Tuesday, May 18, 2021



As many of you know I have started an Internet Marketing Business. It is going well and it is starting to make money. I strongly encourage young men to get in to Internet Marketing. Learning how to sell products and services over the web is going to be the new “writing”.

One hundred years ago a man did it tough if he could not read or write. In the future it will be just as important to be able to sell products and services over the web.

In order to sell more stuff over the web I have migrated my mailing lists to GetResponse. GetResponse is a great autoresponder that I can recommend. If you want to get a subscription for yourself then please get it onĀ this link.

The reason being that if you buy your GetResponse on that link I will get paid as and affiliate and your money will help support ManBook and MaleMan Central.

So what is the idea of MaleMan Central?

All over the web men act as individuals and not as a team. It is like men have completely forgotten the idea of working in teams and co-operating and collaborating in order to achieve what it is they would like to achieve. Every man and his dog has got a web site and a mailing list of a few hundred people. And they are all talking and no one is listening. It is the same the world over.

MaleMan Central is an idea whose time has come. It is the idea that men can enter their emails on to the mailing lists below and those mailing lists can be used to send emails out to men.

I am considering putting a price of USD1 per year to be on the MaleMan Central list. We will start out with a free list but if we start to get a LOT of men on it then we will charge that nominal fee.

MaleMan Central is the beginning of a new idea in communications between men that will make rubbish like twitter and facebook relatively redundant. MaleMan Central will be able to be used to fire emails out to the various lists of men who are subscribed to those lists.

There is something very exciting coming in the way of advertising and sales as well.

Here is a question. Would you like to be paid the advertising money for clicking on a link in an email rather than google/facebook be paid by the advertiser?

How would you like to be paid by advertisers for considering their products? Cool?

So on this page you will find a lot of email lists. Feel free to take your pick of the lists you would like to be on.

If you have a suggestion? Then by all means make it.