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Hello and welcome to this latest blog post.

Something interesting is happening out there in the big wide world. A very, very, VERY small number of women are realizing that championing and supporting the criminal abuse of men in the divorce courts has pissed men off.


After decades of hating on men and inciting the government to ruin their lives and then sneering at them for being impoverished and hurling abuse in to their graves after they commit suicide.

A few men like me are willing to stand up in the public in our own names and denounce these women as vile, disgusting deeply evil creatures worthy of the hatred and contempt of us men.

And women don’t like being told they are vile, disgusting deeply evil creatures worthy of the hatred and contempt of us men.

Sure, they will solve the problem of being called “vile, disgusting deeply evil creatures worthy of the hatred and contempt of us men” by, you know, calling me a paedophile or a wife beater or a rapist or a child abuser.

They will hurl abuse and insults at me endlessly because, you know, committing the further crime of slander and hurling abuse at a man who is the victim of 13 years of crimes is how you show him that you are a really nice woman! Right?

Oh. No. That’s right.

Committing the further crime of slander and hurling abuse at a man who has been criminally abused for 13 years is just adding more evidence that women are, in fact, “vile, disgusting deeply evil creatures worthy of the hatred and contempt of us men.”

And low and behold some women are actually noticing this now after 13 years.

If you don’t want to be called a “vile, disgusting deeply evil creatures worthy of the hatred and contempt of us men” then probably best not to be that when you are addressing a man who has been criminally abused for 13 years.

And some women on Parler are noticing.

So. Now that us men are fighting back via MGTOW and fighting back by teaching young men and boys as young as 10 that it is fair, right and just to hate and despise women?

The women are FINALLY stopping to think about whether they want to keep hurling abuse at us men and slandering us and lying about us and to us.

Only took 13 years, right?

So now I am telling women.

“You are very good at lying about men and slandering men to try and get them fired from their jobs and get them to commit suicide.

The most notable such case of perjury being used to attack a man being Christine Blasey Fords perjury against Brett Kavanaugh trying to derail his nomination to the supreme court.

But you women are NOT very good at denouncing criminal women and man hating women and getting them fired from their jobs and ruining their incomes.”

So you women?

I am going to give you some practice at destroying a woman’s ability to earn her income.

And believe me, the two women I am going to give you practice with fully deserve to be attacked and publicly denounced and have their ability to earn their incomes destroyed because they were active participants in destroying my ability to earn my income.

These are:

  1. Sarah Bevan
  2. Fiona Brassil.

They were my ex wifes family law lawyers and they are man haters and rabid feminists.

This blog post is the blog post for Sarah Bevan.

So? How much of a man hater is Sarah Bevan?

Well? I will let her tell you in her own words.

You can get the court room transcript from this button.

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In my divorce court meeting in Sydney Australia on 2009-11-26 Sarah Bevan said these words:

“That the husband has presented with that attitude should leave the court no concerns as to failing the husband in terms of providing him justice and equity.”

That’s right you women.

One of your own, a woman, a lawyer, in a divorce court, said:

“That the husband has presented with that attitude should leave the court no concerns as to failing the husband in terms of providing him justice and equity.”

And what “attitude” was I presenting? That I wished to have my inalienable rights remain in tact.

And you women, my wife (Jennifer) was one of those girls who got pregnant at 16 to the bad boy boyfriend to get away from a “domineering and controlling mother” who herself got pregnant at 16 to her bad boy boyfriend to trap him in to a shot gun wedding.

Jennifer was divorced with two small children when I played “captain save a hoe” and rescued her and her children from poverty.

I put her through college and got her part time work at IBM as a secretary while she studied as well.

After she graduated and had 2 years experience I was able to get her an entry level programmer job at IBM in 1989.

So from being a high school drop out, married, with two children at the age of 19.

Jennifer had a university degree and was on the first rung of the entry level programmer role at IBM in 1989.

Obviously I did most of her college assignments for her and taught her how to be a programmer to give her a better chance in life.

I raised her two children and paid for them.

In 1994 Jennifer decided being a programmer at IBM was “boring” and she refused to go to work any more.

This was a unilateral decision I never agreed to because we had a mortgage that was signed for, by both Jennifer and I, that was based on our two incomes.

When I put it to Jennifer that she had signed the mortgage and thereby had an obligation to PAY HER FAIR SHARE her response was:

“Well I never SAID I would pay my fair share so my signature on the mortgage means nothing.”

You can see in her court documents her claim was that the decision for her to quit work was agreed to by me and that’s perjury and I have 4 witnesses to that perjury. Her children.

I also paid for our two children. At least alleged children.

So, you women, given that short history lesson. What amount of assets do you think Sarah Bevan thinks is fair and reasonable for a woman who was rescued from poverty, put through college by her then boyfriend, a boyfriend who did her assignments for her and taught her how to pass her exams.

A boyfriend who paid for her children. Married her. Paid for her children more. A boyfriend then husband who laboured many many weekends to renovate their houses to add value to the houses.

And then the woman refuses to work after just 5 years and never works another day in the marriage.

And, of course, given the woman did only work for 5 years her salary was relatively low compared to her husbands because she was 7 years behind him and far less skilled.

What percentage of assets, you women, did your peer Sarah Bevan say was “fair and reasonable” in that set of circumstances.

And I will include that no DNA testing was done for paternity and Australian Legislation requires DNA testing to be done before a court order can be issued for child support.

Well? Here is what she said in the court room on 2009-11-26:

“Your Honour, turning lastly to justice and equity in respect of the property issues, while my client’s application for effectively 83 per cent of the assets is under what I have suggested might be the appropriate percentage for her, it is all that she can get.”

That’s right.


Now you women.




Oh, and you women, what was the ACTUAL split of assets ordered by the court?

You can get the court order on this button.

Get Court Order

Well I was given AUD 20,767 and my ex was given just over AUD300,000.

Meaning that I received 6.25% of the proceeds of the assets and my ex received 93.75%

Near enough 95% of assets when rounded.

And what is the claim of “contribution to the marriage” where the wife sat at home on her arse and didn’t even do the housework properly?

From the court order:

“As a consequence, the Husband has made a 52% contribution to the acquisition of the parties assets, and Mrs Nolan a 48% contribution.”

And DESPITE the fact the court order reads as Jennifer getting 70% of assets and me getting 30% of assets they simply gave the money to her anyway.


And let me share this with all you women.

For the reason all you women have allowed Jennifer’s perjury, slander, lies, false allegations, stealing and general criminal conduct go unpunished for some 13 years?

I have made the decision that she is to be lawfully killed as part of the lawfully declared war to secure the rights of men.

Jennifer shall be lawfully killed even if you put her in jail for some extended period.

Jennifer shall be lawfully killed by us men to set an example to you women what will happen to you should you commit these sorts of crimes against men again.

We shall not tolerate your criminal abuse.

Further, because you women championed a criminal woman her children have supported and championed her crimes and have participated in her crimes.

So I have made the decision that Jennifer’s younger two children, the ones she claims are my children based on no evidence, shall also be lawfully killed.

These two now adults shall be lawfully killed to set the example that children of criminal women should stand up and denounce their criminal mothers once they turn 18 and if they fail to do that they will be severely punished.

You women take note.

You did not keep Jennifer and her children safe from me by supporting her crimes and attacking me and criminally abusing me for 13 years.

Indeed, you achieved the exact opposite.

You condemned them to death.

You women should have been screaming blue murder as to the crimes Jennifer committed and you should have told her children to denounce her in public and supported that denouncement.

You women have gotten these three people condemned to death.

And there are many others who are now condemned to death for the reason there is no peaceful path to justice.

Should you women wish to work towards ending the lawfully declared states of war I have claimed in to existence and re-establishing peace on the lands of Australia and Ireland?

You can offer your help to me.

If you do not offer your help to me?

Don’t bother talking to me or complaining to me that after 12 years of criminal abuse I claimed in to effect states of total war on the lands of Australia and Ireland.

More than enough of you women knew I was being criminally abused to help me have Jennifer prosecuted for your crimes.

You women should be standing up in the full view of the public in your own names and screaming blue bloody murder at Sarah Bevan for supporting these obviously criminal acts.

You women should be cancelling Sarah Bevan and destroying her business because her business is hatred and lies against men which is a very, very dangerous business because the blowback is against ALL WOMEN because YOU SUPPORT SARAH BEVAN!

I think I have made my self clear.

You can put your comments below.

Here are Sarah Bevans contact details for you women who want to go and talk to her about giving YOU a bad name.



Peter Andrew Nolan.


PS. Oh…what does Sarah Bevan LOOK LIKE? Might her appearance have anything to do with her hatred of men?

You be the judge:

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  1. Yep, “What does she bring to the table?” In the same way I fast found my woman brought barely anything to the table of any value, as not only had that so called golden pee sleeve had become restricted right from the get go of getting that ring on the finger, I found after many years of marriage that she expected my provision for her to be what she deserved, while she lived the lazy life & sat back entertaining herself at my expense, as she also refused to get a job to assist with the mortgage that she also signed like your wife! I had no opportunity to relinquish my role as provider, yet she used every opportunity to profit & take advantage of me! It clearly wasn’t a fair deal, so now divorced & gone monk mode batchelor! It’s the only way today to stay safe & financially free!
    I’ve found nearly all females have an entitlement mentality to expect provision & protection without doing their fair share & are simply gold diggers wanting a free ride at mens expense!
    Here’s my example of the gold digger galore!
    Anyone should avoid being taken advantage of & fortunately I had someone who knew a women’s nature, by being one herself, to protect me from a serious gold digger who’d thought she’d hit the jackpot till this happened!
      Fortunately I had a win with that, as it takes one to know one! 😉Thanks to my mum, I won!
    Here’s how; 💯% Of all women are potential hypergamous GOLD DIGGERS! Here’s my proof from ex-perience, that’s experience with my ex!
    Fortunately, my mother wrote me out of her will & the family trust years before she died, as she smelt a rat with my then wife! She was right, as when we went for the pre divorce necessary mediation sessions, they tried to formulate a fair marital assets split agreement between us & the first thing my ex did was try to bring my family trust farms to the table to take her unrightful cut! Her words were right, as she said they’ve got to be worth millions by now!
    I had some relief in pointing out they were untouchable by her, as our family trust lawyers in NZ pointed out to me while I was there, that they didn’t understand Australian law, so how did Australian lawyers think they understood NZ law, to think they could divide up an iron clad NZ family trust like ours!
    He assured me it was impossible, & to guarantee that it was all safe, my mother had written me out of the trust as another executive director, like my siblings were! I was simply a beneficiary, as my siblings saw fit!
    She was agitated & asked “Why did your mother do that?”
    I then took pride in stating, “Because with you, my mother smelt a rat, so wrote me out of her will, so you definately couldn’t touch it you gold digger!”
    She then became furious, but tried desperately to hide it! She was popping the counciling service supplied lollies on the table & sipping their drinking water repeatedly, while trying to hide her fury! She was so agitated she couldn’t sit still! Even the two councillors could plainly see her anger, so much so, they offered her to take a break to go outside for 15 minutes to calm down & recompose herself!
    She denied their offer, but kept on popping the lollies & drowning herself in the supplied water, while we talked with the councillors. Five min later, when she finally processed it was impossible, she played the nice card to politely say that she wouldn’t try to take the farms off my brother and sister, as she wouldn’t do something like that to them! I just shook my head in disbelief, as she just did! LYING GOLD DIGGING B1TCH!
    So guys, BEWARE of the chameleons! My assets are all safe & maybe once I’m $financially seperated from that gold digging adulterous whore in my house, that I worked hard for, I can be included into the family trust again, as my siblings will most likely let me!
    This is another reason why I’ll NEVER get into any relationshit with another female, as I’ve got too much beneficial potential inheritance to loose, to another hypergamous selfish woman with the gynocentric governments ludicrous laws to backup their bullshit!
    ☡NEVER trust a womans words!
    ☡ONLY EVER trust their actions!
    From what my church going so called christian ex demonstrated, they’re all potentially like that!
    Warning all males, BE RED PILLED!🔴💊
    Warning all men, GO monk mode MGTOW to force women to wonder where all the good guys have gone, wake up to what they’ve done & do something about it by willingly giving our authority over the family back again, to make it safe to date & marry once more!

  2. Well GlobalMan, after reading this alone, this confirms that women have no sensability, reasonability, responsibility, accountability or consequences for females in todays gynocentric world!
    My advice is to keep calling them out on their crimes, but don’t hate them, as that’s only going to cause your own anguish & health to fail.
    Blessings brother.👍 Rich.😎


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