Georgia Free YouTuber aka Georgia Frew – Man Hating Liar and Hypocrite


THIS is what a lying hypocritical man hating bitch looks like

Hello and welcome to this post Gentlemen.

Today I have the distinct pleasure of telling you who this you tuber is.

Her real name is Georgia Frew and this is her facebook link:

For those who doubt me this is a screen shot from her facebook page:


As you can see from the facebook page Georgie works at Fiona Stanley Hospital, or perhaps worked for past tense, often people do not update their pages when they quit a job. If she quit her job at the hospital that would make sense that she is on you tube trying to find a womans arse kissing mangina cuck beta loser provider dumb enough to wife her up and give her babies so she can arse rape him in the criminal divorce courts she has never denounced.

Just in case she IS still working at the hospital this is their facebook link:
Fiona Stanley Hospital Perth, Australia.

And to top it off one of my very kind subscribers sent me her personal phone number and work number.

Here you go gentlemen.

Georgia Frew
Personal – +61 0406102205
Work – (08)92251188
Perth, Australia.

Now I know what you are asking.

GlobalMan, why are you handing out this womans real name, prior place of work, and phone numbers?

Well the reason is that I am working to save a young mans life.

This man hating, lying, hypocritical bitch has come on to you tube to try and con some womans arse kissing mangina cuck beta loser provider dumb enough to wife her up and give her babies so she can arse rape him in the criminal divorce courts she has never denounced.

And we all know that there are plenty of young men out there stupid enough to believe the complete bull shit this woman is spewing out in to the public.

So this post will be “out there” in the public with both her real name and you tube name on it so as to give the beta smuck loser provider womans arse kissing cuck a fighting chance of typing her name in to google and finding out what she is REALLY LIKE.

And Gentlemen, you know that google increases page ranking when a page is linked from more places. So if you would like to help me save the life of a young men who might just be dumb enough to believe the total bull shit coming out of this little bitches mouth you can do so by putting a link to this page in as many places as you can.

Of course, that would mean that more men would know this womans details, but hey, she has 6,000 subs in just over a month online which shows you just how many womans arse kissing mangina cuck beta loser providers there are out there!

So do the right thing gentlemen and put this link everywhere you can, ok?

I will be making more posts about Georgia Frew aga Georgia Free.

I will be making quite an example of her in the public to show women that we do not appreciate the 110% support of women for perjury in the divorce courts to ruin mens lives.

And @Georgia? If you read this and want to talk to someone local as to why you should be singled out like this? I suggest you call Dr. Susan Chong. She is the wife of Dr. Allan Chong and if my memory serves me correctly the last hospital they worked in was Albany. But that was more than 10 years ago and so they could have moved.

If you want to confirm you are talking to the right Dr. Susan Chong her maiden name was Susan DuPlessis and her birthday is on 8th of October.

I know how small the medical community is in Perth. So you will be able to find Dr. Susan Chong very easily.

The reason I suggest that you call her to find out why it is ok to doxx and denounce you is this.

Susan and I were close at school and she was the best friend of the woman I ended up marrying, Jennifer Toal.

When I asked Susan to please speak with Jennifer over the crimes Jennifer was committing Susan claimed that the fact her best friend was committing perjury against me, a man who had loved her since we were children, was none of her business.

So I am sure that me putting your real name and details out in to the public is none of ANYONES business. And I am sure Susan will tell you that too.


Oh, and while I am at it. You might like to introduce yourself to my former daughter and son. Both of whom have publicly condoned the perjury of their mother and the criminal abuse I have suffered for the last 10 years.

THAT is what men can look forward to from their own children.

Men can look forward to their own children betraying them and condoning crimes against them.

You deserve to made a public example of because of your support for Josephines behaviour.

Now, as you try to convince some womans arse kissing mangina cuck beta loser provider dumb enough to wife you up and give you babies so you can arse rape him in the criminal divorce courts you have never denounced. The young lad stands a chance of finding you on Manbook. And if he does? I will have saved his life from you and the criminal abuse you are planning for him.

Have a nice day!

Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)

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    • No. I commented on her you tube channel like everyone else until she blocked me. She is husband hunting. Trying to find some man stupid enough to wife her up so she can divorce rape him in the divorce courts she does not denounce.


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