 19 days. And since I did not seem upset enough about this jailing they also put me in a small cell with three chain smoking muslims just to make it that little bit harder for me.

Now Paul. My grand father, Frank Raymond Trainor, was an ANZAC who was in Singapore when it fell. He escaped by the skin of his teeth. Literally. He had taken his place in line and he was on the last boat out of Singapore when it fell.

There was no room for the men below as it was a small destroyer. The men had to lay on the deck. No more ships sailed after the one he was on. Most of the men on the deck with him were killed when the ship was strafed by a Japanese plane who found them leaving Singapore.

He was one of only a handful of men on the deck who were not killed by the Japanese pilot who emptied his ammunition load on to the men who lay on the decks. My grand father told me of how the two men either side of him, his mates in his company, were both killed by the Japanese pilot yet he lived.

My grand father fought like a demon for the next THREE YEARS to try and get back to rescue the mates he left behind.

When he finally got back NONE of the mates he left behind were alive.


I tell you this because my grand father, the greatest man I ever knew, put the steel in my spine. Steel you know nothing of.

You and your fellow pigs have dishonoured our ANZAC war dead by siding with the enemy of the people and refusing to extend the protection of the law to the grand sons of such great men.

Instead you betrayed the grandsons of such great men for your 30 pieces of silver Paul.

I know it.

You know it.

And now you have had the misfortune to accidentally come in to my line of sight.

And I am going to ruin your life just as surely as you played your role in ruining mine.

If you want to see what a REAL MAN looks like Paul? Click on this video and look at the re-up form my grand father signed in 1942 when he was just 22.

THIS is the man you dishonoured Paul.

THESE are the men you pigs dishonoured by failing to do the job you took money for Paul.

Now. The Ladenburger Family lived very close to me in Karlsruhe. The father was a very senior lawyer in the EU apparatus. I wrote to the father and asked him if he would be willing to help me now his daughter had been brutally raped and murdered.

He said NO Paul.

He said NO.

I guess his reasoning was that his one and only daughter had already been killed so why help me stop the next pretty young 19 year old girl from being brutally raped and killed. He remained loyal to Angela Merkel and supported my unlawful incarceration in doing so.

So now the ball is in your court Paul Nolan.

There is a state of war in effect on the land of Australia.

It is lawful for any man, including an Islamic Jihadi, to rape and kill your daughter and throw her body in to the Parrammatta River.

Your daughters photographs will remain in the public, on this post, tying her to you, a scum bag criminal cop who condoned womens perjury in the divorce courts for nearly four decades.

Some good man, some good soldier for the religion of peace, might just take it upon himself to do to your daughter what that young immigrant did to Maria Ladenburger. Who knows?

And if that happens Paul?

You are to blame.

Because YOU KNEW that women were waltzing in to the divorce courts and committing perjury and destroying the lives of men driving many of them to suicide.

YOU KNEW that the divorce courts were criminal in nature.

YOU KNEW that men were being criminally victimised in their tens of thousands.



Let me tell you a very short story about you pigs Paul.

In the summer of 82-83 one of your pig pals gave me a speeding ticket when I was not speeding. I was 19 at the time. I was riding my motorbike home from university and the reason I know I was not speeding is because I was drunk and had been at the university bar much of the afternoon.

Since the random breath testing laws had come in just two months earlier I felt it prudent to drive home very quietly and slowly so I did not run the off chance of being pulled over.

Because of the layout of the road in question there was no possibility that the traffic cop could have measured my speed and I wasn’t speeding anyway. He decided to give me the ticket anyway. So I told him I would oppose the ticket in court, which I did.

On the day in court the officer lied. He committed perjury. He was put under oath, as was I, and he lied to the magistrate.

That was March or April 1983.

I pointed out to the magistrate that a man is innocent until PROVEN guilty, and since the officer was committing the crime of PERJURY I expect him to be charged and processed for that perjury. I pointed out there was no proof I was speeding and I was not speeding. I pointed out the officer was committing perjury to make as little as a speeding ticket for 65 kph in a 60kph zone stand.

It was an obvious revenue raiser Paul.

No. The magistrate said that in such a case he will take the word of a police officer over the word of a “civilian”.

So I learned very early on, Paul, that you cops are scumbag criminal PIGS who will commit perjury to make a revenue raising speeding ticket stick. Far from the sort of decent cops we had in Wagga Wagga.

Over the years I lived in Australia, from 1983 to 2001 when I left, every time I talked to a cop I called him a criminal scumbag and a pig.

Many cops asked me why I would jump right to such statements, especially cops in traffic stops or cops who were simply on foot patrol.

I would tell them the story of that ticket and I would end it with:

“Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t KNOW that your colleagues regularly commit perjury to make as little as a speeding ticket stick!” 

I put that question to more than 100 of you pigs in the New South Wales Police Force and guess what Paul?


And my follow up statement was:

“And the question is, if you pigs are willing to commit perjury to make a speeding ticket stick what else are you willing to commit perjury about? Hm? EVERYTHING! So do not be expecting any respect from me you scumbag criminal bastard. You pigs should have cleaned up your own house years ago!”

When I would unleash that verbal tirade against you pigs Paul I could see how small and how petty you pigs are. Your colleagues would turn and walk away from me like chastised little boys which is exactly what they are. You cops and not lord it over me. I know what disgusting scum you are.


And I aspire to be every bit the man he was. I measure myself against HIM.

And you know what Paul? My grand father would have been the first down to the police station in Wagga Wagga to beat the crap out of you lying pigs if her were alive today.


And I will tell you this again Paul.

My grandfathers mates went through HELL AND BACK and ALMOST ALL OF THEM DIED to give you the chance to live a good life.

And you criminal scumbags dis-honour their service and their sacrifice by committing perjury to make SPEEDING TICKETS STICK!

Now. The father of Maria Ladenburger refused to help me prosecute Angela Merkel for her unlawful jailing of me and to remove her from her position as chancellor. Indeed, your pig brothers in Germany would come to my house and harass me wearing deadly weapons whereas I was unarmed. They would push me around and threaten me with more jail time if I did not leave Germany.

And how could I leave given I was not able to work and was not being paid any unemployment benefit despite having paid up to AUD96,000 on year in income tax in Australia.


And so now I find you. A man who served in the New South Wales Police for 39 years. A man with one and only one daughter.

Let me tell you this Paul. As the grand son of an ANZAC. As a man with more steel in my spine than you will ever know.

The pictures of your daughter will remain in the public until I am satisfied.

And if she is the next victim of an Islamic Jihadi? GOOD!


Are you ready to be co-operative? Hm?

I have some things I am going to ask you to do if you EVER want the pics of your daughter out of the public.

And remember Paul, even if I remove these pics some man may have already taken a copy of them.

Some man might just think that it would be ever so just to rape and kill the one and only daughter of a pig like you just for shits and giggles.

And if a man does that? He will walk free.

The equation is really simple Paul Nolan.

The longer your daughters pics are in the public? The higher the probability some man who hates you pigs as much as I do will decide that your daughter would be the perfect prey for him and the perfect trophy for his stand against you criminal scumbags.

Your daughter, no matter what you do now, is going to walk the streets in fear at night, every night, because tonight might be the night that a man who wants his revenge on you and your kind by raping Georgia and killing her.

Simply put, your daughters life will NEVER be the same because of your actions.

You should never have created a facebook Paul.

That was very dumb.


Now. Paul Nolan. You are retired. And you have plenty of time on your hands.

And you have the stolen money of men you refused to offer the protection of the law to in your retirement fund.

So you are well advised to do what I ask you to to because your daughters pics will remain out in the public until I am satisfied.


Action – #01

This is the link to an article to the criminal scumbag Troy Grant. Also known as NSW Minister for police.

You are to contact him and ask him, on behalf of Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) for a copy of the legislation that says the New South Wales Police force can enter a mans home and use overwhelming force and the element of surprise merely for the wife uttering the mere words “I am fearful of my husband”.

I want a copy of that legislation that has been claimed to have been on the books since 1997 when you pigs came in to my home and assaulted me and severely injured me based on my wifes lies.

Yes Paul. You pigs, from Hornsby Station, came in to my home on Easter Sunday 1997, 1997-03-30, and you assaulted me and you severely injured me. And you claimed that this legislation was on the books. And yes, I know you were in Hornsby Station for a while from the articles at the bottom of the post.

I lived in Pennant Hills and the commanding officer, and my lawyer, told me there was legislation in force that allowed cops to use the element of surprise and overwhelming force to arrest men whose wives merely said “I am fearful of my husband”. I was convinced that this was true by my lawyer. But now I find it is not true.

On that night I told that commanding officer that if what he said was not true then he would have a problem with me. So now, 21 years later, if you are not able to present me with a copy of that legislation? I want the name and home address of that commanding officer.

You are going to get a copy of that legislation from Troy Grant or you are going to get me a letter from his office with his signature on it to say that no such legislation has ever existed.

And I am sure you know by now that if you ever want your daughters pics taken down out of the public you will do as I am asking you.

Action – #02

You will find out who the station commander was at Hornsby Station on the night of Easter Sunday 1997. The date was March 30th 1997. I want to know the name, home address, and contact details for that man. He was in his late 40s or early 50s. If he is dead I want a copy of his death certificate to be sure.

If you lie to me and give me a name that is not correct your daughters pics will stay in the public forever.

If you act in bad faith in any way your daughters pics will remain in the public for ever.

Action – #03

You are to give the link to this article to Paul LeLarge, and the two federal officers Christopher and Andrew who were at the court meeting with David Dunkley on 2009-11-16. They can contact me at if they please. Paul LeLarge will know their full names. David Dunkley will also know their full names.

Action – #04

You are to contact David Dunkley and you are to give him the link to this article.

You are to provide me with the home address of David Dunkley. I shall use that information as I see fit.

Action – #05

You are to contact Sarah Bevan. Here is her contact page.

You are to give me her home address. I shall use that information as I see fit.

You are to contact each of the members of her company and you are to do your very best to persuade them to leave the company.

You are to tell them that if they do not leave they will have me to deal with.

Action – #06

You are to contact Catherine Burn. I am pretty sure you know who SHE is. Here is a link to read as background:

You are to record the correspondence, or audio, with Catherine Burn, when you ask her why she is not perusing the rape allegation by Suzanne Toal against her father, Bill Toal, and brother, Michael Toal. The allegations of Suzanne Toal is that both her father and brother raped her when she was a teen girl. She later fell into drugs and a poor quality of life which would be well explained if she was, in fact, raped by her father and brother.

Catherine Burn has refused to investigate the claims of Suzanne Toal, my ex sister in law, that her father, Bill Toal, and her brother, Michael Toal, raped her when she was a teenage girl.

I am sure your charming wife would like to know the reason that Catherine Burn has refused to investigate a very credible rape allegation by a women who is now 52 years of age for rapes when she was a teen girl. Catherine has refused to perform this investigation since I went public with Suzannes allegation in 2012.

Suzanne Toal has refused to go to Wagga Wagga Police Station and make a statement that she was not raped by her father and brother under oath in a period of six years.

I want the scalp of Catherine Burn in this metoo era and I want the investigation for rape to go forward against Bill Toal and Michael Toal.

You can contact Bill Toal on 02 69 25 40 41. He lives at 23 Fernleigh Rd, Turvey Park, Wagga Wagga. Your colleagues in the Wagga Wagga station will know him as he has lived in Wagga for 42 years. Indeed, I rescued his son from bullies in the playground on his first day in his new school in 1976. No good deed goes unrewarded, right? As a 39 year officer, you know who to talk to in Wagga Wagga to set a fire under their arse about this credible rape allegation.

Action – #07

You are to contact Justin Dowd. Here is a link to read before contacting him:

Justin Dowd was my family law lawyer in Australia after Jacqueline Vincent went for maternity leave. This is his contact link:

You are to contact Justin Dowd and suggest to him that it would be a very good idea for him to refund to me ALL the fees I paid to his firm during my case plus fair and reasonable interest. You can decide what is fair and reasonable.

Why would he give me back my AUD43,000 or so?

Because if he does I might just take it a little easier on him when I prosecute him and his company for contract fraud.

You are also to get me Justin Dowds home address. I shall use that information as I see fit.

Action – #08

You are to get me the home address of Jacqueline Vincent. This is a link you can read about her.

She now has a child who is about 10 years old. You are to contact Jacqueline Vincent and put it to her that there is no way that her child will be able to live a normal life unless she co-operates with me. You can tell her from me that she does not get to sit in front of my face and lie to me and get away with it.

You can tell her from me she will be prosecuted for contract fraud.

Here is the contact page for Jacqueline Vincent.

Action – #09

My ex brother in law, Michael Toal, was formerly with ASIO. His cover story was to be a photographer for the Australian Armed Services Magazine. I blew that cover and he has not been able to work for ASIO since. In 2008-2011 ASIO spent a great deal of tax payer money running slanderous web sites about me. Michael Toal provided input to many of those web sites.

Your colleagues refused to go and pick Michael Toal up and prosecute him for the lies and slander he was spreading about me. Apparently ASIO told them not to. Apparently cops take orders from ASIO.

Here are some links for you to read before contacting Michael Toal.

Michael Toal is severely mentally unstable and I have a kill order out for him. Anyone who wants to kill him can because he is a severely mentally ill and very dangerous man. This order will allow him to be treated in a mental health facility as long as he is restrained in that mental health facility. I have told Michael Toals father, Bill Toal, many times to have Michael committed to a mental institution for treatment. As I said you can contact Bill Toal on 02 69 25 40 41. Numerous people have called Bill Toal and asked him why he is not dealing with his criminal and mentally ill son. Bill Toal claims that he is not responsible for his sons actions and not responsible for calling the police to deal with his sons actions. Since you and Bill Toal are not far apart in age? As a 39 year New South Wales Police veteran you might like to call Bill Toal and ask him why he thinks it is not his job to call the police and turn in his son (or daughter) when they commit crimes.

Michael Toals real job in ASIO was to train assassins for the “western coalition forces”. Michael Toal is a marksman above military grade, a martial artist, and a mentally unstable person. His job was to teach men to kill innocent men, women and children. He is not to be taken lightly. Any threats from him are to be taken very seriously indeed because of his martial arts and marksman background, not to mention his many years in ASIO. You should not approach this man. He might well kill you.

He should be arrested by at least a team of SWAT level officers in full body armor to protect themselves.

He is not likely to take kindly to being placed in a mental health facility.

I propose you discuss with Troy Grant the placement of Michael Toal in a mental health facility. I want photos and scans of paperwork as evidence he is in a mental health facility.  I will have one of my colleagues visit the mental health facility to make sure he is there.

I am absolutely sure that once a mental health professional performs a proper assessment of Michael Toal, knowing his abilities in marshal arts and with weapons, the doctor will want to keep him in the facility for an extended period to assist him to recover from his traumas.

While Michael Toal is in a secure mental health facility the kill order is not applicable. Personally, I would rather see him dead than recovered but that’s just me.

Others believe he should be given an opportunity to recover his mental health before being prosecuted for his crimes. Indeed, after a year or two mental health rehabilitation the jury might decide that he was mentally unstable during the last 10 years and all his slander of me was as a result of mental illness, in which case they would find him not guilty due to mental illness.

He would then also be tried for the case of raping his sister Suzanne Toal.

You can see why I would prefer to see him dead. Alive he might actually walk away from all his slander of me on the basis he was medically insane while committing all those crimes.

Action – #10

I have a colleague by the name of Darrell Foote.

Darrell has been held in a mental health facility in Adelaide for FIVE YEARS without communication.

This is a WAR CRIME.

Those responsible will be tried before a military tribunal, not a court of law, and when found guilty they will be sentenced to be hung from the neck until dead. This includes all the Prime Ministers back to Kevin Rudd who was the Prime Minister at the time Darrell was taken prisoner.

You can read about this case on this link:

We fear Darrell has been murdered and his body has been disposed of.

You are to contact the medical facility and you are to determine to the best of your ability the where abouts of Darrell Foote.

All previous attempts by my colleagues to get an answer have been met with refusals. As a 39 year veteran police officer you will easily have the ability to get them to answer. And I am sure you know some police officers in Adelaide who can drop by and ask at the door as well if you are denied this information.

James Nash House
140 Hilltop Drive
Phone:08 8266 9600


Action – #11

You are to contact Michael Keen who is the current Minister for Human Services. You can read this link in preparation:

In short, I was refused my ability to earn my income via political persecution in Ireland and Germany. I was refused work permits.

I approached Marise Payne to provide me with a TAX REFUND OF TAXES I HAD PAID to the same amount as the unemployment benefit.

Marise Payne, and those who followed, refused to provide such a tax refund so I was forced to borrow money to pay for food and rent.

That a man who has paid up to AUD96,000 in one year in income taxes was denied a refund to the amount of the unemployment benefit is a total disgrace. Especially when criminal scum like you are taking money in retirement benefits for NOT DOING YOUR JOB FOR 39 YEARS! 

So you can contact Michael Keen and you can insist, in your most police mans voice, that he immediately see to the task of paying me a tax refund to the same amount as the unemployment benefit from April 2012 to June 2017. That was the time I finally got a secure residency permit where I am. That is about 5 years of tax refund to the tune of the unemployment benefit.

I am sure you can persuade Michael Keen to sign off on that.

If he does not?

I would ask you for his home address. And you can let him know that if he does not sign off on that you will give me his home address. Ok?


Now. Paul Nolan.

Criminal scumbag and cop who served in the New South Wales Police force for 39 years.

Those first 11 actions are the ones that I have come up with off the top of my head. There may be some more.

I am perfectly well aware that with your long service record you have friends in the police force who will do what you ask of them to minimise the risk of some “bad man” finding the pics of your daughter.

After all, you pigs will commit perjury to make a speeding ticket stick, what is using the ability of police to look up home addresses to reduce the risk to your daughters life compared to a speeding ticket, eh?

So do not try and do any moralising to me Paul. I know how evil you cops are.

Also Paul. I want to tell you this.

The committee of 300 knows where I am. I am not opposing the committee of 300. Indeed I agree with their plans for mass immigration and social unrest causing murder and mayhem in order to introduce their police states in the west. I have no problem with that. The more dead useless eaters the better. These are the same useless eaters who condoned my criminal abuse for 10 years.

The agreement between the committee of 300 and I is that I will leave them alone, indeed support their plans, and in return they will leave me alone. The committee of 300 has made it clear that I may deal with any person who committed a crime directly against me in any way I see fit. They will not interfere.

If you, or anyone else, makes any attempt to find me that I find out about?

Your daughters pics will remain on the internet forever.

I will have no way of knowing if you are snooping to find out where I am or if someone else is, so you had better not snoop and you had better prey no one else does either. Ok?

Now Paul Nolan.

This post and the associated video, will remain up until I am satisfied.

And the minimum it is going to take for me to be satisfied with YOU is as follows:

  1. My unemployment benefit is paid for the 5 years I was unemployed.
  2. Justin Dowd refunds me ONLY the money I paid him plus a fair and reasonable interest rate since 2008-2009. I believe the amount was of the order of AUD43,000. So you should be real persuasive with Justin and Jacquie. One way to be persuasive is to remember Jacquie as a child who is around 10 years old. Perhaps Jacquie does not want anything bad to happen to her child? Who knows? I will prosecute them for contract fraud later or they can make me an offer to settle the contract fraud crime.
  3. Jennifer Toal, my ex, has been tried and is serving jail time for her two counts of perjury.

Once you have performed all tasks I have politely asked you to perform, and these three things are done, I will be prepared to consider bringing down this post.

The other things that need to be done will take much longer, such as me being paid my compensation money for all the crimes I have suffered.  I do not believe it is reasonable to expect you to be able to influence those outcomes.

You can most certainly influence the payment of my unemployment benefit, the return of my money from Justin Dowd, and the prosecution of my ex for perjury.

Those are well within your abilities.

Oh, and one more thing Paul, which I am sure you will know, the internet is forever.

I found these stories on you. Child porn eh?


I recommend you get working on the tasks I have asked you to perform.

I am sure you want your daughters pics out on the internet and tied to you for as little time as possible.

So get to work as diligently as you and your pals used to commit perjury to get speeding tickets to stick.

Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)







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